Existential Threat to Nepal?

Existential Threat to Nepal?N.P. Upadhyaya:  Nepali Congress parliamentarian Pradip Giri spoke of the chances that if India so desired can gulp Nepal a la Sikkim or at best make Nepal another Bhutan. Some even claim that he was told to speak so but we are not sure whatever he said was his own “brain” or an injected statement? Whatever it may be, let’s not discuss it in details as the “rest” we understand better. Nepal’s Foreign Minister Pradip Kumar Gyawali, in fact a crane elevated political man, changed his statement on Kashmir once again. But yet he is a modest political creature.
Prior to the arrival of BJP card holder S. Jay Shankar in Nepal, Indian aggression on Kashmir was an issue that, he said, demanded bilateral talks between Pakistan and India and that the occupation in Kashmir by India could destabilize the South Asian region. This he has said as the SAARC Chair.
This is what he used to say which had in fact surprised many a brains in Nepal as to how he “could dare” to make a statement that went opposite to what India desired from this satellite state ( close to a protectorate).

Mr. Shankar appears to have jolted Nepal during his Kathmandu stay hinting to await for yet another Economic Blockade and apparently for fear of losing the ‘current post’ and also for averting the blockade, “made” our foreign minister to speak while attending a meet in the Maldives that “since it was an Indian constitutional matter and thus whatever she does with the constitution should not bother us”.
Gyawali in an indirect manner admitted to the utter shame of the Nepali population that Nepal has already went to the lap of the Indian regime. There should now be no illusion in the political acumen of “nationalist” KP Sharma Oli and his ministers.
Who they are stands now exposed. But with this Nepal’s existential threat has come to the front.
But whatever our elevated Minister says of Kashmir to please India, the fact will remain a fact and the fact is that Kashmir has now taken an international dimension and the world community have been talking of the plight of the Kashmiri population beginning the black day of August 5, last month.
Beijing must have understood as to where Nepal stands and how the Nepali leaders should be taken on any international issue, for example Kashmir.
Now Nepal has also pegged its foreign policy with India’s as the Nepali currency has been tied up with the Indian currency. The next step is merger with the Indian Union? Isn’t Mr. Foreign Minister?
Shame on entire Nepali population including this scribe. Nepali people should now mourn the demise of Nepal’s Non Aligned Policy which had kept us all along “sovereign and independent”. The rest is history now.
Again back to Pradip Giri: Giri later clarified that Nepal should adopt a competitive-smart diplomacy which is equipped with the ability that allows Nepal to talk straight with the Indian side and push its grievances in a free and frank manner. (Isn’t he talking the absurd?).
Gyawali was coerced by Shankar and so he chose to change his stand on Kashmir not from the Nepali soil but pleased India by being in the Maldives.
We sympathize with our Foreign Minister. But if he has the habit of changing his statements every now and then with the change of places then let’s presume that he can once again change his statement on Kashmir if he is in Bangladesh or is back even in Nepal.
Thanks Shyam Saran for this Republican order. Grand but loaded gift you installed.

Mr. Shankar, the one who pressed Minister Gyawali hard is a highly qualified but heartless personality whose meanness we have already experienced during the last Indian blockade imposed on Nepal in the year 2015.
If taken in the light of the erratic behavior of Minister Shankar, Mr. Giri is correct but the manner he presented his saying inside the Parliament was simply frightening.
Some even took Giri’s talk as to have been a “subtle” signal from the Indian regime through NC parliamentarian Pradip Giri.
Nothing is impossible in RAW controlled Nepal, it is not only talked but strongly believed.
Needleless to say, after Giri’s bombshell, here comes the real villain of Nepal-the Indian Viceroy Manjeev Singh Puri who apart from his “micro-managing” of Nepal in earnest has begun travelling districts after districts collecting the needed and the required “information” of some Nepali political leaders perhaps with an avowal that “time permitting” which of the leaders of Nepal could be “used and overused” for securing and ensuring the security interests of the Indian establishment prior to materialize ‘the target Sikkim’.
His travel here and there could be, some say, to change the regime even.
Ambassador Puri was found asking how much popular Bhattari is. This perhaps explains the Indian design which could be in the pipeline.
RAW, says an estimate, is present even in areas where Nepal government is absent.
Only the Indian Ambassador(s) have the exclusive rights in Nepal to move freely without seeking the “required and the needed” permission from Nepal’s foreign Ministry.
Sovereign and Independent Nepal has turned into the personal fiefdom of the Indian Ambassador Manjeeb Singh Puri.
He is the undeclared ‘His majesty the King of Nepal’, as the people have begun taking him these days. Shame on all of us. Removing the real King we have brought this alien King.
Listening to the plight and the unequal treatment meted out to them by the Central Indian government, Nepal’s Gorkha soldiers apparently have approached the Nepal Government in the recent months which is why the Nepal Government has tentatively told the Indian establishment in no uncertain terms that “Let’s bring out some substantial improvement in the Nepal-India-Britain tripartite treaty that governs the Gorkha recruitment both in the former British Colony, the Indian republic and the Colonizer-today’s United Kingdom.
The Gorkhas serving in Britain too have begun demanding equal treatment at par with their British Counterparts.
While writing this story, what has come to our notice is that the Indian government in a calculated manner made null and void the Indian citizenship of those Nepali population who have been living in Assam for more than centuries.

