Is China really a Friend of Pakistan?

Is China really a Friend of Pakistan?N.P. Upadhyaya,  “Nepal remains now assured that the SA region has a principled and determined leader who could act like the much needed political and nuclear deterrent in South Asia. Observers in Nepal definitely have reasons to believe that South Asia now rests in the safe hands caring little of the devil in the neighborhood.

Ask the people of Nepal whom they take as the South Asian devil? The 2015 Economic blockade haunts the Nepali people every now and then including this scribe at the very personal level”. But will China and the United States of America come forward in helping the one who has been championing for the Modi troubled South Asian stability and peace? The moot question is this. But come they must or else they too shall even not be spared. How President Xi Jinping assures Nepal this time will have to be watched. Notably, he must have already assured Pakistan that he shall care Pakistan’s sovereignty as well at least to keep the CPEC going unhindered. But mind it President Xi’s may play double both with India and Pakistan because China is a business minded country. But can China afford to play double?

Kathmandu: The Indian Prime Minister Modi has abundant reasons to feel honored in that the President of the United States of America joined his program in Houston/Texas though later the US President somehow or the other expressed his inner regrets by stating that “Yes PM Modi made some aggressive comments right in my presence” which by implication means that PM Modi used and misused the presence of the US President.

This also in some way hints that President Trump apparently made a blunder in having associated himself with PM Modi at the India government funded Crowd in Houston. Trump’s presence was cashed in upon by PM Modi back home and this was a planned trick of Modi.

In fact a political persona of Trump’s stature should have avoided the program of the Indian PM Modi for multiple reasons.

Having said this the US has huge business transactions with India and thus Business dominates human concerns. But is this so? Will the US speak for the South Asians? He should or else he too will have to bear the consequences.

But for sure President Trump is confirm that PM Modi is a fanatic Hindu dealer/leader and nothing more than that.

How a Christian women in Bihar in India just the other day was treated must have opened the eyes of the US and the European Leaders. She was paraded-nude in the streets of Bihar. Shocking scene that it was.

Back on Kashmir for some moments.

“We have to remind the Kashmiris that they are not alone in the world,” says Kamala Harris, a major Democratic candidate for the 2020 US presidential election.

“We are keeping a track on the situation. There is a need to intervene if the situation (so) demands,” she said in a recent statement. Her comments are even more significant because she is of Indian descent from her mother’s side.

So far, three major presidential candidates have spoken on Kashmir — Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. Others may follow soon, so report October 8 several international media agencies.

This means that Kashmir issue has been ringing in the ears of the US law makers.

Education matters: 

That Modi is not a fitting match for the Oxford graduate. Why? Draw the conclusions yourself.

Observers in Nepal admit that a qualified enemy is far better than an intimate but yet uneducated friend.

This is what even the Hindu scriptures have put in record since ages. This perhaps explains the rest.

A crazy Swedish Professor of Indian origin Ashok Swain since long is frantically in search of the “Pathshala-School” or for that matter the University which produced such a personality who is taken in the entire South Asia as the new incarnation of Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini?

Except Nepal and its leaders no other leader in South Asia prefers to talk to him. However, the fear factor compels them all to follow his sermons and act accordingly.

PM Modi claims that he studied in the Delhi University but has so far failed to produce any certificates that authenticates his claim.  Even his own party men suspect his educational capabilities. Nepal PM Oli and PM Modi perhaps are perhaps the graduates of a university whose whereabouts nobody knows.

No wonder then PM Modi’s equation matches with the one Pakistani-Canadian national Tarik Fatah who is a great fan of Modi for some political reasons.

Recalling, if PM Modi summarily avoided to talk on Kashmir for some mysterious reasons then the Pakistani Prime Minister jolted the world leaders inside the UN hall when he dwelt at length as to what would happen if the two nuclear countries went for a conventional war in the beginning and what if the same war turned into a nuclear one?

His main focus was over the likelihood of a nuclear war and how Pakistan would retaliate in such an eventuality?

He said if Pakistan is pushed to the wall per chance, will have no option other than to opt for a nuclear war.

“If there is a nuclear war then it will surely have consequences” and the resultant, if we were to borrow his words, consequences will be felt on the global scale”, so said Imran Khan in a blunt manner.

He indirectly implied that the N-War will eventually effect the entire global population and that no country can escape from the “consequences”.

While PM Modi began his UN address with a false note wherein he said to the world body that India has given Lord Buddha to the world. This feku leader from India was speaking a white lie.

Lord Buddha was born in Nepal to which the world people have already acknowledged. And PM Modi too has spoken that Buddha was the son of Nepal. Modi is perhaps world’s greatest liar and a buffoon cum political chameleon.

International observers opine that the “passionate appeal” that the Pak PM made on Kashmir and presented to the world leaders on September 27 from inside the UN Assembly hall shall go a long way in the chequered history not only of Pakistan but also of the troubled Kashmir and including the entire South Asian region.

In the meantime, China has been “observing” the situation in Kashmir, President Xi Jinping told Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday and hoped that the “relevant parties” (India and Pakistan) can solve the issue through peaceful dialogue, Chinese state media CGTN has reported October 9.

President Xi Jinping, who is scheduled to visit India this week to hold 2nd informal summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, assured Khan during a meeting here that the friendship between China and Pakistan is “unbreakable and rock-solid” despite changes in the international and regional situation.

Khan’s visit to China comes at a time when tensions have gone up between Pakistan and India after New Delhi ended the special status of Jammu and Kashmir on August 5.

Xi, who met Khan at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse here, said China is ready to work with Pakistan to forge a closer China-Pakistan community of shared future in the new era.

Interestingly, China this time did not refer to the UN resolutions but preferred to suggest Pakistan, the rock brother, to settle the Kashmir dispute through dialogue with India.

The change in tone of China is visible but yet China is a rock solid friend of Pakistan. Shifting Chinese stance? Simply because President Xi is scheduled to meet PM Modi?

However, China needs peace and stability in that area more than Pakistan for the sake of the full swing functioning of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

This demands China’s soft corner for India even if it is undesirable.

Having said this yet for Pakistan, Chinese support this time is important for several known and unknown reasons.

But apart from Chinese support, Pakistan must bring in the US some way or the other if this country wishes to have a measured say in the regional politics.

Perhaps this is why Pakistan last week hosted an Afghan Taliban delegation led by a senior leader arrived in Islamabad.

The delegation in its meeting with Pakistan’s foreign minister agreed to resume stalled peace talks  with the United States.

The political development is meaningful if not unexpected for many reasons.

The Taliban’s visit to Pakistan occurred at a time when Zalmay Khalizad, the U.S. special peace envoy for Afghanistan, was also in Islamabad.

Moreover, it has already been reported that Khalilzad held a meeting with the Taliban representatives in Islamabad.

This essentially means that Washington has not only decided to restart the stalled peace process, but has effectively endorsed Pakistan’s complete involvement in this regard.

And this finally means that the US has not ignored Pakistan’s role in the settlement of the lingering Afghanistan issue.

This shall in all likelihood enhance Pakistan’s prestige in the eyes of the US-its lost former ally. Pakistan can perhaps easily mediate in between the US and Iran and Saudi Arabia and Iran tussle.

A strong Pakistan, as we have been stating all along these years, will definitely act like a political deterrent for South Asia. Modesty must win over aggressive attitude. That’s all.


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