China’s Failing Politics in Nepal!

China’s Failing Politics in Nepal!N.P Upadhyaya:  \

Whatever may have been the newly advanced reason in Kathmandu’s political circuit, the fact is that China-the Dragon- is afraid of India led by Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi-the real villain in this part of greater South Asia who has concurrently been taken as the most powerful leader in the contemporary world? here then President Xi stands? What a terrible joke that it is for all practical reasons! China has but reasons to take serious note of this development which bodes ill for the entire world.

Is China really weaker than India with once again Modi assuming the seat of Indian premiership?

China is definitely weaker than India in Nepali politics. China must admit for all practical reasons and purposes.

The general belief is that since the Indian clout is a traditional one and thus its grip in Nepali politics began right from the day King Tribhuwan took shelter in New Delhi which is what allowed Pundit Nehru to twist Nepali arms ad infinitum and that, let’s admit, not only continues as of today but has trebled after the “India sponsored great change” of the 2006 handed over to the friendly “Bahadurs and Choukidars” by Shyam Saran-the devil for Nepali politics.

The middle and the upper class Indian nationals take Nepali youths as Choukidars and some praise us and call Bahadurs. For example, Ms. Alka Lamba takes Nepali youths as a commodity which could be “imported” from Nepal easily. She however, forgets the fact that it is the Gorkha soldiers who have kept India alive and kicking or else….

The fact is that the Indians prefer to forget their horrible past to which we in Nepal shall never forget that we remained “ever sovereign”. We are proud of our uninterrupted sovereignty.

India can challenge Nepal only in imposing Economic Blockades. We shall brave it. That’s all.

But now politics unfortunately have changed and has gone in India’s favor and so India virtually rules Nepal much to the discomfort of the nationalist population who better late than never have felt the pain of what it means to be India’s neighbor.

Bangladesh is better these days but Nepali pains are perhaps appear close to what Bhutan has. Though Bhutan population denies but yet Nepalese feel that Thimpu too wants to escape from the Indian prison.

The impression in Nepal has been that these two “illustrious” Maoists leaders were exported to Nepal for a “specific purpose” whose details are yet to come to the people but some high placed sources claim that the inner design of the Indian machinery is to split Nepal into several pieces and the split as such is to be taken care of later by these two revolutionary comrades who are considered to be the richest communists in the present day world.

Comrade Prachanda is talked to be in possession of billions and billions of rupees.

He is the main beneficiary of the Cantonment embezzlement scandal, claim the insiders of the Maoists party who have been left in the cold by their Comrades.

Some even say that with the re-emergence of PM Modi in India, Nepal’s Madhesh shall be under the target of PM Modi and for what reasons perhaps needs no elaboration.

PM Modi is very popular in Province number two, it is being given to understand. The inner details have yet to surface. Perhaps our imported comrades understand the Indian trickery better.

The newly appointed foreign minister, S. Jay Shankar shall take up the issue in a way as planned by India since long. For sure, Ajit Doval shall assist Shankar in this split Nepal mission.

Beijing’s hands visibly are tied. Happily, Ambassador Hou Yanqi, has opened a Twitter account to ventilate her impressions on Nepal-China ties which is meaningful but yet shall not work to the extent that she may have expected.

She very freshly up loaded a Nepali song by Chinese artistes “Resham Firi Ri…Resham Firi Ri…). Her sentimental attachment must be appreciated and admired.

But observers believe that this account shall instead offer an advanced idea to China’s detractors in Nepal and across the border to plan counter strategies on how to upset China through the posted agents here and there. (We are not against the inauguration of her Twitter account though-Ed).

Mind it that the “humiliated” S. Jaya Shankar is watching Nepal and can now go to any extent in penalizing in a manner preferred and designed by him personally.

His first target will expectedly be the Secular order of Nepal. Recall he is now a BJP Card holder.

If China is happy, then observers in Nepal have no reasons to be unhappy in Beijing’s faulty and self-defeating choice that it has opted for.

