Nepal’s Diplomatic Bankruptcy and India’s Kashmir Genocide!

Nepal’s Diplomatic Bankruptcy and India’s Kashmir Genocide! N. P. Upadhyaya: 

Nepal betrayed by its own official guardian, the Prime Minister K. P Sharma Oli who breaking all the established diplomatic norms and the standards met in private with the visiting Indian foreign secretary who has now been elevated to the rank of a minister Mr. S Jay Shankar. He is a BJP card holder who believes in Hindu supremacy. Nepali population feels ashamed with this unwarranted and unacceptable diplomatic immaturity exhibited by our “ailing” hero PM Oli. Mr. Shankar is the same “most unwanted” former Indian bureaucrat who conferred with the Nepali Prime Minister for more than two hours (and vice versa) in private and they both talked with each other non-stop.

However, what the Nepali Prime Minister may have talked with Mr. Shankar-the perverted brain who in effect designed the 2015 Indian Economic Blockade, is any body’s guess. Nepal has ever remained a loser so it must have been so this time also.

The pain and the hardships the people in Nepal went through during the inhumane blockade was of the sort that Mr. Shankar should have himself refrained in entering into the territory of Lord Pasupatinath.

But he dared even not to ask for an apology from neither the hurt Nepali population nor with the Almighty Lord who must have smiled while Shankar paid his homage to the Nepali supreme deity who has so far saved Nepal from Indian barbarism. The Lord may open his Third Eye should India dare for another Blockade on the abode of the Lord Shiva.

High placed sources claim that PM Oli in private begged longer tenure in Nepali Chair and also sought the help of Shankar in taming his Nepali detractors, for example, Madhav Nepal, Prachanda and Sher Bahadur Deuba and a host of others. Mr. Nepal and PM Oli are not even in speaking terms, it is rumored. Mr. Nepal and PM Oli, we have been told, prefer Indian dictates to prevail in Nepal. If so then why Mr. Nepal and PM Oli clashed this time prior to Oli’s departure to Singapore?
The diplomatic disaster is yet to follow.

Former NOIDA dweller and the Delhi trained Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai and a sitting Nepal’s health Minister, Upendra Yadav rushed to the hotel to pay their highest respect to a man from India who protocol wise is very much junior to Dr. Bhattarai  for he- read Bhattarai- has already led Nepal as its Prime Minister. When Bhattarai was the Nepal PM, Shankar must have been a mere junior level clerk in Indian foreign ministry, let’s presume so. And when Upendra Yadav was a minister some years back, Mr. Shankar was still serving as a senior level official at the Indian foreign Ministry. This speaks of Nepal’s sliding diplomatic prestige. Subservience this. Shame on Nepali leaders. India has reasons to insult Nepali leaders.

Minister Yadav and Dr. Bhattarai both belong to the same political party and hence their excitement to meet this Indian high flying minister is not that unusual.
Their meet was not an unexpected one for multiple political reasons. Minister Yadav is the follower of Hinduism though Bhattarai’s preference for religion is not known.

However, what Shankar told Dr. Bhattarai and Minister Yadav is not known but could be guessed that these two Nepali political animals must have jointly “appealed” the Indian minister to bless their party so that they too could enjoy the political largesse which is what others have been enjoying in Nepal.

As if this diplomatic debacle were not enough, former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba too had almost a race to meet this secretary turned Minister in the Dwarikas Hotel in Kathmandu.
Deuba has the distinction in breaking the diplomatic protocols.

Some even say that Deuba, the former Prime Minister of Nepal, even drops inside the Indian embassy if he is invited by a third secretary who is serving at the Embassy.
Here is a political twist now.

Comrade Prachanda, the former Delhi dweller of the India sponsored People’s War time, preferred not to meet Mr. Shankar perhaps he expected the latter to drop at his residence in Khumaltar.

However, Minister Shankar whose arrogance and cruelty we the people have already tasted in 2015 was less interested in seeing his own “man” and thus he dropped Prachanda from his “to meet” list. Who cares his own indoctrinated man? No logic in meeting its own elevated political personal.

Having said this, some sources say that Prachanda was already present at PM’s official residence while Mr. Shankar entered the PM’s residence in Baluatar.
The two must have met if Prachanda was right inside the PM”s residence.

While veteran Communist Prachanda is talked to have collected money in billions and PM Oli is in the process of draining the national coffer by making several trips to Singapore in series for the treatment of a disease that has not been made known to the people whose tax matter for such bogus treatment in “foren” countries. Tax payer’s money must be counted.

Sources say that PM Oli’s Kidney(s) have become non-functional in that the medicines that had been prescribed by the Singapore Hospital just the last week have not responded well which means that either the medicines have to be changed after yet another thorough examinations by once again visiting the same hospital in Singapore or his already transplanted Kidney(s) need one more transplantation. This is then a serious matter.

The State coffer is being drained once again. PM Oli is the most expensive Prime Minister so far this country have had in its history. Can the State exchequer bear such expensive Prime Minister for long? With due respect to PM Oli, we appeal him to vacate the Chair if he loves mother Nepal. But will he? 

See the outcome of the Indian national Shyam Saran gifted Republican order? The people even can’t weep.

While wishing the PM a speedy recovery, the people who voted for him during the last parliamentary elections ( in fact the voters were duped ) the people urge the PM must to tell the people as to which disease is paining him and in the process how long he will be draining the country’s national exchequer?

