Nepal’s RAW disciples take lessons on Xi’s ideology!

Nepal’s RAW disciples take lessons on Xi’s ideology!    N.P. Upadhyaya: Let me first begin this article by condemning the Indian Prime Minister Modi who claimed September 27/19 at the ongoing UN general assembly session that Lord Buddha was born in India. Unfortunately, this fascist RSS life member Indian Prime Minister has insulted Nepal and Nepalese many a times in the past and this is the fresh one wherein he has once again shamelessly claimed that Buddha was born in India.

The Swedish Professor Ashok Swain of Indian origin too has condemned Modi for his false statement on Lord Buddha.

PM Modi’s thuggery associated with cruel mindset that we experienced in 2015 Economic blockade is being looked with distaste in Nepal but the ruling leaders worship this fanatic Indian Hindu leader like anything. This is simply puzzling indeed.

How the Indian population tolerates this fascist leader is beyond our comprehension.

Yet we wish all the best for the Indian people. Indian people are friendly with the people of Nepal undoubtedly.

PM Modi, with due respect and honor, is a laughing stock for the world population including obviously Nepal.

PM Modi’s lectures entertain Nepali people as and when they feel bored.
Now back to Nepali affairs.

Shri Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ has said that as of now the greatest threat to Nepal’s existence emanates from the Indian establishment.

Mr. Mohan Baidya Kiran-the mentor of Prachanda who initiated the people’s war under the instructions of the Indian nation said this while talking to the SagarMatha Television some ten days ago.

Mr. Mohan Baidya made this accusation immediately after one of the Terai leader Mr. Mahanta Thakur challenged PM Oli led Nepal government that if “necessary” amendments were not made in the constitution as per the demands set by the Madhes based political parties then the entire Madhesh or say Terai region of present day Nepal may secede from the mainland.
Mohan Baidya questioned as to which force could have encouraged Mahanta Thakur to make such a “secessionist” statement?

Baidya must have confidently said so because he also was the one among the crowd of the scores of Maoists leaders who in the name of waging people’s war against their own motherland Nepal have had taken shelter in India in the mid-nineties.

Mohan Baidya in some way or the other too had close contacts with the Indian security agencies including the RAW. He hasn’t denied so far.

Doesn’t Mohan Baidya feel ashamed when he accuses New Delhi? He too has tasted the Indian “Iodized salt” so he too must pay for the Indian obligations enjoyed then. Isn’t it? But why he is against Delhi? Forget Mahanta Thakur.

He has several times in the past threatened the State that Madhesh/Terai will sooner than later secede from the mainland Nepal.

His latest statement on “secession” has come close on the heels of his meet with the most brutal Indian national who engineered the 2015 Economic Blockade on Nepal.

He is none less than India’s Foreign Minister Shankar who in himself amounts to half Indo-Pacific for some reasons.

When Nepal told Delhi that Kashmir was an internal matter of India then Mahanta Thakur’s threat has now no meaning. This was the bargain in between Nepal and India while Minister Shankar was in Kathmandu.

Dr. Rajesh Ahiraj, a political scientist in his own right and a strong nationalist par excellence from the Terai/Madhesh plains comes heavily down against the so called Madhesi leaders and flays the leaders that they were making wrong statements wherein these “biased” leaders claim that the Terai/Madhesi people have been denied their rights to what was their due. Perhaps Jha’s comments applies to Thakur as well.

Dr. Jha challenges the Madhesi leaders to point out the clauses and the articles contained in the constitution now in force that denies equal rights to the population of Madhesh or for that matter the Nepali Terai.

Thus the promising political scientist dismisses the Madhesi leaders’ claim and dubs them all as “political thugs”. He could be listened in one of his fresh U tube recordings/interviews.

The domestic population are now compelled to bear with this levied republican order thanks Father Shyam Saran-an Indian national who is a declared hater of Nepal and its people. He is talked to be the disciple of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Prof. SD Muni, however, it remains yet to be substantiated.

With the secret arrival of India’s RAW Chief Mr. Samanta Kumar Goyal this July, it is being estimated that the paid agents of RAW may have quadrupled in Nepal.

That the ruling elites are soon to begin a fight-to-finish war with each other became evident when the other day the Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba was very unceremoniously “mocked” by the sitting President of Nepal-Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari.

At a program organized by the Nepali Congress at the National City hall (the China built indeed) to talk on the contributions of late Ganesh man Singh, Nepal’s President Mrs. Bidya Bhandari mocked the NC President by stating that “I could not understand what the leaders had been talking about”?

Listening to her somewhat surprising comment, the listeners inside the Hall could guess that the President was mocking at Sher Bahadur Deuba.

Unfortunately, the NC President speaks so fast that his own expressions overlap and the resulting sound (the lecture made by NC President) gets distorted and the people begin laughing.

And so the President too visibly laughed (but she could have avoided her laughter) when she began her part of the lecture that amounted to a sort of highest mockery of the sitting Nepali Congress President Sheri Bahadur Deuba who has led the Nepali state for more than four times in the past and still he hopes that he could lead Nepal once again should the Indian RAW blessed him.

Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari made a blunder which if not corrected soon may allow the Nepali Congress leaders some space and excuse to pounce upon the entire Nepal Communist Party and its government led by an ailing Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. And this is what the RAW prefers in Nepal-instability so that the Oli regime could be made upside down.

If one single Rabi Lamichaney could shake the entire politics of the nation then what if Gyanendra Shahi, Professor Surendra KC, Advocates Surendra Bhandari and Bal Krishna Neupaney, Swagat Nepal, Manyata Thapa, Chitwan medical college, energetic media man Dr. Rajesh Ahiraj and analysts Bharat Dahal join Lamichaney’s strength?

Will this combined strength not uproot the imposed and highly expensive and authoritarian order now in place?

It would not be out of place to listen to what Mr. Hridaya Narayan Yadav, a local social activist from Rauthat district, Nepal has to say about the Madhesi leaders. Let’s listen to him first and then judge yourself as to which force may have lured Mahanta Tahkur to make such a low statements. Listen to Yadav.

And if per chance India which is secretly planning to restore the lost Hindu identity of Nepal joins surreptitiously ( as is its habit) the agitating energetic youths, scholars and legal brains then the entire set up erected by PM Oli and his comrades like Prachanda and his mentors in India will collapse like the house of cards.

The way the national politics has deteriorated in these recent days does tell that a “political blizzard” is in the making which shall sweep the present day corrupt leaders and bring them all to the foot path to which they belonged originally.

The Corruption part that has plagued the national politics including reportedly the Judiciary has brought the nation very close to an imminent collapse but when such a collapse shall occur is yet unknown. But the nation will collapse for sure.

In order to divert the attention of the domestic population from the State’s incapacity, inability, mal-functioning, mal-governance and prevalence of high level corrupt practices in the Singh Durbar power corridors, the government led by the fake communists has begun misguiding the laymen by saying that “some anti-social” and “reactionary forces” of the good old days were all set to bring about an unnatural collapse of the functioning system.

Now before I conclude, let me dwell on a few key points that Mohan Baidya made while being interviewed by TV anchor Mr. Bhandari.

Mohan Baidya without chewing his words said straight of Prachanda that; he becomes an Indian while meeting Indian leaders or men who were the part of the Indian establishment; and similarly Prachanda acts as if he were a Chinese national while meeting some high flying officials from Beijing such as the one whom he met some ten days ago-the Chinese State Counsellor Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

And needless to say he was more nationalist than President Abraham Lincoln at time when he have had to meet the Kathmandu based US Ambassador Randy Berry for receiving the US Gratis visa for his entire family for the treatment of his ailing wife Mrs. Seeta Dahal. Is he then a political chameleon?

So Prachanda, as Mohan Baidya said in a satirical mood that he is three in one: Chinese; India and even the American.

But in effect Prachanda is the one who eventually make these three countries to fight with each other in Nepal. Take it for granted.

And very interestingly, Prachanda’s present day habit (being-three-in-one) has just been copied by the men who were housed in PM Oli’s cabinet such as Foreign Minister Pradip Kumar Gyawali.
For Gyawali too, he can easily handle the diplomatic complexity that comes in his way while dealing with China, India or for that matter the US.

He too instantly changes his tone that suits to his host. He is currently attending the UN General Assembly meeting tom dick and harry.

And thus the nation’s foreign policy is not only in the wrong hands but the man is also incompetent and unstable to which he has proved for himself while meeting last year December Mike Pompeo hinting the US that Nepal honored to a great extent the Indo-Pacific Strategy. And the moment he was in the Nepali soil he said that Nepal shall keep the IPS at a comfortable distance.

He Chaired the SAARC foreign ministers conference but failed in bringing both the Indian and the Pakistani foreign ministers in the same hall at a time.

The Pak FM left the SAARC meet venue as long as the Indian Foreign Minister was inside the hall and later the same happened with the Indian FM. He too boycotted Pak FM’s speech. Out good for nothing Foreign Minister could have convinced both to attend the meet but he did not do because his has a distinct tilt. Guess where is his tilt?

As the time is approaching for the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal. Mr. Gyawali will make all efforts to prove himself as the champion of the belt and Road Initiative.
The US, China and India are not that fools not to understand that Nepal has taken on to the path of North Korean regime led by Baby King Jong-Un.

Nepal at best is the North Korea in South Asia. The US has reasons to suspect Nepal’s political/diplomatic credentials. How the US and the democratic West shall bear with two North Korean regimes in the world: the one in Korean peninsula and the fresh one in South Asia neighboring India now being led by the most rough Prime Minister ever the innocent Indian population have had in their history ever.

For the Road: Having received the RAW training for over thirteen years, the Nepali leaders now are pleased to get versed in Xi’s principles that shall shape presumably tomorrows’ Nepal. An authoritarian regime slowly creeps in Nepal or has already entered. Let’s admit.

President Xi Jinping is himself to land in Nepal to take some special classes on his manufactured philosophies. As if the RAW’s indoctrination were not enough, we are all set to receive a heavy dose of Xi’s thoughts. But yet in the end, it is the RAW which shall rule Nepal. China and the USA shall be mere onlookers. Guaranteed. Nepal is the land of Choukidars and Bahadurs born for India. God bless this “made” orphan country. That’s all.


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