Kathmandu: All the presumed yes men of the Indian Union born 1947 have surprisingly made it a point to harass and embarrass the incumbent Prime Minister KP Oli.

It is this flock of the ‘Yes sir Ok Sir men’ who have been disseminating all the rubbish against the radical communist government controlled by KP Sharma Oli.

However, this is not to certify that PM Oli is a sacrosanct political persona on questions of the degree of the inclination that he has for the health and the happiness for the Indian establishment.
No he is not.

To be honest, PM Oli has been kind enough and had remained excessively liberal for ensuring and securing political benefits for India even if that be at the cost of his own “motherland”-Nepal.

To put it modestly, the incumbent Prime Minister Oli was the one who left no stones unturned to handover the mighty Mahakali River to the Indian establishment in the mid-nineties.

Oli’s excitement observed during the Mahakali Treaty ratification (for India) was pretty “nation” insulting enough to dub KP Oli as to have surrendered to the Indian Union for some gains albeit political ones.

However, it was this Oli’s excitement which later was honored by the enemy-friend across the border in that Oli who had been suffering from chronic renal problems was instantly invited by the Indian establishment for a free renal treatment at the Medanta Hospital in New Delhi.

He went to this Delhi clinic several times in the past and returned beamingly.

PM’s renal issues have compounded these days more so after he dropped visiting New Delhi. In addition he is suffering from Appendicitis.

But yet PM Oli with a very heavy heart (let’s presume it to have been so) sent warning signals to India.

He said, “The government will not allow anybody to encroach even one inch of its land. The neighboring country should take its Army back from our territory.”

PM Oli further said in a bold fashion that ““It will remove the foreign troops. We have achieved national unity over this issue now.”

Nepal Government maintains:

  • Nepal objects to the inclusion of Kalapani within Indian Territory
  •  Nepal government has made it clear that Kalapani is an integral part of the country.
  • The inclusion of Kalapani into the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand is objectionable for Nepal.
  • Nepal’s political parties have now a united stand on Kalapani which rightly claims that Kalapani is a Nepali territory since ages.


How can Oli-an India trusted man of the not so distant past can challenge India? The question remains valid.

Nepal PM Oli has freshly vowed that even if India topples his government, he will fight with India to the hilt to take kalapani back.

Medanta hospital roars?

What if Prachanda is lured by father Shyam Saran?

By the way, Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal, then a top ranking UML leader, also enjoyed the Delhi largesse in that even if election-defeated, Mr. Nepal was made Nepal’s Prime Minister.
This defeated Nepal ruled the nation for as good as nine months at a stretch. Thanks New Delhi.

On top of it all, it was in the rumor then that for having assisted Delhi in securing the Mahakali river ratification from Nepal’s India controlled Parliament in India’s favor, Mr. Nepal’s illustrious daughter was awarded with a MBBS free scholarship from the Indian government.

To recall, after Oli it was Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal who played several tricks in securing the Mahakali river water and electric power to India.

Mr. Nepal in the early 90s even was thinking the invasion of Nepal by the Indian military. However, Mr. Nepal’s inner desires failed for some exclusive reasons. But he may have been thinking even as of now? Is he?

Finally, Oli and Mr. Nepal’s plus efforts brought immense benefits for New Delhi and as is the horrifying rumor these days, it is these two illustrious Nepali leaders from the “good-for-nothing” communist party who even today enjoy the same level of blessings from the Delhi master-rulers who also run Nepal thorough undeclared decree.

Shri Kamal Koirala, a veteran UML-Communist leader and the one who served Nepal in South Korea as Ambassador very recently claimed that PM Oli can’t be taken as a nationalist who has awarded the Indian establishment with plum natural resources (at a dirt cheap price or even for free at times).

“Oli thus can’t claim himself as a true Nepali nationalist”, said Koirala who appears frustrated with the current dispensation under PM Oli.

Mr. Koirala is against his own party stalwart(s) who had made him Ambassador to Korea.

Mr. Koirala is the son of late Matrika Prasad Koirala who possibly allowed the Indian military men the free entry into what is Kalapani-Limpiyadhura-the Nepali landmass which India has forcibly gulped and duly incorporated in the new map released by the enemy-neighbor-India.

Late MP Koirala is also accused of gifting Koshi River to India. And BP koirala handed over the Gandak River to India, it is said.

One doubts if India is a neighbor or a most disgusting enemy across the border?

A section of the Nepali media together with some perverted political brains accuse late King Mahendra to have facilitated the Indian army to remain in the Kalapani area when the Indians were fighting a fatal war with the mighty Chinese regime in the early 60s.

The war went in favor of China but yet the Indian army preferred to continue their stay in Kalapani area as this place was considered strategically important for fighting with the Chinese on the other side of the border.