At yet another plane, Minister Shankar was not that happy with Nepal’s statement on Indian action on Kashmir.

India wanted that Nepal should have made a statement much similar to what Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Maldives made wherein these almost satellite countries termed the action on Kashmir as an “internal matter”.

Whereas Nepal said that “As the Current Chair of the SAARC, Nepal would wish that the Kashmir dispute should be sorted out at the bilateral level which ensured South Asian regional peace and stability”.

Shankar wanted a submissive statement from India much similar to Baby Bhutan and Maldives.

FM Gyawali made a statement much to the disliking of India which apparently annoyed the Indian minister who is taken in Nepal as Blockade specialist.

The Nepali statement is not going to change in that Pakistan’s foreign minister made a straight call to Nepal FM Mr. Gyawali and briefed the latter about the Pakistani view point on Kashmir issue which has almost become the world’s perspective now.

The Pakistan  foreign minister made a call to his Nepali counterpart when the Indian minister had not left for Delhi.

China, France, and the US, and a number of Non-Governmental organizations worldwide have come out against Indian occupation of Kashmir. Canada is on top to have denounced the Indian move taken on August 5.

The French President too has snubbed PM Modi and has specially reminded him not to bulldoze the HR issues of the occupied Kashmiri population in a joint press conference the other day.

Responding to Pakistan Foreign Minister’s call, FM Gyawali assured his Pakistani colleague that “Nepal thinks Kashmir as a disputed territory and that both India and Pakistan should sit in for talks and sort out the present situation in Kashmir “bilaterally” and ensure/restore the South Asian stability and peace.

In a fresh news just made available says the “Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Saturday August 24 called UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to apprise him about the “evolving and delicate situation” in Jammu and Kashmir?

Addressing the media in Islamabad to provide details of his conversation with Guterres, Qureshi said it was responsibility of the international community to play a role in addressing the Kashmir situation.
Tensions between India and Pakistan spiked after New Delhi abrogated provisions of Article 370 of the Constitution to withdraw Jammu and Kashmir’s special status and bifurcated the State into two Union Territories on August 5.

In response, the UNSG Guterres said “he was ready today as he was before to defuse the tension” and will also probably meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shortly in France on the sidelines of the G7 Summit to discuss the issue.  UN has lip service only though.

In fact the Muslim countries scattered the world over have not come against the plight of the Kashmiri Muslims. This is surprising though some Muslim countries seek Muslim Renaissance.

In the meanwhile, a popular resistance group in India administered Kashmir on Saturday, August 24, 2019, derided United Arab Emirates for awarding Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the highest civilian honor, saying the act has “disappointed” Kashmiris and that it doesn’t reflect the “will of the people of UAE.”

“It’s an embarrassment for the entire Muslim Ummah (community),” a Pakistan-administered Kashmir-based spokesperson of APHC (All Parties Hurrian Conference) which functions in India-administered Kashmir told TRT World dated August 24.

Saudi Arabia is yet to invite PM Modi for a similar “highest award”.

Interestingly, for the first time since the clampdown in Kashmir, APHC’s Syed Ali Shah Geelani, an old but popular Kashmiri leader who holds sway on many Kashmiris especially youngsters has in a stamen made August 24 has stated that “At this juncture, there’s no other alternative but to fight with full determination. India should know that even if it brings its entire armed forces into Kashmir, people will not let go of the struggle for their rights and liberation.”

Last but not the least, Prime Minister Imran Khan Spoke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the phone on Friday August 23, 2019 to discuss India’s “illegal and unilateral actions aimed at altering the disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir and changing its demographic structure”.

The premier informed Chancellor Merkel that India’s actions are in direct contravention of the UN Security Council resolutions, international law and its own commitments.

In response, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “Germany is closely observing the situation. She underlined the importance of de-escalation of tensions and peaceful resolution of issues”.
Perhaps this speaks of it all about the world’s reaction to the annexation of Kashmir carried out by India on August 5.

“A plebiscite should be held in Kashmir province, under the supervision of the United Nations, so that no party can complain about the transparency of the referendum. The plebiscite should have only two options; either stay with the Indian Union or merge with Pakistan” so writes The Munich Eye dated August 24.

The German paper further writes that “the plebiscite will resolve the Kashmir issue once and for all besides eliminating pointless terminologies like Indian occupied Kashmir/Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

It would also lead to a cessation of hostilities between India and Pakistan, thereby bringing lasting peace and prosperity in the region”, adds the German paper.

Meanwhile, a US-based organization, Genocide Watch, has issued an alert urging the members of the United Nations to warn India against committing genocide in Indian occupied Kashmir. The watchdog, created to predict and prevent genocide and other forms of mass murder, in a statement issued in Washington asked the international community to prevent the impending genocide in occupied Kashmir, some Iranian news agencies have reported dated August 23, 2019.

The organization also gave a list of risk factors for genocide that are early warnings of massacres in the occupied territory and they include prior genocidal massacres and continuing impunity for such killings, continued armed conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, an exclusionary ideology of Hindutva by Modi led government, communication blackout and cut-off of the territory with rest of the world and widespread violations of basic human rights.

In a surprising move “a resolution supporting Kashmiris’ struggle in occupied Kashmir has been presented in Iranian parliament which stated the responsibility of all Muslim countries to the Kashmir”, international news agencies report August 23, 2019. That’s all.


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