Pakistan’s concerns over Kashmir are very genuine and legitimate as the situation there is getting horrible day by day. The helpless Kashmiris are hopelessly waiting for someone who could save them from the tyranny and brutality of the Indian security forces. A very true picture of the present day Indian-Held Kashmir was portrayed by the Aljazeera in a report a few days back, “In more than 50 interviews, residents in a dozen villages in Kashmir told The Associated Press that the military had raided their homes since India’s government imposed a security crackdown in the region on August 5. They said the soldiers inflicted beatings and electric shocks, forced them to eat dirt or drink filthy water, poisoned their food supplies or killed livestock, and threatened to take away and marry their female relatives. Thousands of young men have been arrested.” But on the other hand Mr. Modi is still harping on the same string that the cancellation of Article 370 and 35A would bring a new flood of peace and prosperity in the Indian Held Kashmir. It is difficult to understand what type of peace and prosperity this region is going to be blessed with in such a horrible situation where even the honour of Kashmiri women is not safe. If this is Modi’s desired shape of peace and prosperity,  the Kashmiris would prefer to live in the hell of anarchy and distressful poverty instead of Modi’s paradise of peace and prosperity.
 Agonizingly painful fact is that whosoever tries to raise voice in favour of the wretched Kashmiris, the Modi government starts a very well organized type of hostile propaganda move against it. Pakistan is also one of such victims to this propaganda move; it has to face a lot of hindrances and hurdles, sometimes in shape of blames and allegations and sometimes in form of conspiracies; the objective is simply to malign Pakistan’s support to the Kashmiris. But positive is the fact that in spite of this childish and notorious behaviour of the Indian government, Pakistan has neither changed its policy nor its philosophy regarding its efforts for the world peace specifically for peace in the Indian-Held Kashmir. It is also a notable fact that Pakistan has never supported, favoured or encouraged any type militancy based action against the cruelties of the Indian security force in the Indian Held Kashmir. A few days before going to USGA, the Prime Minister of Pakistan had said talking to media that anyone wanting to go and fight in occupied Kashmir would do a great injustice to the Kashmiris by undermining their legitimate cause. He had further said, “Such an act would be an act of animosity towards the Kashmiris.” This statement of Mr. Khan was warmly appreciated and admired even by the US authorities. Acting Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia Alice G. Wells said commenting upon Mr. Khan’s statement, “Pakistan’s sustained commitment to counter all terrorist groups is critical to regional stability.” Whatever Imran Khan said in his statement is a very clear message to the world that Pakistan wants a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue without any bloodshed without any massacre. Unfortunately the Modi sarkar is taking Pakistan’s desire for peace as a weakness of Pakistan. Just to make things clear for the Modi sarkar, Imran Khan, in his speech at UNGA, had to warn the world that India’s actions in Kashmir could cause a “bloodbath” in the region and provoke war between the two nuclear-armed countries. 
At the UNGA meeting, Mr. Modi also did his best to misguide the world regarding the ever worst situation of human rights violations in Kashmir by presenting a very calm and peaceful picture of the valley but all his efforts surely received a very serious setback when the honourable participants of the General Assembly came to know of a petition filed in the Houston Court by a victim Kashmir-American family for grave human rights violations in Kashmir. The Court had summoned Mr. Modi, Amit Shah and the commander of the Indian army in Kashmir. It seems that Mr. Modi could not remember that Court ‘invitation’ in his heat and haste. Hopefully he would again receive an ‘invitation’ for the same purpose.
For the last many weeks, no internet, no mobile phones, no media, no communication; situation in Kashmir is getting worse and worse. incidents of rape are on a rise; Indian security forces are brutally butchering the protesters; use of pallet guns on Kashmiri youth has become a routine practice; people are not allowed even to go to the mosques. In short, on one hand the Modi government is claiming that Kashmir is ‘Atoot Ang’ of India but at the same time the people of Kashmir are being treated as if they belong to some hostile land; as if they are aliens. The atrocities and cruelties inflicted upon the people of Kashmir by the Indian security forces are a proof that inwardly Modi sarkar has accepted the reality that Kashmiris, in no way, want to be a part of India. The hostility of the Indian government against the Kashmiri people shows that India wants Kashmir without the people of Kashmir. To the Modi government important and valuable is the land of Kashmir, not the people of Kashmir.

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