Socialism and Why the Korean People Support It?


The people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the East specially feel attracted to socialism.

Last September, journalists from many countries went to Korea to cover the events held in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the DPRK. They interviewed a man.

Question: What is your feeling as you celebrate the 70th anniversary of your Republic?

Answer: The pride and self-respect as a citizen of socialist Korea have grown stronger. Because no other people in the world enjoy genuine life and happiness as we do.

Question: Are you really happy? Can you say that you enjoy a life happier than that of the people in the capitalist countries?

Answer: I couldn’t imagine my life in a capitalist country where a brutal mode of existence for oneself is prevalent. I advise you to go and see my flat at a 70-storey apartment house on Ryomyong Street, and then you will understand what I have said.

The journalists went to his house.

The host living in flat 2 on the 56th floor was a teacher at Kim Il Sung University. The flat had rooms for the host and hostess, children and parents, a drawing room, verandas with a large window, a kitchen and a toilet, totalling hundreds of square metres. The journalists said such a flat would cost millions of dollars in their countries. More surprising was the fact that the flat was provided to the host and hostess free of charge by the state.

There are many skyscrapers in the capitalist countries, but most of them are hotels and service facilities–means for moneymaking.

The journalists expressed their admiration, saying that socialist Korea is the only country in the world, where ordinary people live in such high and beautiful apartment houses.

Happiness is not based on material enjoyment alone.

People in the capitalist countries complain about unhappiness, living in such spiritual wandering as emptiness and solitude even though the streets are bright with dazzling lights. Their material-centred happiness cannot be compared with that enjoyed by the people of the DPRK.

In this country the leader shares feelings with his people.

They call their country “our socialist cradle.”

Even though they are yet to be rich in material terms, they have cherished beautiful feelings in their hearts, more expensive than material wealth.

“One for all and all for one!”–this is a slogan of life that has long struck its root in their life.

A Western journalist once met young persons of the DPRK on their wedding ceremony.

They counted three principles they would abide by throughout their life after wedding; first one was love, second was laughter and third was harmony. They added that then they would not be envious of billionaires and then their parents and neighbors would be delighted.

As seen above, the whole society has formed a harmonious whole, where people love one another and devote themselves for others.

Socialist Korea, as it is supported by its people, will soon emerge as a powerful country for the scientific truthfulness, unlimited viability and invincible might of socialism.

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