The India Today, certainly an esteemed newspaper, published a report with reference to the Indian Intelligence sources which said, “Pakistani forces have started recruiting Pashto and Afghanistan origin terrorists to enter the border state of Kashmir.” The report further said, “Intelligence assessment on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir has revealed that there have been sightings of non-Kashmiri and non-Urdu speaking terrorists. Pakistani state actors are recruiting and diverting Afghani origin and Pashto-speaking terrorists to Jammu and Kashmir. The paper revealed upon its readers the story of a recent meeting allegedly held in Khyber Pakthunkhawh of Pakistan in which Pakistan army and ISI instructed terrorist commanders to keep their cadres to ready for ‘fidayeen’ attacks on Kashmir Valley. To tell my readers the truth, the intelligence agencies which shared this report with the India Today seem have fallen a prey to day-dreaming rather hallucination. 
The ISI has been haunting the nerves of Indian intelligence agencies like a nightmare since ever. Be it the freedom movement in Jammu and Kashmir or in Nagaland, Assam, Tripura or the Khalistan movement and above all the Kartarpur Corridor Project, the Indian agencies and the politicians always try their best to frame the ISI in all such movements. Recently Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh said in an interview to India Today that he feels Pakistan has a hidden agenda behind the opening of the Kartarpur corridor. He alleged that the Pakistan Army and the ISI are behind the opening of the Kartarpur Corridor. He said, “I look at it in two ways -As a Sikh, I am happy it happened, this will be like a pilgrimage back to history for me. But at the same time I feel like opening of this corridor is an ISI operation. I say this because the day that Imran Khan was sworn in as Pakistan PM, Navjot Singh Sidhu was invited to grace the occasion where General Bajwa told him that ‘you will be happy to know that we are opening the corridor’.
Dragging the ISI into the internal matters of India and blaming it for all that goes wrong in India is not a new tradition. In 2006, Dr. M. Amarjeet Singh penned down an article which said, “Apart from aiding and abetting terrorism in Kashmir, Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), has also been fully engaged in building terror infrastructures in the rest of India, including in the Northeast, which has long been infested with multiple insurgencies. This attempt to fish in the troubled waters of the Northeast poses a formidable challenge to India’s integrity and security. Over the past several years, the Indian security establishment has gathered sufficient evidence to show that the ISI has been engaged in sponsoring violence and unrest in this part of India, by way of supplying sophisticated weaponry, tactical advice and imparting guerrilla training to several militant groups in the region.” Those days Dr. M. Amarjeet Singh was working at National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, India as Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution.
As far as the blame regarding recruitment of Afghan terrorists to enter the border state of Kashmir is concerned, this blame in itself seems result of an immature thinking. India claims that it has a very friendly government in Kabul; it has a very strong support within Afghan National Directorate of Security and Afghan National Army. Moreover India has fenced the Line of Control in the Indian Held Kashmir; how is it possible for Pakistan to recruit terrorists of Afghan origin and send them to the Indian Held Kashmir. The only motive behind this blame game is to ask US not to proceed for a peace deal with Taliban. Moreover with the help of such a baseless propaganda, India is helplessly trying to defame the indigenous freedom struggle of the people of Kashmir as a foreign supported movement. It is also a very important fact that after revocation of articles 370 and 35-A the anger and frustration of the people of Kashmir is silently increasing to a disastrous level and shall blow up sooner or later; the Modi government is very well aware of this situation. Just to neutralize the situation and just for the purpose of face saving, the Modi government is attempting to play the terrorist card against Pakistan but such baseless efforts would never bear fruit. Things could have been much better if Mr. Modi had paid attention to the miserable situation of lawlessness, poverty and unemployment in his country instead of dragging Pakistan and the ISI in his country’s internal matters.


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