India panics as Nepal welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping!

India panics as Nepal welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping!NP.Upadhyaya: Some unhappy and depressed souls were displeased with the unexpected arrival of the world most talked about leader President Xi Jinping in Nepal for a twenty one hour long trip. President Xi has centered his eyes on South Asia. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was just the other day in Beijing. President Xi made a Nepal trip after visiting India. This speaks of the hidden Chinese inclination and interest in South Asia.
The excitement with which the traditionally pro-Indian Nepali leaders greeted the President of China was simply extraordinary, which must have sent spine chilling waves in the region.

If India trained Babu Ram became pale and voiceless for multiple reasons then the “invisible” friend(s) of the Indian Union were perhaps busy in sending second-to-second reports to their bosses in the fake “regional headquarter” while President Xi was in Nepal. The Kathmandu based Indian spies must have a hectic time for two days.

The Indian leadership now under the control of Chaiwala turned Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, and his local stooges must have pulled their hairs and may have cried “why we nursed all along these years the Chinese boys” – read the Nepali communists.

Unmistakably, along with Babu Ram, some Nepali Congress corrupt boys were not that happy with President Xi’s Nepal visit which became evident when they made some sarcastic comments on the high level visit from China. Why they spoke so is any body’s guess.

However, Baburam Bhattarai’s utterances were somewhat balanced in that he said “let’s not get excited with Xi’s visit as we are being closely watched by India and the US world powers as they are.”

He is correct to a greater extent. In effect Baburam is an inferiority complex ridden political persona. This is his logic and we have every reasons to rebuke his myopic vision.

President Xi played a trick with the Nepali Congress which must have come as a pleasant surprise for both the grand old party and its redundant and defunct President Sher Bahadur Deuba as well.

As if President Xi knew of Deuba crying in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the then Indian Foreign Minister Late Sushma Swaraj some two years back, wherein he had stated that “Sorry PM Modi jee, I failed to effect certain amendments in the new constitution of Nepal as desired by the Indian establishment because of the UML Opposition but rest assured Sir..jee,..we shall bring in changes as desired by you and Indian union as a whole time permitting” and so President Xi invited Deuba for a private meet at the Hotel and assured Deuba that he valued him also as a great political leader of Nepal”.

It is altogether a different matter that his own party men wish to unseat him.

Deuba listened to what Xi said of him and returned all happy and beaming, however, what Deuba told President Xi in response was an overlapping statement which was beyond the comprehension of President Xi and his personal interlocutors inside the meeting hall. Let’s guess so.

But there was a marked difference in that listening to the overlapping lecture ( tongue slip included) of SB Deuba Nepal President just a few days back made a joke of the sitting NC President but a seasoned world leader of class President Xi listened to what Deuba told him in response to his private lessons. There was this marked difference in between President of Nepal and President of China.

Thus Deuba must have been in a fix as to whether he should now continue his allegiance with PM Modi or shift his love and affection to President Xi?

The climax of it all was that the Chinese President Xi extended an open invitation to SB Deuba to visit Beijing and initiate party to party contacts at his convenience.

Let’s presume that Sher Bahadur Deuba is a happy and changed person now. Out of sheer excitement, SB Deuba even told President Xi that he greatly valued China’s support made for the preservation of Nepal’s sovereignty in the past.

Modi’s loss is Xi’s gain. That’s it. But how PM Modi will take Deuba’s words in front of President Xi shall have to be watched.

President Xi Jinping did not miss to meet Prachanda-the NOIDA dweller of the people’s war era which was largely an India sponsored war on Nepal by Nepal’s perverted leaders then residing in Delhi.

President Xi is in full knowledge that Comrade Prachanda led a fake war against his own motherland but yet he invited the crème team of the Maoists for a meet at the Hotel Soaltee. This included top former UML leaders as well.

Apart from the peripheral and customary political talks, President Xi addressed Comrade Prachanda as a “veteran leader of Nepal” which in all likelihood may have elated Prachanda aka Pushpa Kamal Dahal to an unimaginable extent.

In politics even the use of some special words for a person who doesn’t deserve that works in a miraculous manner and it worked perhaps to the hilt. And Prachanda is not that a proven intelligent Maoists leader.

Now PM Modi must send his special “dark” agents in ascertaining as to whether the Delhi’s Trojan horse has changed his master by changing the stable?

Now let’s come to the real point.

Matured observers even are in a state of confusion whether President Xi landed in Nepal at the invitation of the Nepali side or himself preferred to visit this “strategically located South Asian country”?

While President Xi landed in Nepal October 12/19 and satisfied each and every Nepali national with his modest and polite and “cultured” political behavior and accomplished the goals and the objectives for himself he had landed in Nepal.