The Dragon had entered with a big bang but appears confused now.

To be candid, India elevated, leaning and trusted and tested political men are talked to be ruling Nepal since 2006 after Shyam Saran pounced upon Nepal and its politics and gifted the Republican order that is currently in force in the country with several political aberrations.

That 12 point agreement was a structured ploy to keep Nepal under the much desired security umbrella once and for all for which a clever India exported some of its brightest students of Nepali birth to control the Nepali politics and the fact is that Nepal is being run under the whims of the Indian managers thus exported to Nepal or by a set of Nepali nationals with heart and soul of the Indian nation.

There is one Nepali leader who once even talked of inviting Indian military to tame late King Birendra. Thanks he was chased by his voters back home in Rauthat district just the other day. Erratic leaders are now being chased in Nepal. Very freshly, Minister Bina Magar too was chased. She is the daughter in law of Comrade Prachanda-the de facto ruler of half of Nepal.
Some even claim that this “chased” UML leader managed a free MBBS Indian scholarship seat for his “illustrious” daughter for having served the Indian nation wholeheartedly.
On the contrary, the men believed to be close to China too act double more often than not.

It is here again that China gets defeated by the pseudo friends. China needs to get out from this delusion. Earlier the better.

However, the increase in the scholarship scheme floated by China recently shall work to a greater extent.

The rejection of the China’s BRI at the SCO meet in BISHK one “enemy”.

This rejection dumps the Quingdo and the Wuhan spirit summarily. China must understand.

Is it that China prefers to avoid the second war with India as per its failed quiet diplomacy?

Like it or not, China has reasons to keep India happy for the growth of the BRI perhaps for which China needs India’s positive signal.

China is doing better in Pakistan under the CPEC scheme.

Yes China is weaker than India got reflected when China in collaboration with India pounced upon Nepali land in Lipulek in 2016 for their bilateral trade conduct. China has yet to seek an apology from Nepal for its high handedness on Lipulek-the Nepali landmass.

China has in many more ways hurt the tender sentiments of the Nepali population. So the question is whether China is a reliable friend of Nepal? Chinese silence is meaningful. Will Ambassador Hou Yanqi make any comments on this Nepali pain?

The fact is that India, speaking in terms of diplomatic advantage that it has vis-à-vis China, must have been the strong combination of Indian foreign minister Jay Shankar and national security advisor Mr. Ajit Doval that appears to have greatly annoyed China as it thinks that this Indian diplomatic combo weighs far as compared to its diplomatic acumen which is in her possession at the moment?

Minister Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi combine perhaps fail to compete with the India’s ace diplomats. Both are currently in Osaka assisting PM Modi.

And very interestingly, the emergence of Shankar and Doval in Delhi has in many more ways than one encouraged our own New Delhi’s “trusted and tested” hero of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee and

Dr. Man Mohan Singh era, Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai who in a beaming manner told a gathering in Kathmandu recently that “for several decades, China can’t compete India” in Nepal.
Or in other words, Dr. Bhattarai meant to say that China is no match to India’s increasing strength.

Yes, he is correct if Nepal has nationals like him who feel more than honored as and when he secretly or even in an exposed manner serves India, which is what is being generally believed in Nepal’s political circuit.

However, Bhattarai has his rights reserved to differ with others. Observers shall respect his views and comments.

How can Dr. Bhattarai be incorrect in his assessment of China as he is the one in Nepal who understands India much better than the RAW and Ajit Doval plus Shankar combine because of his long association which gave him a chance to get indoctrinated? Bhattarai is not having even soft corner for China, observers whisper.

The Nepali nation can just wish for continued intimate ties of Bhattarai with the expansionist India which has so far gulped some six thousand hectares of Nepali landmass.

Neither Bhattarai has spoken in favor of Nepal nor have others of his ilk in the national politics against the land grab issue of Nepal by India.

