India: Not a trusted partner of US!

India: Not a trusted partner of US!

N. P. Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: PM KP Oli has been kind enough to voluntarily fix his ouster from the current post.

He has eased the task of his detractors who wish Oli in the foot path at the earliest.

If the Delhi we know then PM Oli must be sacked any time soon as he has taken up an issue that he should have clearly avoided and that too being in the Indian soil-the seat from where Nepal and its politics is being controlled since 1947 August, to be more precise.

It is talked that PM Oli too is handled by a section of power center in Delhi which is supposedly close to the Medanta lobby. It could be a rumor though.

The practice is as and when Nepal needed a political change, Delhi sponsors such a variation and acts as per the men trusted by Delhi and thus the Nepali change is only for Delhi.
Nepali people just are “used” to Delhi’s advantage. No qualms.

The local Indian embassy in Kathmandu though remains in action round the year to take up the issues if per chance left unattended by the Delhi’s central command.

The Embassy even at times elevates the political ranks of its preferred ones in Nepal, so said Mr. Bhoj Raj Pokhrel, the former Election Commissioner of Nepal, in a talk with some TV Channels in Kathmandu. (Available in the YouTube)

The Indian mission more often than not secretly buys some “on sale” Nepali nationals who wish both name and fame a la Lendhup Dorje.

It is talked that its penetration is very high in the Nepal’s media sector, however, the media men have not yet been ascertained but roughly could be recognized.

It is these media men who never write against the Indian land encroachment of the Nepali land mass. What else you need?

Yet some media veterans have suddenly become strong nationalists. A designed ploy of Delhi? Perhaps yes. This though remains to be substantiated. But they could have changed themselves though, let’s give them the benefit of doubt.

Nepal Prime Minister thus has committed a crime for which the Indian penal action remains in the pipeline as is believed in Kathmandu’s political circuit which is in line with the India’s structured tradition.

Now look at the crime what poor PM Oli of the Mahakali fame has committed.

KP Sharma Oli while talking to Geeta Mohan, an Indian journalists working for the India Today June 1, 2019, said clearly that “I don’t want to talk about regional and other issues. But, as the Chair, Nepal wants to revive SAARC and make it effective again. Developing relations in the region is better than anything else.”

Thanks that India did not unseat Oli right when he was in Delhi. India needs to be appreciated for this unexpected loving gesture.

This means that Oli still prefers to award a new lease of life to the clinically dead SAARC and in saying so he perhaps forgot that he was making such an abhorrent statement which goes contra to what those who invited him for the swearing-in-ceremony of the Chief of the BJP led Hindu terror machine PM Modi.

For many in Nepal, SAARC has already been mercilessly killed by PM Modi and his South Block mandarins-the former Britain trained diplomats.

PM Modi and his subordinates at the foreign ministry have many a times in the past hinted the SA population to forget SAARC but instead concentrate on taking steps on how to strengthen the Indian tail-the BIMSTEC.

Time permitting the Indian tail-the BIMSTEC shall also die an unnatural death.

To recall, the regional organization SAARC was not a pleasing political grouping for Mrs. Indira Gandhi who took the initiative taken in the early eighties by late Bangladesh President (Military ruler) Zia Ur-Rehman and Nepal King Birendra as a group of India’s smaller neighbors to gag the Indian union to which it was not.
Mrs. Gandhi and her coward stooges occupying the South Block took the emergence of the SARC (later made SAARC) as a grand ploy of the Chinese regime to encircle India through its own neighbors.

In fact, Pakistan’s inclusion in the SAARC body was what had been pinching and scaring India more so to the Iron lady-Mrs. Gandhi.

Mrs. Gandhi though gave her positive nod for the establishment of this regional grouping of the SARC under pressure but always kept a vigilant eye through foreign secretary J. N Dixit on the proceedings of the regional body whose central secretariat was unanimously agreed to be stationed in Kathmandu.

