‘Narendra Modi: A Hindu Terrorist’

‘Narendra Modi: A Hindu Terrorist’Kathmandu: He is a legal practitioner of high standing. He at the moment has been vocal against the continued Indian occupation of Nepali landmass here and there and everywhere-from Mechi in the east to Mahakali in the West. India since the next day of the end of its slavery from the British India Company has been gulping the lands of the smaller neighbors.

Sovereign and ancient nation Nepal has been the worst hit by the expansionist country-India.

This legal professional Mr. Nepal is creating awareness among the people who know little about the Indian habit of invading the territories of weaker neighbors.

He is Swagat Nepal who apparently has vowed to free mother Nepal from the continued Indian assault and in the process has been holding demonstrations, rallies and talk programs to let the people understand the Indian trickery.

Many now in Nepal believe that India is a world acclaimed trickster whose main business is political thuggery.

Needless to say, India’s paid agents could easily be found in Nepal’s political and media sector.

It is said that Nepal is weak simply because most of the Nepal’s political leaders approach Delhi to sort out their internal problems.

Addressing a grand crowd Friday afternoon, senior lawyer Swagat Nepal suggested the lame duck government led by Prime Minister KP Oli to immediately declare the incumbent Ambassador M.S. Puri a persona non grata (PNG) and sound the Indian government to cut the numerical strength of its massive staffs from Kathmandu based Indian embassy.

Ambassador Puri is talked have been micro-managing the functioning of the Nepali State affairs.

Some even talk that in the fresh reshuffle of the Oli cabinet, Ambassador Puri has been able to insert “two ministers” of his choice in the new cabinet.

During the Friday speech November 22/19 at Maiti Ghar Mandala, Mr. Nepal said that the Indian Prime Minister Modi was a horrible Hindu fanatic and that he could be taken as a Hindu Terrorist who has terrorised the entire Muslims and the Christians living inside the Indian Union.

“India has gulped Nepali land with the tacit consent of the present day Nepali leaders”, said Mr. Nepal hinting that the country was weak only due to the subservient attitude of the Nepali political animals towards the Indian establishment.

Mr. Nepal questioned as to why the nationalist leaders like Chitra Bahadur and Narayan Man Bijukche ” Rohit” were not invited to the “meet” summoned by the Nepal Prime Minister in garnering political support from the Nepali parties on the issue of the land encroachment by India?

How can it be called a national unity by omitting Mr. KC and Bijukche Mr. Nepal quizzed?

“Ulterior motive of the government is understandable”, claims Mr Nepal.

How the Prime Minister could then claim that he enjoys the support of entire political parties on Kalapani when the reality is that the PM has ignored Mr. KC and Bijukche?

He in effect, adds Mr. Nepal, invited all those parties who were in many more ways than one close to the Indian establishment.

“This is a ploy of Nepal Prime Minister to dilute the Nepali stance on Kalapani while dealing with the Indian Union”, concluded the legal brain Mr. Nepal.

TGN Adds: The Nepal government is learnt to have sent a “diplomatic note to the Indian government stating that the Indian stance taken on Kalapani landmass was just unacceptable to Nepal.

Here is a flash news: Mr. Swagat Nepal along with some of his friends has been arrested. 


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