Now that India has swallowed Nepali landmass and claims that the territory belongs to India which means that India is going against the boundary set by the Nepal-British India company treaty signed in 1816.

If India rejects to honor the Sugauli Treaty then Nepal has every right as per the Nepal-India friendship Treaty of 1950 (Article 8) to demand the territories occupied by Nepal prior to signing of the Sugauli Treaty which goes as far as Kumaon and Gadhwal up to Sutlej in the West and River Teesta in the East which approaches territories up to almost Bhutan.

Some parts of present day Bangladesh was also a Nepali territory.

The 1950 Treaty gives this right to Nepal to seek its lost territories if India rejects to abide by the treaty of Sugauli.

Ignoring the 1816 Treaty will automatically bring back almost half of the present day Utter Pradesh (UP, India) to the legal jurisdiction of Nepal. Some portions of Bihar State too automatically come to the fold of Nepal.

Nepal had approached and occupied lands up to the Sutlej River.

Not a bad bargain in case if India ignores Nepal’s modest requests.

In the meanwhile, Sher Bahadur Deuba-the President of the sinking Nepali Congress party while talking to his cadres in Pokhara the other day bluntly said that the Indian Prime Minister Modi must have included Kalapani-Limpiyadhura in the newly released Indian map with the “tacit approval” of the Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.

The NC President accuses PM Oli as to have secretly encouraged PM Modi to occupy the Nepali landmass into his country’s new and revised map. Deuba is a top buffoon it is believed.

The ruling party men however, rebuke Deuba’s wild allegations.

By the way, former Indian Ambassador to Nepal Mr. Ranjitey Rae has said that “Had there been Nepali Congress Government in Nepal, China would have not come as closer as it is today”.

This in a more than oblique manner proves that Nepali Congress is a party historically close to New Delhi establishment.

So if Deuba is close then it is not at all a news. And neither is it a matter of shame to Nepali Congress.

As and when NC is in government in Nepal, Indian highhandedness increases. Glaring example is the Shyam saran political change of 2006.

Is China listening?

To recall, Deuba is the one who apologized in front of PM Modi that he was not able to amend the Nepali Constitution as per the Indian desires.

Deuba said so during a visit to Delhi some three years back.

Interestingly, Comrade Prachanda, the man who spent ten years in Delhi and enjoyed Indian government’s special care too has begun saying that the Indian move of gulping the Nepali land in the

West is unacceptable and that in doing so India has committed a grave act which goes against the international norms.

Prachanda reportedly is close to Professor SD Muni and Father Shyam Saran. The “nexus” exists even as of now, it is believed.

The RAW top hat Mr. Shyam Saran in his fresh write up has accused Nepali leaders to have ignored the kalapani issue as and when Delhi wished to talk on the same.

What say you PM Oli?

To recall, a few years back, Comrade Prachanda while addressing a Maoists party gathering in Naya Baneshwar had politely suggested the Indian establishment that “No help from India would be the best help from across the border to this country”.

This stands valid even as of today if India, the former British India Colony, takes this million dollar suggestion seriously. In fact, each and every Nepali national who has not sold himself for petty monetary gains will say that let the Nepal-India borders be controlled or even fenced in consultations.

Senior lawyer Swagat Nepal and his “save the nation team” have taken up the Indian dadagiri in a manner that this land grab issue demands. Some of the team members have gone to Kalapani to begin hunger strike. Great nationalists.

In the meanwhile, some Nepali intellectuals have released a new map that has the Kalapani-Limpiyadhura inside the Nepali territory which is what should have been done.

The New map published by Nepal’s learned civil society has timely accomplished this nationalist job for which the members deserve deep appreciations.

Former Nepal Government bureaucrat and a scholar in his own right Dr. Dwarika Nath Dhungel appears to have taken the lead in bringing out a new map as against the Indian map which is largely taken as a cartographic invasion of the Nepali territory by India-the proven enemy neighbor.

Here is the fresh interview clip of Dr. Dhungel with Sagarmatha TV, Nepal.

Needless to say, the Indo-pendent political men and some paid media agents have been talking and disseminating the Indian stance on Kalapani.

In addition, some have been floating the idea that Kalapani be given to India on lease for decades and decades.

Floating of such Nepal insulting ideas must be noted with care.

Thus, in a way the entire Nepali society remains in a tensed but in the same wavelength against India who can go to any extent in securing their owned legal soil if the government fails to bring back the occupied Nepali land.

PM KP Sharma Oli is in a comfortable state to talk straight with PM Modi. PM Oli has already ordered PM Modi to vacate Kalapani area. A diplomatic note as regards this land encroachment issue has been sent to Delhi through diplomatic channels. That’s all.


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