The Indian Minister N. D. Tiwari, this scribe vividly recalls, had attended the function when King Birendra formally inaugurated the SAARC Head Quarter in Kathmandu in the mid-eighties.
The first SARRC Secretary General was Ambassador Abul Hasan-Bangladesh.

Now that PM Oli claims that he will “revive” the SAARC body which must have by this time alarmed the Indian hawks (Ajit Doval included) who rule Nepal through their pseudo henchmen in Kathmandu.

The Indian agents in Kathmandu must have already been told by the newly appointed Indian foreign minister S. Jay Shankar through mobile phone to devise schemes at the earliest to dislodge the pseudo China friendly PM Oli from the current chair and install Comrade Prachanda, the NOIDA dweller of the not so distant part whose Bharatiya Janata party connection remains no longer a secret now, who would do all he can in order to make the India dominated BIMSTEC a vibrant one under the guidance of PM Modi and his handpicked foreign minister S Jay Shankar together with the dangerous Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

The Indian foreign Minister may have done so in that he is a declared enemy of the SAARC regional body and by the same token a close friend of the BIMSTEC.

Back home, Prachanda in tacit collaboration with former UML leader Bam Dev Gautam has begun creating troubles for PM Oli. Is this a mere coincident or a calculated Indian design?

And Sher bahadur Deuba, Nepal’s former Prime Minister congratulated Mr. Shankar for having appointed the foreign minister of India. Deuba in doing so exposed his real surface that equals to a mere bureaucrat. Deuba himself has evaluated his diplomatic standing.

Both Deuba and Prachanda appear very intimate ones of the Indian establishment.

Nepali leaders, we have been told, tremble as and when the Indian diplomat(s) with the second secretary rank makes a phone call to him or her on a private basis. Our leaders run to attend to the calls of the junior level clerks

The Choukidars shall ever remain choukidars.

Let’s look what he, Mr. Shankar, had said of the SAARC organization on November 22, 2018 at a program organized by the India Foundation in Delhi in the capacity of the Indian Foreign Secretary.

“I would be very honest with you, Indian Foreign Policy has not always approached regionalism comfortably because the manner in which SAARC was devised, there was a lot of worry that our smaller neighbors would all get together and somehow push us in directions which are not to our advantage”.

And now with the changed and elevated ranks, this beaming Shankar is sure to guarantee the death of the SAARC body and in a subtle manner challenge Nepal PM Oli to try his political cards under his sleeves if he can? Oli’s days are numbered if he doesn’t revert to what he said of SAARC.

This means that the SAARC body will soon receive its death certificate. (Rest in peace).

However, our own source claims that India prefers now not to talk even of the SAARC for fear of being gagged by smaller neighbors who have in many more ways than one inched closer to the rival

Chinese regime-a recognized world power now much to the discomfort of the Indian regime.

In fact, India has pushed her neighbors to the Chinese “lap”.

In the meanwhile, Suhasini Haider, an Indian journalist, too has talked in an indirect manner that the SAARC should be allowed to resume its regular activities.

She perhaps do not belong to the Godi media category.

High placed sources claim that Jay Shankar has ever remained in the good book of the USA from his stint in Washington D. C as India’s Ambassador to America and thus he is talked to be the preferred choice of the current American regime. Has the US lobbied for Jay Shankar? The US would also like to benefit from Shankar’s expertise on China that he has.

His ministerial elevation for the USA, it is believed, is important in that since Jay Shankar has gained expertise on the Indo-Pacific Strategy and thus he could be the point man in India for the IPS to expand its sphere of influence in the South Asian region, Nepal-India’s declared political choukidar, included.

International observers opine that Jay Shankar is the one who believes in the theory that India must assist the USA in defeating the increasing influence of China in the present day world.

Even if he desires so yet the US must not get swayed by this Shankar phenomenon which is to finally ditch the US and extract benefits for his “mother India”.

The US should take note of the fact that India had signed security arrangement with the USSR. India could change the block if it benefits politically. The US shall be the ultimate loser.

