KB Mahara, the Nepali Communist, serving India or China?

KB Mahara, the Nepali Communist, serving India or China?

N.P. Upadhyaya,  Krishna Bahadur Mahara is a top raking former Maoists’ leader who along with his Chairman Pushpa Kamal aka Prachanda spent some good ten years plus in New Delhi. Prachanda’s deputy was Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai-a Nepali national from Gorkha district, which also gave birth to a brilliant son Prithivi Narayan Shah, who in effect unified Nepal that it stands today.

Mahara is the Parliament Speaker from the Maoists quota at the moment.

It was the Indian government which apparently sponsored the Maoist’s led people’s war which the party led by Chairman Prachanda and Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai continued with the revolt against the Nepal State by residing in New Delhi and look the magnanimity of the Indian government led then by the BJP stalwart Prime Minister AB Vajpayee which provided adequate security to these

Maoists leaders while being in Delhi. Late Vajpayee deserves deep appreciations for having taken some pains to damage the nation-state Nepal.

To recall, Vajpayee’s hatred against Nepal was known to only a few as he was taken as a soft spoken Indian leader from the fundamentalist BJP Party in India. But he hated Nepal to the hilt.

The incumbent Prime Minister Modi is Vajpayee’s disciple which perhaps should give some hint to the intelligent observers as to how PM Modi takes Nepal.

Professor SD Muni and National security adviser had guaranteed our Maoists’ leaders’ safety while residing in India. The current Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa, Mohan Baidya, CP Gajurel, Netra Bikram Chand and Minister Matrika Yadav, to name a few, too were the guests of the Indian government during those beaming days for the Maoists in Delhi while the people back in Nepal were in a scary State for all along a decade or so of their bright and sunny days in New Delhi. The Sultanate of Naya Dilli was a home away from home for the distinguished Nepal Maoists to be fair.

Needless to say, the former Indian foreign secretary Shyam Saran, had made all the needed arrangements for the Nepal Maoists leaders for their happy happy stay in Delhi.

Shyam Saran was aalso tthe Indian Ambassador to Nepal.

It was also Shyam Saran who exported the Delhi stationed Maoists leaders to Nepal to capture the State power corridors after the much publicized 12 point peace agreements with the agitating seven parties and the Maoists under the mediation of the one ( read India) which had in effect sown the seeds of the War in Nepal.

Understandably, Shyam Saran did all the trickery on behalf of his nation during the Premiership of the cursed Dr. Man Mohan Singh who had his own definition of terrorism which differed with how terrorism was being defined by then Nepal sovereign King Gyanendra.

Needless to say, the Indian political swindler Mr. Saran drops in Kathmandu secretly and presumably meets his former paid stooges, including some special media men ( we have been told) and leaves Kathmandu for New Delhi when he finalizes his instructions to his local disciples in Nepal. He invariably meets the one media man with whom he had “intimate” links from the Delhi days….
High placed sources have claimed that Mr. Saran was very freshly in Kathmandu and met his paid agents and returned home.

The list of the names whom Saran met while being in Kaatahmandu though has not been made available to our online portal.

Definitely, he is learnt to have met Comrade Prachanda as is the practice. PM OLi now is talked to be in trouble for some declared political reasons.

It is thus no wonder that after Saran’s secret arrival in Nepal, Ambassador Manjeev Puri invited for a lavish dinner to some vibrant media men and sought substantial helps from them all and perhaps appealed to ease the import of Indian vegetables with high content of dangerous pesticides such as OXYTOCIN and Copper Sulphate. However, inviting prominent editors for a dinner is not that an important event which merits attention and demands criticisms. It happens everywhere in the world.

So we dismiss the claims based on sheer hypothesis.

Though the Supreme Court has made it now mandatory for the imported vegetables to go through first a test which shall determine whether it merits entry into Nepal or has got to be rejected.
Coming back to the point.

We were talking about the incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mr. KB Mahara.

Though Mahara spent good many years in Delhi and possibly got indoctrinated by the host Indian leaders and bureaucrats in New Delhi, but reports claim that even during the Delhi engineered people’s war time, he used to enter Nepal and, some even claim that he falls among those who are being taken as trusted and tested men of New Delhi’s agencies that control Nepal and its politics.

So should this mean that Krishna Bahadur Mahara is a man close to New Delhi establishment? Yes! To a greater extent this could be true however, its exactly opposite side too has come to light in the recent days as a short video clip of Mahara (with his photo and hopefully his voice also) has gone viral which speaks volumes of the Nepal Maoists party’s tacit linkages with one Chinese businessman (and through him perhaps with the Chinese leadership in Beijing).

Reports claim that KB Mahara has developed some sort of allergy for the Hindu temples. However, this remains yet to be substantiated.



This clip which is at the perusal of the readers of this story is worth listening which could open the eyes of the Nepali population who trust their leaders and take them as GOD.

If Mahara and his Maoists colleagues were taken as Delhi’s men then this video clip guarantees that the Nepal Maoists leadership have already developed a direct link with the Chinese higher authorities and been inviting the Dragon to interfere into the national politics openly which could be heard while listening Mahara as to how he is begging “money” in his own manner in order to counter the “South”, as Mahara claims in the video clip.

Now it is not certain whether this South as being referred to by Mahara is the Southern neighbor India or what?

Hopefully Mahara is talking of the Indian government because he is demanding monetary support from the Chinese businessman (?) to buy some parliamentarians from the other camps so that the Maoists possess the required numbers for forming a new government on their own.

Nobody knows yet as to why this short video clip ( an older one most likely) has been made viral at a time when President Xi Jinping is all set to land in Nepal for a day’s trip, it is talked. What could be the inner intent of the person or for that matter the group which circulated this Mahara video clip here and there and everywhere?

Or is it that Mahara or for that matter the entire Maoists leaders have been playing double: having linkages with India and China at a time?

It is not even certain as to whether the man speaking in this clip is in essence our national hero, Speaker Sir KB Mahara, or someone has tried to damage his political credentials by talking in his voice? The decision is yours and the story has been published here with malice to none even not to Mahara who is begging money for his party.

Now India and China are hereby appealed to determine as to who is this person with whom Mahara is presumably talking in this video clip? Will India and China take the pains to listen this short but sweet video clip? If they want to benefit then these countries must listen and then ascertain as to whose man is this?

For the Road: If the man speaking in this clip is KB Mahara then: he is the one who is talked to be the main person who embezzled billions and billions of rupees he received on behalf of the Maoists party’s Militias residing then in the Nepali cantonments as agreed in between the Nepal Government and the UNMIN. If he is not then our apology.

However, whether or not it amounted to a corruption has not yet come to light. The rest is history. But is he KB Mahara primarily talking in this video clip with some unknown person?


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