greet September 9

Soon the Korean people will greet September 9, a significant day when 
President Kim Il Sung(1912-1994) founded the Democratic People' s Republic of Korea(September 9, 1948).
President Kim Il Sung built the Republic into a socialist state centered on the masses where shines independence, self-support and self-defense. Succeeding his cause,
Kim Jong Il (1942-2011), eternal Chairman of the National Defense Commission, developed it into an invincible socialist power.
When the former Soviet Union and other socialist countries collapsed one after another, socialist Korea still stood unmoved. The anti-socialist offensive by imperialists, which had been committed againist the whole socialist camp, was now focused on one country, the DPRK.
Despite these adversities, the DPRK defended the banner of socialism, and furthermore opended a new era of building a thriving socialist country. 
The dignity of the DPRK as an invincible socialist power is now being demonstated higher under the leadership of supreme leader 
Kim Jong Un. The supreme leader Kim Jong Un is further solidifying the national defense capabilities of the country.
Through his inspection of Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division first after the death of Chairman Kim Jong Il, he solemnly declared his will to invariably hold high the banner of Indepence.
Since then he has been on the road of leadership to defend the sovereignty and dignity of his country
Under his leadrship the army and people of the DPRK are achieving fresh successes in the anti-imperialists confrontation.
Even at this moment, the US and its followers are still kicking a fuss about the “nuclear problem" and “missile problem" of the DPRK so as to isolate and stifle it by all means and at any cost, but the world see is the increasing the DPRK' s might in more strengthening.
Kim Jong Un is guiding the service personnel and people of his country to perform world-astonishing miracles in their effort to build theirs into a powerful socialist country.
For example, the numerious factories and enterprices are being reconstructed and modernized. And the cultural and welfare facilities for the people and the modern apartment houses and dwellings are being construced one miracle and another.
Attentive in the development of science and technology in building an economic giant, Kim Jong Un, whenever he inspects various fields of the economy, stresses the importance of putting production on a normal track on the basis of up-to-date science and technology.
Under his leadrship, remarkable achievements are being made in building a civilized counry including the education, art, public health and sport. The DPRK will shine its brilliance as an invincible socialist power forever.


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