Though Nepal feels uncomfortable in admitting that the country has already become an active partner in the US designed Indo-Pacific Strategy but the fact is that the fresh Pentagon report published June 1, 2019, just the other day daringly claims that “Nepal is already an active partner in the IP Strategy. The report leaves no space for Nepal to breathe.

Observers say that Nepal must not shy in admitting the fact that she has indeed become a partner in the Indo-Pacific Strategy, however, if the country fears that its long adhered policy of Non Alignment shall have to be left in the cold then Nepal can say straight “no” to military alliance (if any) but can remain linked to the IPS as a “peace maker” among the countries housed in the said strategy.

Nepal can bring in immense benefits for the nation from the IPS, a section of the Nepali observers claim. Nepal must bring into use Constructive Dynamic Neutrality diplomacy into use which shall take care of both: the BRI and the India-Pacific Strategy.

However, it should refrain from teasing its neighbors more so China. And it is here that Nepal’s diplomatic acumen shall be tested.

(Unfortunately some of the old and failed-retired Nepali diplomats have begun praising Shankar unnecessarily thus exposing their own incompetence while serving mother Nepal).

Jay Shankar has been elevated by BJP’s Hindu machine so that India comes closer to the US Administration because India believes that only Shankar could restore the preferential treatment of the US for the Indian goods.

He is a seasoned diplomat and so he could influence the US senators to lobby in favor of India and increase the inflow of the Indian nationals into the US.

And ties with Japan could also be established in a subtle manner simply because Mr. S Jay Shankar is married to a Japanese national Mrs. Kyoko.

India hopes that Mr. Shankar’s diplomatic wisdom could win the hearts of the US administration in three different but very significant areas for the Indian regime, namely, first; he can negotiate the restoration of the preferential status for the Indian goods in the US that has just been lifted; secondly, Mr. Shankar could lure the US that he will serve for the US led I-P-S through the effective use of his diplomatic acumen and bring countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh-the two countries who have expanded their connections with the Chinese regime much to the discomfort of the Indian and the US.

India still fears Sri Lanka to have gone to the fold of China.

But Shankar’s diplomatic acumen must have received a challenging jolt with the Kashmir imbroglio now being taken up by the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meet last week held in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Listening to the Pakistani modest appeal, the OIC Summit meet duly appointed Saudi Arabia’s Yousef Aldobeay as its special envoy on Jammu and Kashmir, reiterating its support for the legitimate right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people in accordance with UN resolutions, news agencies have reported, June 1, 2019.

The OIC meet has already concluded. And the Indian government not only ignores the Kashmiri population plea for a plebiscite but also has been brushing aside the US mediation in the Kashmir issue which is a talk in between Pakistan and Indian regime.

(Since the Indian Union pokes its nose on Nepal’s Madheshi affairs, thus we too have the same liberty to take interest in an issue that India claims a nonissue for others even to Pakistan. We are by the same token free to write on free Khalistan movement and shall write the various initiatives taken up by the Sikhs around the world for a free and independent nation called Khalistan. June 6 is the Khalistan rally day to be held in Lincoln memorial in Wash D. C).

The Pakistani Foreign Office said the summit communique called for expediting establishment of a UN commission of inquiry to investigate grave human rights violations and urged India to allow the commission and other international organizations access to Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

This does mean that the OIC conglomerate now has taken up the Kashmir issue in a grave manner which is an added diplomatic tension to the new Indian regime under PM Modi.

The OIC must lobby for the UN agreed plebiscite for the people of Kashmir.
According to Express Tribune dated June 2, 2019, the conference also commended the report of OIC’s Human Rights Commission, highlighting rights abuses in IOK.

It welcomed Pakistan’s offer to host 48th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers in Islamabad in 2021, adds the Tribune.

India too awaits a tough time ahead despite of the presence of Shankar and Ajit Doval. However, Shankar and NSA Ajit Doval shall perform the last rites of the SAARC.

For the road: Perhaps Former US President Richard Nixon made correct assessment on India and Indians. Nixon called the then-Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi an “old witch” and Indians a “slippery treacherous people”. The rest current US administration under President Donald Trump better understands. That’s all!


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