India: Sikkimizing Nepal, a Myth or Reality?

India: Sikkimizing Nepal, a Myth or Reality?N.P. Upadhyaya, It has been given to understand by some intellectuals very freshly that the July 20, 2019, secret trip made by the RAW chief Mr. Susanta Kumar Goyal to Kathmandu and his parleys in quick succession with the entire presumed Indo-pendent leaders was just to “inform associated with stern warnings” that India was taking a drastic step in Kashmir in due course of time and that “you guys” should pretend just that you have listened to this Indian action on Kashmir but shall not speak even a single word against the Indian regime or else things may go upside down for them all in Nepali politics.

That Kashmir is a disputed territory in between Pakistan and India to which the United Nations Security Council meet held August 16/2019 too has reinforced that it remains a disputed territory, several international media sources have informed/confirmed.

Against the will of the Indian establishment and its office at the UN System, the Kashmir issue remains no longer a bilateral dispute but has now been “internationalized”. Kashmir is in the attention of the Globe now.

That it was this message for which RAW man had landed in Kathmandu got reflected just the other day when a veteran Nepali Congress leader Pradip Giri warned the Nepali nation (more so to his own Nepali compatriots) that “should India so desire can make Nepal Bhutan or even Sikkim( implied within minutes)”.
The question is this: whether Mr. Giri who is considered a highly sensible political leader with immense knowledge of politics and also of philosophy spoke on his own or had been told by someone to terrify the already India tortured national population?

He is a strong nationalist but with slight India bend, it is rumored in Kathmandu’s political circuit. He knows the Indian strength and perhaps also knows of the impending design of India on Nepal and so he may also have preferred to hint the rulers that “do not tease” the mighty India. Perhaps this is what Mr. Giri wanted to pass on the message to the entire Nepali population. He has long association with India, we have been told.

The August 5 aggression of India on Kashmir has gone almost unnoticed in Nepal. However, the fact is that the people and the rulers understand the event better but the July 20 arrival of RAW Chief and his threat served to “our heroes and builders” makes our men to remain tight lipped. Not even a single person from the political domain have made any terse comments against India. But why?

The Indian action on Kashmir made Nepal PM almost sick in that he have had to fly to Singapore for some ten days in the name of a treatment to which the population has not yet been briefed. However, the Singapore bills have all gone from the national treasury.

In addition to the RAW threat, the fresh threat that have come through the kind courtesy of Pradip Giri that Nepal can turn into Sikkim any time if the Indian union so desires raises serious question as to whether India is planning something “big” for Nepal?

The fact is that Nepal is already an undeclared protectorate of India. Admit this fact.

Rightly says, Professor Surendra KC talking to a Nepali TV Channel that “we have already taken to the path which leads Nepal towards having the similar fate of once sovereign and independent nation-Sikkim.

Let’s presume that the veteran congress leader Mr. Pradip Giri, a Gandhian in effect, must not have made the “Sikkim” remarks not for nothing. Is it that Mr. Giri made the Sikkim remarks to divert the attention of the Nepali population along with its leaders from its brazen action on Kashmir August 5?

But who made him to make such a strong and self-humiliating- self-insulting statement is very difficult to understand, however, those who know Mr. Giri better claim that he must have spoken so under the “instructions”.

But who could be the one who could instruct our highly qualified strong nationalist leader Mr. Giri?

Has Giri’s direct threats something to do with RAW chief arrival July 20, last month?

Mr. Giri at times claims that he is influenced by the Indian politics. OK. Fine it is his personal right.

The platform is now open for a meaningful debate.

Mr. Giri’s blunt statement has come at a time when the majority of the Nepali population, indeed a polarized one after the fake “revolutionary” changes brought about by the “India” sponsored and the exported 12 point agreement, appear to have been voting in favor of the Indian action on Kashmir, then at yet another plane some “India indoctrinated” political animals have begun to psychologically frighten the innocent and India tortured Nepali population by saying that the new Indian foreign minister shall denude the Nepali political animals if the latter played double with him.

It is the Indian congress lobby fitted into Nepali politics.