The exodus of the Indian-Nepalese is likely to begin and they will definitely enter the country of their ancestors.
But the story doesn’t end here.
A comfortably qualified intellectual with ….bend has joined the Pradip Giri’s structured strategy if it could be taken as that.
This gentleman openly says that Nepal must trim its military strength and do not think of bringing in of a benevolent dictator.
For the record, such a statement has come to our knowledge decades and decades after but it came at a time when the nation has yet to analyze the inner meanings of what Pradip Giri meant when he said that “should India so desire, Nepal can easily turn into Sikkim.
The threat to Nepal’s existence thus is increasing from none other than from our own distinguished intellectuals. Are these Nepali nationals Nepal’s real enemies? Who knows?
I am in full knowledge and now could recall that trimming of the Nepal Army was primarily “suggested” by sitting Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai during the early nineties.
He advised the then monarch King Birendra to think upon the proposal pushed by him, read PM Bhattarai, for downsizing the military strength in Nepal.
A puzzled King, (let’s presume so) must have been traumatized internally by his Prime Minister’s somehow or the other an “anti-national” proposal.
However, the King without feeling disturbed and losing his cool composure told the Interim Prime Minister Bhattarai that, (sic) “ Look PM, I know that neither Nepal Army can fight with India nor with China for long. But yet don’t you think that the Nepal Army shall keep Nepal sovereign and independent for a few more minutes or even as long as an hour if the unexpected happens”?
A pin drop silence prevailed for few minutes in between the King and his PM. The PM got the message and he since then dropped the army trimming idea.
It was this Prime Minister who during his first visit to India signed a Nepal-India joint communique dated June 10, 1990 which was no less than a “Treaty” with India which made Nepal over dependent on India as if the Indian dependency were not enough.
So guess where the tilt lay of this Nepali Prime Minister? (RIP).
Some Nepali nationals “love and honor” India more than their own motherland. But why? Keep on guessing.
Now after decades and decades, this high flying intellectual once again has floated the same idea which had then been pushed by Nepal Congress highest functionary-Krishna Prasad Bhattarai.
Draw your own conclusions if you can and understand as to why this “slogan” of downsizing of the Nepal Army has cropped up at this critical time? What could have been the real motive? Whose instructions are being followed and why?
Yes. Nepal Army’s track record too is not that lovely. Our national Army is as many business sectors as could be handled from catering to constructions of …..
Our “once upon a time distinguished” Nepal Army is yet to try to open Saloon and Beauty parlors et al. This should not mean that we have no trust on our Army.
Though we have high regards for the Nepal Army, however, the Army’s track record is dismal after the advent of this republican order.
Nepal Army must begin soul searching.

Yes Nepal should be ready to cut the strength of its army if India, the source for Nepal threat for existence, accepts Nepal’s Zone of peace Proposal.
The ZOP pushed by Nepal King Birendra was to keep Nepal free from the Indian threat. India did not recognize Nepal’s Zone of Peace proposal though some hundred sixteen countries have had endorsed the Nepali proposal including the US under President Ronald Reagan.
India’s summary denial means that Nepal’s existential threat remains intact and that too from the fascist India which has very freshly annexed Kashmir-an internationally recognized disputed territory awaiting UN plebiscite.
If India guarantees Nepal’s continued existence as a sovereign nation (keeping some powerful countries as guarantors) then Nepal would be ready to cut down the size of its almost “redundant” army which has, thanks, kept itself engaged in a joint drill with the Chinese Army as of now.
All in all, Nepal is being encircled by enemies, some paid and some working voluntary perhaps. But who shall work for free in these hard times?
No wonder then one Indian retired RAW functionary has asserted that “we in the RAW dismantled the Nepali monarchy and facilitated the entrance of the Republican order in Nepal by convincing Comrade Prachanda”.
But yet our political animals claim that they were instrumental in the advent of the Republican order. Is this Bihari national Amar Bhusan, the author of the book “Inside Nepal” is correct or what our politicians bark is the reality? The RAW gentleman should have also mentioned as to who the media men were who helped the RAW initiative then in lieu of hefty Indian currency? He however, kept it a secret for reasons that could be understood…
Now when the RAW admits then what remains to be told?
However, the RAW officials’ version of overthrowing Nepal’s monarchy with the tacit assistance of the Delhi residing Comrade Prachanda is being given a twist and being termed as a “fiction”.
Why is this bending of the fact? No wonder it so happens in Nepal. That’s all.


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