Everything went smoothly.

The nation listened to his powerful political hints and liked the assistance extended to this tiny Himalayan nation in the sectors as expected by Nepal since long in order to lessen the excessive Indian dependency.

President Xi assured that his country will open several border points for Nepal so that “greater connectivity” between the two great nations takes a concrete shape.

President Xi’s assurances that “Nepal remains no more a land locked country” is what the Nepali population wanted to listen from such a high Chinese dignitary who rarely visits a country that has no value for China in return. And he doesn’t make hollow promises as PM Modi.

Our own contention has been that it is Chinese President’s own “personal interest” that forced him to land in Nepal for several political reasons.

Thanks Nepal’s strategic location that, President Xi, better late than never, concluded that continued ignoring Nepal may boomerang Chinese interests in South Asia more so in Nepal or through Nepal.

The message is here.

To be more specific, China needs Nepal more than what Nepal needs China.

It is this fact that President Xi finally concluded and thus landed Nepal. In fact he could no longer avoid Nepal for the preservation of his own nation’s strategic interests.

Yes indeed, he came Nepal while KP Sharma Oli is Nepal’s Prime Minister. It is just a coincidence that a communist government is ruling the nation. He would have come even if Sher Bahadur

Deuba or any tom dick or harry would have been in the Singh Durbar power corridors.

Two events apparently compelled President Xi Jinping to visit Nepal.

President Xi got alarmed when Nepal’s “picked up” foreign Minister Pradip Kumar Gyawali met his US counterpart Mike Pompeo December 18, 2018 at the White House and tentatively by default (?) assured Pompeo that Nepal would like to be very much a part of the Indo-Pacific Strategy.

In fact, FM Gyawali’s smiling face ( it is his habit some say) was mistakenly taken as the required approval for the IPS by Mike Pompeo which led to the birth of a grand controversy in Nepal that

Nepal being a nonaligned country have had joined a power block and that too led by the lone super power-the US.

In fact, FM Gyawali’s lack of diplomatic knowledge caused enough pain to the US to the extent that Ambassador Randy Berry is busy in convincing the Nepali population that the IPS was not a strategy as is being disseminated but instead it was a policy that should not create panic in Nepal. This is what the US Ambassador has been convincing of late to the Nepali people and academics alike. Let’s presume that Ambassador Berry is honest in his admission.

In all, Foreign Minister Gyawali’s diplomatic-illiteracy or misinterpretation of taking the things in its real perspective led the US to conclude that Nepal had been siding with the US on IPS.

But matured observers say that Minister Gyawali understands the IPS and that he has definitely assured the US while he was in the US and had met Mike Pompeo.
FM Gyawali appears to have played double.

It is this “yes” from Minister Gyawali that has been annoying the US Ambassador since several months.

Now it is this Nepal’s “yes” that added anxiety to the already anxious Chinese President and he felt that a trip to Nepal must be made or else anti-China activities may take permanent roots in Nepal.

China knows India is one of the immediate neighbors of Nepal from where India can easily play foul against China.

President Xi’s mental tension increased manifold when Hong Kong saw disturbances in the recent months.

Perhaps all these sporadic events put together, President Xi Jinping made a determined decision that he must visit Nepal if China’s Tibet were to kept safe and under control.

However, a small section of Nepali population too feel that China slowly but steadily must take steps towards democratic system.

In all, President Xi’s trip was timely in that he took some tutorial classes on how the Communists should do and what the communists must not do.

Let’s hope that China awards all what has been promised by President Xi Jinping. He also warned anti-China elements that their bones shall be broken into pieces if they tried to irritate China either in Tibet or in Hong Kong.

But why he chose Nepal to announce his stern warning against anti-China elements? This is puzzling indeed.

The construction of the tunnel route connection with China’s Tibet as promised by President Xi to Kathmandu through Nuwakot-Rasuwa, Nepal also concurrently needs opening of several trade routes with China’s Tibet. Moreover, if China is so pleased then Nepal shall remain ever grateful if road connections (upgraded ones also) from the Nepali sides to the border too gets the desired Chinese assistance so that if India imposes yet another blockade then Nepal can easily look upon China for supply of consumer goods. This is just a proposition only but yet it is within the limits of China.

In the end, Chinese President’s Nepal visit must have jolted the entire Indian regime and that let’s hope the RAW agency must have already come into proper action in order to destabilize Nepal through its invisible domestic agents-some visible and others who prefer to remain in the dark.

No extra excitement as Nepal has to deal with India and the US and other developed countries of the West. This demands constructive-dynamic-non-aligned based diplomacy. Nepal can’t afford to annoy the US-the lone super power. That’s all.


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