Prioritize denuclearization of North Korea: South Korea to US!

Prioritize denuclearization of North Korea: South Korea to US!N.P. Upadhyaya, The threat of the nuclear war in the Korean peninsula remains intact.After Kashmir, it is the Korean peninsula which has remained under threat of nuclear war since decades and decades. If on the one hand Indian PM Modi remains a permanent threat to the entire South Asian region, then baby Kim jong-un of North Korea has kept the entire Korean peninsula under a perennial threat of a nuclear war.The threats are real in both the cases.

Interestingly, both these two places, one in South Asia and the other in Korean peninsula demands the active mediation of the US President Donald Trump. But President Trump appears be less interested?

Even if the US President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un have met officially twice first in Singapore and later in Hanoi, Vietnam but yet the core issue of complete “denuclearization” of the Korean peninsula yet remains in the negotiating table unresolved.

Naturally this is a matter of concern for the countries who prefer to free the peninsula from the nuclear threat that largely emanates from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or better known as the North Korea led by a somewhat lopsided leader whose whims “tightly” control the entire secluded regime. The North Koreans prefer to flee the country and reside in the democratic South Korea.

Though President Donald Trump claims that he has already established good “chemistry” with Kim Jong-un over these two years but yet the North Korean leader at times makes strange political overtures which terrifies the nations in the vicinity.

However, not so many people know that it was President Moon Jae-in, the incumbent South Korean President who made determined efforts in bringing the two distinguished leaders to the negotiating table: the first being the US President Trump and the second one the terrifying leader Kim Jong-un ruling North Korean regime through his dictatorial whims.

Almost the same pattern is being practiced by the Communists who command the government in Nepal these days and thus chances remain high that some sort of totalitarian regime may creep in the nation with the strength of the two thirds majority in the parliament.

Thus a replica of the North Korean regime is likely to be installed in Nepal soon if the communists’ design go smoothly, it is presumed.

Had it been not so then why should have President Moon Jae-in held summit talks with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Monday September 23/19 in haste and sought support for Seoul’s efforts to establish peace in the Korean Peninsula?

The two leaders held summit talks at UN headquarters in New York on the sidelines of the General Assembly session September 23/19.

During the meet with the Polish President Andrzej Duda, the ROK leader Moon sought the active support of his Polish counterpart to work for the prevalence of peace and tranquility in the Korean peninsula.

Thanks the Polish President responded positively and assured President Moon that his nation would work for restoring peace in the Korean Peninsula and President Duda also promised his nation’s continued and strong support until the successful achievement of the peace process in the region as desired by President Moon.

It remains to be seen how the Polish leader acts in the days ahead.

This was later confirmed by the South Korean Presidential Spokesperson Ko Min-jung.

To recall, Poland is a member of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission- a body established in 1953 to help uphold the Korean War Armistice Agreement. The country, Poland, is also a current non-permanent member of the UN Security Council which makes this country which could be trusted for institutionalizing peace in the peninsula, if she acts sincerely.

The seriousness of the ROK President to bring in peace in the Korean peninsula could well further be felt when he rushed to meet the US President Donald Trump September 23/19 wherein he is supposed to have urged the US President that he (read Donald Trump) should prepare now for the third Summit in between him and Chairman Kim of North Korea.

President Moon tentatively made an appeal to the US leader at a hotel in New York Monday, it is learnt.

While meeting the US President, the ROK leader said, (sic), “I will be expecting the working-level negotiations between the United States and North Korea to prepare for the third- your third summit with Chairman Kim to resume- to be resumed soon.

And when you have your third summit with Chairman Kim, maybe I hope that this will go down as a truly historic moment in world history.”

In fact, President Trump met Chairman Kim for the third time when he was in South Korea upon completion of his Osaka visit some months back. These two leaders met at the DMZ.
President Moon’s suggestion made to the US President does tell that how much desperate is the ROK leader for permanent peace to prevail in the Korean peninsula and that will only come to true

when the North Korean leader pledges for complete denuclearization.

Moon’s seriousness for prevalence of peace in the entire region has got to be admired.

The North Korean leader perhaps is expecting big from the US as against the denuclearization deal. Chairman Kim is in a bargaining mood for his country and thus the delay in the third Summit level meet.

Unless the peninsula is denuclearized, the threat in the region and much beyond shall remain as it is and the biggest threat is definitely for the South Korea for multiple political reasons.

South Korea though wishes to help extend support to the brothers in the North.

Blood is thicker than water perhaps.

Mind it that the Republic of Korea is at a stone throwing distance from its mighty neighbors that include, for example, Japan, China and the tricky Nuclear North Korea.

President Moon however hinted that Washington and Pyongyang are expected to resume working-level nuclear talks soon and negotiations will likely to lead to a third summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

But the place for the possible third summit between Chairman Kim and President Donald Trump is yet remains undisclosed or even not finalized.

In the meanwhile, Japan has failed to track the trajectory of some of North Korea’s new types of short-range missiles in a recent series of launches, raising concerns over Tokyo’s defense capabilities, sources close to the matter said, reports The Japan Today dated September 24/19.

If Japan failed to detect the NK’s short-range missiles then obviously, South Korea too will have technical difficulties in detecting the same if the North directs its missiles towards the South under the spell of whims.

The likelihood remains and thus the South Korean President’s anxiety stands valid.

In the meantime, Jamie Crawford and Zachary Cohen for the CNN write September 23 that North Korea may be close to launching a submarine capable of firing missiles and is making efforts to conceal its preparations,

North Korean news agencies hinted some two weeks ago that Chairman Kim Jong Un personally observed the test-launch of a super-large multiple rocket launcher, the latest in a series of weapons tests performed amid stalled diplomacy over the North’s nuclear program.

President Trump must give attention to these chaotic developments that have taken place in the Korean region.

While the North continues to terrify the entire peninsula more so to the South Korean nation, President Trump perhaps is not taking the dangerous developments in the vicinity of the peninsula seriously that it demands much.

However, a few hours after the Moon-Trump summit at the Hotel in New York Monday, Seoul’s spy agency said it was looking into the possibility of the North’s Kim visiting Busan for the South Korea-ASEAN leaders’ summit in November.

If it is so then the South Koreans shall surely take a sigh of relief until the NK gets denuclearized or commits for denuclearizing the nation for good.

Whether Trump meets Kim ahead of this Busan meet or after has been not made public.

“Kim Jong-un may come to Busan, but this would be dependent upon the level of progress in the denuclearization talks, so writes Kim Yoo-chul and Do Je-hae for the Korea Times September 24/19.

All in all, it appears that the US is not that enthusiastic for the talks with the North for some political reasons but that has definitely been causing tensions in the South Korean nation that wants peace and tranquility.

The logic that the ROK leader prefers early US-North Korea talks is justified because it is the ROK which has to live throughout the year in a state of constant threat of nuclear war from the North.

Having said all this, President Trump has told ROK leader Moon Monday that he was expecting to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for another summit, saying he maintains a “good relationship with Kim.” But Trump didn’t specify when the meeting would take place.

Encouraging news at least until the third Summit takes place.

For the Road: North Korea reportedly has said that it will consider denuclearization if “all threats” to the country are removed, asking Washington to come up with a “new way” for talks on this to proceed further, so write Kim Yoo-chul and Do Je-hae for the Korea Times September 24/19.

By and large, President Trump and his South Korean counterpart centered their talks Monday in New York and hoped that North Korea and the U.S shall begin talks aimed at convincing North Korea for denuclearization. The most important agenda at Monday’s summit was indeed the denuclearization talks between North Korea and the U.S. That’s all.


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