This scholar with highly presumed ‘India bend’ rants that in the past the Indian establishment have had endured the “double talks” of the ruling Nepali leaders, (he was specially talking of those leaders who were smart in rejecting Mr. Jaya Shankar’s “orders” for halting the promulgation of the new Constitution of Nepal sine die, however, the same Indian nationals in his new incarnation is shortly coming to Nepal and shall not allow the subservient rulers to play trick with him.

“This India bend intellectual claims that Mr. Shankar shall “assert” the Indian role in Nepal as if the day to day micro-management carried out by Indian envoy were not enough?

Does this intellectual, who generally speaks in favor of the Indian regime, wants to say the innocent Nepalese that if Nepal doesn’t listen to Shankar’s instructions this time when he lands in Nepal, yet another Economic blockade could be imposed?

Is this he wants to signal? If so then yes! Let the “elevated” Indian foreign minister be told in clear terms that Nepalese population will once again brave the Eco blockade if his corrupt brain so desires?

Let’s hope that this BJP card holder behaves this time with Nepal as is demanded and that too with a country that has never tasted slavery to what India tasted for centuries under Mughals and the Englishmen.

But FM Shankar should have the knowledge that the present day rulers in neighboring Nepal were the ones adjusted and later installed by the Indian establishment itself through the Shyam Saran phenomenon. Isn’t it Mr. Shankar? Just ask Mr. Saran.

If you behave as an honored guest and then we shall reciprocate more than what you deserve. But stop sending terrifying messages through your undeclared agents such as the one that has been published by an Indo-pendent daily that it is talked in the political circuit.

This Nepali intellectual came to lime light around 2005-6 through the kind courtesy of late GP Koirala.

Some other India tilted brains, albeit crane elevated ones in the nation’s political sector, have taken the strong determination that they will leave no stone unturned in serving India and in the process have told a comfortable international gathering that “BIMSTEC should now be made the locomotive for the regional development by almost forgetting the SAARC”.

Or in other words this Nepali political man prefers to add strength to the Indian desire and preference that the SAARC be officially declared dead and that the BIMSTEC should and must replace the SAARC.
Unfortunately, the lobby which prefers BIMSTEC over SAARC is the same Indian brainwashed flock which is clearly and visibly toeing the line carried by PM Modi-the new Hitler of the South Asian region.

People now call the Indian Prime Minister as Adolph Modi.

However, one former highly qualified Nepali Ambassador has told in clear terms that BIMSTEC can’t replace the SAARC.

This new Nazi leader in India, read PM Modi, has his millions of followers in Nepal albeit not taking his sides for free. Interestingly, with the advent of the last India sponsored “revolutionary change” of the 2005-6, the otherwise widely acclaimed “Bahadurs and Choukidars” of Nepal comfortably close to the Indian establishment have made it clear to India that they shall work for the Expansionist India only in lieu of Hefty Envelopes.

This should explain the rest as it is this envelope miracle which doesn’t allow the Nepalese to speak against India as and when the southern neighbor gulps our lands, inundates our villages and the Indian police enters deep inside the Nepali border and beats the innocent local population for no reasons. And our envelope leaders ignore the events as if nothing have happened.

The news that the BJP Card holder foreign minister of India is landing in Nepal, August 21, has shaken the innocent Nepalese in that it is these people who suffer each time when erratic Indian ministers come to Nepal.

But yet a few newsmen write against the visible Indian coercion just because India intervenes into Nepal’s Madhesh /Terai affairs. If India has this right then Nepal too deserves this right to intercede in the issues which have some impact on Nepal in some way or the other.

If India leaves us untouched then we too shall reciprocate.

It is these unwanted and even at times uninvited arrivals of the Indian ministers, bureaucrats and BJP functionaries to Nepal that this country had to necessarily gift something very substantial to that country for free which, as a matter of fact, has never been Nepal’s intimate friend-India.

The leaders who deposited the Mahakali River through parliamentary ratification to India are the ones who have been at the helm of affairs of this country enjoying, it is presumed, the blessings of India’s former foreign secretary Shyam Saran who damaged Nepal under the instructions of the then Indian “proxy” Prime Minister Dr. MM Singh.
PM Oli was extra active during Mahakali treaty ratification from the Nepali parliament, this scribe personally recalls.