That Bhattarai is an India made political animal, as rumored and muscularly believed, has once again proved when he berated China as against the nation which treated him as near to a son-in-law personality while he was leading the Nepal-Maoists led People’s War by residing in Delhi. Bhattarai was taken special care by Indian security agencies, Mr. Bharat Dahal authentically claims.

And it was this war that was sponsored by Delhi which killed some seventeen thousand innocent lives of Nepali nationals. Is the Hague Tribunal listening?
Contrary to Bhattarai’s hatred, China needless to say is an emerging world power which is more or less competing the lone super power-the United States of America.

It is very likely that Bhattarai shall ensure that China doesn’t exceed India in Nepal.

His party’s merger with Upendra’s too is talked to have been for a “purpose” charted by the common “remote control device” that handles both leaders.

The Bhattarai-Yadav political cocktail have some intrinsic meaning which could be to help support the Indian mission of splitting Nepal into several pieces.

Now let’s come to the fresh theory that PM Modi is the most powerful man on earth.

This is absurd in that how can a Hindu fanatic leader, that PM Modi is, and the one who is known for his grand hatred against the Muslim and the dalit minorities inside his own country and more so taken as the most hatred oppressor in the immediate neighborhood be an intimate friend of the United States of America?

Very freshly the US State Department, in its annual 2018 International Religious Freedom Report released on last Friday, has said that mob attacks by violent extremist Hindu groups against the minority communities, particularly Muslims, continued in India in 2018.

“Mob attacks by violent extremist Hindu groups against minority communities, especially Muslims, continued throughout the year amid rumors that victims had traded or killed cows for beef,” the US report said.

The Indian side has denied the US allegation as was expected. However, writes the Swedish Professor of the Indian origin, Ashok Swain in his twitter handle, “After Modi’s victory, Hindutva mobs don’t see any need to mask their attacks against Muslims under cow protection or love-Jihad. Catching a Muslim and forcing him to chant Jai Shri Ram has become a new normal to target the minority community”.

On the other hand, in an encouraging political development, the NATO Secretary General Mr. Jens Stoltenberg and the Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi met (Monday 24 June 2019) at NATO Headquarters and discussed a range of issues of mutual concern, news agencies claim.
NATO Head Quarter is in Brussels.

This meet is expected to ease the tensed relations in between India and Pakistan and also shall have an impact on the overall situation in and around Afghanistan.

The talks are being held in Doha and President Asraf Ghani is now in Pakistan. This high level meet shall in all likelihood bring Afghanistan and Pakistan closer. These two have had some sort of estranged relations. President Ghani has landed in Pakistan soon after Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State visited the trouble country just the other day. This must have some meaning underneath.

The US wants to pull its forces from Afghanistan if peace prevails.

Mr. Stoltenberg welcomed Pakistan’s recent steps initiated in support of an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process and the latest encouraging developments in the bilateral relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mr. Stoltenberg highlighted that an intra-Afghan dialogue should start as soon as possible, that momentum for peace should be preserved – including through a constructive approach from all countries in the region – and that lasting peace and security in Afghanistan benefit regional stability.

The US in and implied manner appreciated Pak role, say media agencies in Brussels, for the prevalence of peace in troubled Afghanistan. Pakistan’s commitment is in favor of an amicable resolution of conflict in Afghanistan and it has initiated the Lahore process which dealt with the Afghanistan problems.

Peace in Afghanistan shall hopefully bring in political stability in South Asia, it could be hoped so.

For the road: Simi Garewal, an Indian film actress taken in high esteem, recently ventilated her pains in the Twitter account. She says, “I switch to TV news…it is about lynching, babies raped, murders and inhuman brutality.

I turn to Twitter …see Dalits being whipped. Muslims beaten to death. India is becoming a blood thirsty, lawless barbaric nation. Dear God where are you?

By the way, an Indian national claims that Tabrez Ahmad the 13th victim of mob lynching in BJP ruled Jharkhand since 2016. Is Jai Sri Ram a license to kill? That’s all.

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