Statesman Possessed of Practical Abilities


The Korean experts and press of the world attribute the remarkable successes made by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the political, economic, military, diplomatic and all other fields to the leadership ability of Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission.

As recognized by the international community, Kim Jong Un is a statesman possessed of practical abilities with versatile knowledge.

If anyone analyses the policy speech Kim Jong Un made at the First Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK on April this year, they can see that he has an ample knowledge of the developments on the Korean peninsula and the world and current issues.

His works covering various fields of social life have a great influence and attractive force for their philosophical depth, originality, profound analysis and conventional words that can be easily understood by anyone.

Giancarlo Elia Valori, president of the International World Group of Italy, once said that the more he read the works by Kim Jong Un, the more he got fascinated in profoundness and philosophical depth of their contents.

Liang Yusun, general manageress of the Yanbian Huaqiao Trading Company of China and CEO of the Rason-Paekhwa Company, wrote in her book: Kim Jong Un, well-versed in music, is capable of making best use of chord and editing musical works; he has been good at painting, horse riding, and such sports events as swimming, basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc, from his childhood.

Kim Jong Un not only is capable of writing lyrics for songs and is good at playing musical instruments like the piano and guitar, but also guides the development of the art of music with surprising ear and knowledge; once he found out promptly the difference of fine tones from the sounds of various instruments that even the specialists could not spot.

The world-famous grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance performed in the DPRK showcases his creative abilities.

As for architecture, all the splendid creations including Ryomyong Street of energy-saving and green type, Mirae Scientists Street of a characteristic architectural structure, the Sci-tech Complex of the form of atom structure, Wonsan-Kalma Coast Resort, Yangdok Hot Spring Resort, Samjiyon County in the northern part of the country reflect his outstanding sight into architectural beauty and his creative abilities.

Dennis Rodman, former NBA player, after meeting Kim Jong Un, said he had not expected that Kim Jong Un would have such a profound knowledge about basketball.

Kim Jong Un’s competency is conspicuous on the international diplomatic arena, too.

The process of the historic DPRK-USA summit in Singapore, and the DPRK-China and DPRK-Russia summit meetings demonstrated his outstanding diplomatic competency–ample knowledge, smart analysis, principled view of the issues of the Korean peninsula and international relations, affability which makes the dialogue partner feel comfortable and seasoned negotiating ability.

The US President Trump said that Kim Jong Un is an outstanding and excellent negotiator with great personality.

Kim Jong Un is leading the development of science and technology of his country with the abilities not only to drive automobile, vessel and aircraft but also to operate newly-developed cutting-edge equipment and apparatuses.

A DPRK documentary, titled, To Strengthen the Invincible Army by Creating a Fierce Training Atmosphere as the Anti-Japanese Guerrillas Did in Mt Paektu, released in 2014, shows a brief scene of Kim Jong Un skillfully working with the computer.

Analysing that scene in detail, the south Korean press commented: The glitter of  Kim Jong Un’s eyes is uncommon; such a glitter can be found only on the eyes of those proficient at computer; his hand with the mouse looks quite natural; there is a computer from another country on his table which is different from those which are operated by Windows; one can guess that he is able to skilfully handle different kinds of computers of the world.

Kim Jong Un continues to study sci-tech materials and the world trend of sci-tech development, raising a wind of attaching importance to talents and science and improving practical abilities.

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