Are Nepali leaders Indian Slaves?

 Are Nepali leaders Indian Slaves?Kathmandu: The enemies of sovereign and independent Nepal are its own nationals who control the State politics whether they be in the ruling party or for that matter in the Opposition.
It is these ‘cream of the crops’ in the political sector who have repeatedly insulted and tore apart the national fabric to the extent that we fail to describe.

The Nepali society today stands divided on several counts unfortunately.

If these political animals ruling Nepal as of now are allowed to continue in power for some more time then the nation shall not only go financially bankrupt and cause the commencement of a violent civil war but also could be declared a “failed state” by the competent world financial authorities. The threat is real.

If KP Oli has already proved himself to be the “most expensive” Prime Minister this wretched country ever had in its history, then equally aberrations in diplomatic domain could be seen in abundance which have not only insulted the national population but also forced them to think why not then the Hitlerite Modi’s India should behave with Nepali leaders as mere servants of the Indian Union?

From ‘Bahadurs to Choukidars’ we were already, and now one more feather in our cap has been added of being treated almost as “slaves”.

Nepal’s political animals are at fault for such a pathetic state who “surrender” their integrity as and when some third grade officials/ministers from India land in Nepal.

Let’s come to the point.

The Ratopati online portal dated August 22 claims that Nepal’s former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba rushed to see the visiting Economic Blockade designer Minister S Jay Shankar to the Hotel Dwarikas.

He was the one who was in Nepal just a few days ahead of the imposition of the Indian Economic Blockade in 2015.

Deuba has led Nepal for more than four times in the past but yet he ignored the diplomatic protocol and his own prestige and in haste hurried to see the junior level Indian minister.

In doing so he downgraded the prestige of the entire nation. Our heads are down since then.

Perhaps our former Prime Minister went to receive “blessings” from the visiting junior official as is the practice.

Accompanying Deuba were not surprisingly then Dr. Shashank Koirala (the general Secretary of Nepali Congress and the youngest son of late B.P. Koirala). Dr. Narayan Khadka and a former diplomat Dr. Dinesh Bhattarai who, to recall, had served late PM Sushil Koirala as his foreign policy advisor.

This should mean that the entire Nepali Congress Party officials were at the doors of Minister Shankar who has just been elevated from Foreign Secretary to a minister.

Deuba is the same former Prime Minister who during his last trip to India officially apologized in front of PM Modi at the Hyderabad House that “we failed to amend the constitution” because the communists opposed the amendment drive initiated by the Congress. PM Modi and FM Sushma Swaraj had reasons to smile.

Draw the conclusions on your own as to who our politics and why the Indians insult Nepal? Isn’t it a matter of utter shame?

Similarly, the RAW Chief landed in Nepal on July 20, last month.

Sher Bahadur Deuba together with Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh, and most probably Dr. Prakash Saran Mahat were the ones to have entered the Indian embassy in the “dark” ( after the Sun set) and talked in private with the RAW Chief Mr. Sumanta Kumar Goyal for three hours, claims the Ratopati online.

Let’s presume that Alcohol session too have been arranged for our “heroes and builders” of Republican Nepal. The RAW Chief must have smiled cunningly looking at the standard of the Nepali politicians who count. Can our leaders go this much low?

The RAW is a dangerous and notorious secret spy agency which had been formed by late Indira Gandhi to keep India’s smaller neighbors in South Asia in a destabilized state and in a state of constant terror.

Very interestingly, just after the RAW took a formal shape, Pakistan was bifurcated and Bangladesh as a new country in South Asia came into existence.

Notably, media reports have it that the present Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval spent some good year’s right inside Pakistan as a high level RAW functionary and remained unnoticed yet.  Moreover, Mr. Doval is talked to be the main man behind the present Kashmir annexation by India August 5, 2019.

Dr. Mahat tentatively has accepted that he did a blunder by entering into the embassy and having met the RAW man Goyal, says the same online portal.

The sitting Nepal PM Oli too talked in private with Minister Shankar for more than two hours on August 21 at his official residence in Baluatar.

PM Oli has reportedly “appealed” PM Modi to “award full recognition” to the Nepali Constitution now in force. Minister Shankar has been “urged” to convey this message to his Prime Minister Modi back in Delhi-Nepal’s seat of political learning.

PM Oli is awaiting Modi’s formal recognition from the Indian establishment. This is just a joke of the highest order.

It is here again the diplomatic protocol has been breached. Mr. Shankar at best should have talked with his counterpart Pradip Gyawali who unfortunately was waiting his “Indian friend” at the venue of the Nepal-India joint commission. Oli’s secret talks with Minister Shankar delayed the joint meet of the two countries, so wrote the Naya Patrika Daily the next day.

If FM Gyawali were a man of integrity then he should have resigned by now. But he hasn’t. This explains his lust for the current Chair.

By the way, Sher Bahadur Deuba’s erratic acts have come under severe criticisms inside his own party.

Though the longer tenure of Deuba as Party President has irked several Congressmen more so to Dr. Shekhar Koirala (a physician), but yet the party men have no option other than to keep him intact in the current post.

By the way, Comrade Prachanda had met with the RAW Chief Mr. Goyal last month and also met with Minister Shankar at the Prime Ministerial residence, sources say.

All in all, this should speak as to how and who is running/or controlling Nepal’s national politics. Isn’t Nepal inching closer to a “failed state”? Sooner the better.


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