India Reelects Modi: Will politics change in Nepal?

India Reelects Modi: Will politics change in Nepal?

N. P. Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: The final assault on Nepal’s sovereignty has suddenly gained momentum.

Modi’s fresh victory shall add the needed strength to this gained drive, it is hoped.

Mind it that such an attack has come close on the heels of the secret trip made to Kathmandu by the most hated person of India-Mr. Shyam Saran who happened to be India’s foreign secretary at a time when the Nepal Maoists (Comrade Prachanda and Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai) were under the calculatedly-designed-protection of the Indian regime in Delhi who were later exported to annihilate Nepal time permitting.

Some even claim that the Maoists were the creation of Shyam Saran but it was a time when India was ruled by PM Atal B Vajpayee-a BJP leader and the former boss of PM Modi.

Late Vajpayee provided shelter to Nepal Maoists and so he was not at all a trusted friend of Nepal to what is being considered by some Vajpayee loyalists in Nepal.

The “India followers “ so far who were in the dark have preferred themselves to expose thus it is now very easy to guess as to who were those great “nationalists” who had tacitly supported Modi’s blockade on Nepal of the year 2015.

The damage is being done by “those two exported disgusting political figures” who have yet to be invited by The Hague Tribunal for their crimes committed against humanity during the fake people’s war days that was in essence an India sponsored one. Now with Modi’s emergence in South Asia as a cruel but elected leader, let’s hope that he will keep Nepal under his thumbs through the BJP trained leaders of the Vajpayee and Dr. MM Singh’s era. PM Oli may extend his helps to Modi if he so desires.

China awaits a grand cheat in Nepal for some political reasons to which the Chinese authorities understand better.

India first then follows China. This is the Nepali psyche. China must not have any illusions. The BRI and the debt trap theory shall be made a matter of criticism.

Among the two Maoists veterans, one has recently united with a regional party under the much talked instructions of Mr. Saran while he was in Kathmandu a month ago.

Now Modi shall also contribute his strength in Nepal destabilize campaign, let’s hope so as has been our own experience of the past.

With PM Modi’s victory in India, Nepal thus awaits a political disaster and the chances of yet another blockade can’t be ruled out. Just wait for the catastrophe.

However, in which form and under what pretexts it shall appear for us in Nepal is rather difficult to predict at this point of time.

Prachanda and Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai shall in all likelihood support PM Modi as they have a strong BJP connection, if they recall the days of late Brajesh Mishra and professor SD Muni in NOIDA, Delhi wherein they have had a luxurious life for over a decade or so.

And it was late Brajesh Misra who through SD Muni brought the two Maoists leaders closer to the BJP terror machine to exploit political benefits for India.
The same BJP machine has won the election battle with a thumping majority.

Naturally PM Modi is in a beaming mood now.

The next NOIDA man, Prachanda, is eating Nepal like a moth each day but as the luck would have it, he is the unhappy man in the entire world. He has lost so many things over these years and is perhaps paying high price for his past crimes committed on humanity. Poor political man. We sympathize.

In fact it was Shyam Saran who then played a devilish role in dismantling the old established institutions of Nepal through his paid stooges in Nepal who still, we have been told, obey to the commands of their former Indian master(s).

Saran is the point man for the Indo-Pacific strategy and now Modi having good relations with President Trump, Saran may influence the two Delhi trained Maoists to work in favor of the IPS.
The likelihood remains.

Many in the Nepali media sector even as of today eulogize the pains that Mr. Saran took in dismantling their own motherland. Mr. Saran for them is what Mahatma Gandhi is for the Indian citizens. Albeit these perverted nationalists topple the statue of Nepal unifier King PN Shah and wish to erect the life size posters of Modi and Amit Sah.

Mr. Saran is not that far, as stated earlier, from the victorious BJP and thus he is expected to damage Nepal now under the instructions of the new BJP machine led by Amit Sah.

The damage of Nepal that had begun right in the first quarter of the 2006 shall now be provided with a new impetus with the inclusion of some tilted brains in a special group who were not utilized by the Indian regime so far but had been kept in reserve in Nepal.

The group stands now for the restoration of the Nepal which had been ruined by Shyam Saran and lately by PM Modi, it has been given to understand.

The convergence of a few ugly faces at a freshly “designed” club bodes ill in that the destruction that was considered incomplete by the Indian regime has now been accorded the top priority which apparently means that the final attempt shall be made to completely wipe out the map of Nepal from the world map.

With the freshly elected PM Modi, the rest shall be given completion.

Thanks the same process is in progress with new energy and with some added new “RAW paid brains” from Nepal’s various sectors who appear excited more than the elected Indian PM Modi.

In the recent days a determined nationalist group as far as this scribe could recall is a few years old which has now come into action after a slumber with a strong avowal to help save mother Nepal which is just the reverse perhaps.

The inclusion of some men having dubious credentials tentatively hints that Shyam Saran this time shall not settle for less in that some “key” person(s) having commanding authority in the cluster are rumored to have had intimate ties with Mr. Saran while he was India’s Ambassador to Nepal.

It was this Nepal tenure of Mr. Saran in which he guaranteed the secured “shelter” of the Nepal Maoists in Delhi.

Some media men who have had sneaked into New Delhi, NOIDA, under the secret arrangements of Shyam Saran in 2006 are still kicking and alive in Nepal’s media sector.