Perhaps the party which damaged Nepal during the year 2005-6 has tentatively been decimated (The Indian Congress) by the Hitlerite party now which has been ruling India under “fascist” Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi.

That he is once again landing in Nepal any time soon has terrified the national population as he is, read PM Modi, the one whose notoriety the smaller neighbors understand better.
The former NOIDA dweller, comrade Prachanda who is being severely criticized for his spitting venom against King Gyanendra puzzled many a brains in Nepal and ultimately made a mockery of his own India raised personality. Prachanda now has valid reasons to get scared of the Hague Tribunal?

The fact is that Prachanda-the India elevated Maoists leader is so scared of his life that he has begun thinking that he may be taken to merciless task by some of his “fellow” riflemen posted in the Nepali jungles.

These illiterate but lured militias at times even looted banks in Nepal and collected the money for the benefit of the top leadership, read Prachanda, of the Maoists.
Dubai and Swiss banks have Prachanda’s deposited money in billions, it is in the rumor.

The overly used Maoists militias including child soldiers and the rejected rebel cadres are the ones who were likely to take “ghastly revenge” with their own top leadership who, as the militias think and conclude, that they had been cheated by their own top hats who were seated in New Delhi under Indian government’s protection and the low rung militia-men were fighting with the State on Prachanda’s behalf by being in the Nepali jungles.

It is this group along with hundreds of child soldiers (Lenin Bista for example) who have apparently been pleading the Hague Tribunal to provide justice to them by taking penal actions against the top leadership of the Maoists. Their main target is comrade Prachanda and Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai and scores of others who have now been occupying the ministerial posts in Nepal PM Oli’s led government.

In all, Comrade Prachanda is scared of his life and under the spell of this fear for life Prachanda the other day initiated the tree plantation drive by sprinkling water in some plants and that too being right inside a big hall in Kathmandu. It was a shameful closed door plantation drive.

This not only looked nonsense but spoke the fear for life that has largely gripped this once ferocious upon his fresh arrival from Dubai.
He was in Dubai with his ailing wife in order to comfort his consort. Albeit, the Nepali State is talked to have footed the luxurious trip of Nepal’s Delhi preferred “revolutionary” Hero.
National exchequer is open for the “revolutionaries” in Nepal.

The heroes and builders of the imported republican order in Nepal have begun thinking what if the ousted Nepali monarch Gyanendra is reinstated? This has made them to have several sleepless nights.

The fear is real in that not only the Hindu fundamentalists in neighboring India, including PM Modi and his UP lieutenant Chief Minister Yogi have made it a point that Nepal must not only have a Hindu King but also needs to be declared a Hindu State once again.

It is the prevalence of hundreds and thousands of Kings, small or big in size, in the entire country that the innocent and the tortured people of Nepal have begun to talk that the ousted monarch be restored.

But who shall restore the Monarch? The fact is that an India elevated monarch perhaps the common people shall reject. If so then how the monarch shall once again bounce back and occupy his throne? This is a complicated matter.

Yet the rumors say that King Gyanendra has not lost his high hopes and in the process has gone to Singapore wherein he is supposed to talk with some high officials from China and India.

Strong rumors say that the King is needed in Nepal because the present day leadership is incompetent to strike a “strategic balance” in between the Belt and Road Initiative of China and the Indo-Pacific Strategy of the USA.

Unconfirmed reports say that along with India and China, the US too is in favor of the reinstatement of the overthrown Monarchy in Nepal.

The fact is that India will not allow Nepal to go out from its sphere of influence. Similarly, China more or less has already entered into Nepal with more or less has some exclusive interests in Nepali politics which she has developed since 2008 or so. And here is the USA which clearly states that “Nepal can play a critical role for its Indo-Pacific Strategy.

This does mean that all these three great powers, the US, India and China, shall wish to see their individual political interests served by Nepal and given the Indo-pendent and saleable nature of Nepali leaders, what may have these countries in unison decided that a force which could ensure our respective interests to prevail must now be searched which neither could be sold nor would expectedly do injustice to their individual political interests in Nepal.

And who could be such a political persona other than the ousted monarch who has not only the political but diplomatic acumen to handle this sophisticated and complicated political scenario as and when it appears in the national scene?

That’s all.


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