They had gone to Delhi to have a brief chit-chat with Delhi declared terrorists who were our national heroes and builders. They are taken as movers and shakers of today’s national politics. The media is under their grips, we have been told.

These builders later changed the very original face of mother Nepal and yet appear to have no repentance.

Now they are beaming with the freshly elected Indian PM Modi. In the past they were close to the Indian congress regime in Delhi.

Once sold, can sell anywhere. That’s it.

That India had invested billions and billions of rupees to destabilize Nepal during the 2006 “sponsored movement” through Shyam Saran has come to light. (This news is not a new one in that the Telegraph weekly/ some few years back had revealed this heartbreaking fact which tentatively devastated this nation deliberately by the declared enemy that India is).

The news that has gone viral in the social media these days says that Mrs. Nirupama Rao the former Indian foreign secretary (after Shyam Saran) while in a visit to Afghanistan talked to the then US Ambassador in Afghanistan, Mr. Richard Halbrook on January 18, 2010 wherein she said that the Indian pumping of the amount in Nepal to install the Delhi residing Maoists in the power corridor did not work to the extent what had been expected.

In fact, she briefed the US envoy just the opposite. The fact is that the funding worked much more than Indian regime have had expected.

The Nepali heroes then stationed in Delhi as government’s most honored guests immediately upon their landing in Kathmandu grabbed political authority in a silver plate offered by Girija Prasad Koirala much ahead of Nepal King being sent to the jungles.

Now the question arises as to why Ms. Rao injected false news into the minds of the US envoy? What was the benefit? How India was going to grab profit from such a false news dissemination?

Moreover, why this sort of news at this point of time has been made viral and for what gains to the Indian regime? Is it a deliberate dissemination?

Our own contention is that this news has been made viral with a special motive which is to inform and terrorize the Nepali population that India can still pump in money much the same way it had been done during the time when Maoists were to be exported to Nepal by “mother India” for some.

Indian “experiments could be repeated”, is the threat loaded message perhaps from across the border to a defunct and directionless Nepal.

Yet some hope still remains. A very vibrant and energetic cluster of patriotic people have, in the name of mother Nepal, taken the oath that henceforth they shall work for the preservation of the sanctity of mother Nepal that have been devalued by some pseudo nationalists over these years and that this group has freshly vowed that it will work for the betterment of the nation.

Since this group comprises of some veteran nationalists and thus what could be expected that this assembly of the strong nationalists shall expose as to how the Indian infiltrators have been pouncing upon the sanctity of mother Nepal.

But how this assemblage could protect Nepal from the expected onslaught from the Indian regime which is likely to be once again controlled by the Feku Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi will have to be watched.

PM Modi may tell Nepal “either you are with us or with the enemy”.

And who is Modi’s enemy is any body’s guess.

A frustrated China, if pushed to the wall in Nepal, may confront Delhi in Kathmandu.

China prefers a permanent stay in Nepal for multiple reasons even if Nepal denies. But can Nepal deny?

Now that Modi has come to power and a terribly shaken Nepali leaders, excluding PM Oli, have lost no time in sending congratulatory messages to PM Modi hoping that his “blessings” continue to be upon them.

Pakistan Primer Minister Imran Khan who is on record to have said a month ago that he preferred PM Modi’s re-election must have been jumping with joy in that his “hope” has come to true and that now it would be easy for him to initiate talks with Modi on Kashmir.

PM Imran Khan is hoping against hope, so believe Nepali observers.

What Modi’s victory means to the oppressed Muslims in Kashmir shall come to the open in a matter of weeks? Perhaps this will open the eyes of PM Khan.

Nepal’s political pundits opine that Kashmir continues to be the flash point but yet both the warring nations are still unwilling to resolve the overly stretched conflict through a sustainable solution which would eliminate the constant state of instability and the risk of a massive destruction of the whole world.

What is needed is the initiation of what could be called as the “composite dialogue” in between India and Pakistan for the settlement of the Kashmir imbroglio, suggest non-partisan observers in Nepal who have been watching the conflict in Kashmir over these decades.

A victorious PM Modi must now correct his derailed neighborhood policy that brought troubles to the India’s smaller neighbors to an unimaginable extent.

If PM Modi continues with his oppressive policy on minorities then Indian nation may have to face severe challenges to keep the nation intact. The message is clear if the newly elected Indian leadership under PM Modi understands.

Think of the Sikhs Referendum 2020 that has a rally in the USA on June 6, 2019.

Nepal though is ready to brave yet another Economic blockade if PM Modi wants. Nepal has developed the stamina to bear with such Indian routine “coercive” phenomenon.

In the meanwhile, a Swedish Professor Ashok Swain, May 22 says in his twitter handle that “In spite of all his failures, fakery and fekugiri why is PM Modi still popular in India? Don’t blame the opposition, media or cronies. The real culprits are Indian voters. They hate Muslims and Pakistan and their stupidity is being exploited by PM Modi”.

We may not agree with what this Swedish Professor says of Modi, but yet what could be said that Vladimir Putin, President Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump too have had wished PM Modi to win the election. And he won the battle over Rahul Gandhi.

The Frontline Kashmir says, May 22, 2019, “With comprehensive victory of anti-Muslim party, BJP and Modi, it is time for Indian Muslims to start thinking about their future. This tenure of PM Modi will definitely be the worse than the previous one”. That’s all.

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