Dynamic neutrality for Nepal

N. P. Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: -

Better late than never, the Indian population may have come to senses except the overly influenced Godi media.
Nepal and Baby Bhutan have reasons to smile. How Bangladesh feels is not known though.
Thanks the internationally acclaimed Time Magazine which has certified that the incumbent Prime Minister of India is the number one “Divider in Chief” and that by implication means that PM Modi has already divided the Indian nation-the former Choukidars of the British India Company-into several pieces and that his longer stay in power bodes ill for the entire nation.
This is the indirect message to the Indian population which has the subtle hint to the people across the nation that ‘kick this megalomaniac out’ from power corridors or else face communal-religio riots of the highest order as revealed early this year in January 29, 2019 by a US organization close to the government.
The story of the poor Indian Dalits and the minority Muslims have ever remained in a pathetic state that demands no further elaborations. We can just perceive their inner pains, being a neighbor, as to how it would have been for them to live with the fundamentalist Hindus over these decades.
Some high placed observers in India even claim that if Modi continues for yet another term then India shall break into several pieces.
South Asian countries will have several neighbors then?
Nepal will love to have Punjab as its preferred neighbor as Maharani Zind Kaur was already a guest of Nepal when she sought asylum here upon King Ranjeet Singh’s death at time of the Rana regime in Nepal.
The Khalistan movement is trying its best though. (NB: We poke nose on Indian affairs as India has been uninterruptedly doing so in Nepal’s exclusive internal matters. We shall write on Kashmir and Khalistan issue as long as India pokes its nose in Nepali affairs. The logic is very simple).
On June 6, 2019, it has been some 35 years, says a press note released by the Sikhs for Justice, since the Indian government’s invasion on Darbar Sahib. The press note appeals the Sikhs around the world to show the world that Sikhs demand a sovereign Punjab by joining Sikhs for Justice in Khalistan Referendum 2020 Rally to be held at Lincoln Memorial Washington D. C.
This means that the Sikhs are in a determined mood to have their own nation as they have had in the past. Though Rahul Gandhi has formally apologized for the 1984 Sikh massacre.
If India breaks, Nepal’s Madhesh shall also have a similar fate. Some Indian “forces” have already initiated this campaign. Shyam Saran shall accomplish the rest on how to split Nepal through his posted Nepali agents. 
The Time magazine clearly hints the Indian population to do away with this fundamentalist Hindu terror machine who is already being taken as “a national liar” and send him, read PM Modi, to the jungles where he should have already been.
Modi got exposed while imposing economic blockade on Nepal in the year 2015. People now hate him to an unimaginable extent. It was this folly of PM Modi that Nepal inched closer to China easily. The BRI projects shall bring the two countries even more nearer in the days ahead.
The people of Nepal who have felt and experienced the untold brutality of the India’s FEKU Prime Minister Modi are perhaps the happiest person(s) in the world for a variety of political reasons.
He is taken in Nepal as a thug (now realized by our dear and innocent Indian brothers and sisters) and a fraudulent person having no moral authority to call himself as a Tapashwi. Modi’s educational certificates too have come under scanner in India. Most likely, he has not even cleared his Matriculation, people claim.
His fresh email, digital camera and the Balakot Radar joke on dark clouds too have further exposed this full time political thug of India-the Nepal hater.
PM Modi has challenged Physics. 
His highest thuggery with Nepal came to light when some time back, the Indian government becomingly donated an India assembled Helicopter for the Nepal Army.
To the utter dismay of the Nepal government, a few months after the donation that was made with much fanfare, the Indian side told the Nepal government to pay the price of the “donated” Chopper.
Perhaps the Nepal government paid the bill under coercion sent by the Indian government. Such supports from India come to Nepal intermittently.
The Nepal Army perhaps recalls this sad episode.
High placed observers in Nepal opine that the Time magazine should have conducted a survey in the countries of South Asia to collect the impressions from the population residing in this vast landmass as to how the South Asians and its population take the Indian PM Modi prior to the declaration of what has been said of PM Modi by the prestigious magazine.
For the Nepali population PM Modi is not only a divider of the Indian nation but the one who has also made several overt and covert efforts in splitting Nepal into several pieces through its posted and paid agents both in the political and the media sector.
Modi has already initiated a grand design against Nepal through Father Shyam Saran, as stated in our last issue.
Prachanda is being talked as to have been the choice of the Indian regime for the post of next Nepal PM after Oli is unceremoniously sacked. This mission is already in progress, it is rumored.
A sizable chunk of the so called mainstream Nepali media wags its tail around the devilish Father Shyam Saran, the former foreign secretary of India who at times drops in Kathmandu and meets his posted agents and instructs both the domestic media men and also secretly encourages his political stooges to create troubles in Nepal so that this country, which has remained ever a sovereign nation in the recorded history, embraces the fate of what the Sikkim is today.
Some even claim that Nepal’s Republican order is a token of love (gift) from Shyam Saran to those Nepali political animals who contributed their time and energy in dismantling the ancient Nepal with the one what it is India controlled nation today.
Needless to say, those media men who had “secretly” assisted Shyam Saran in his “Nepal damage mission” then are the most honored newsmen in the India controlled Nepal even as of today. They command respect and honor in the society that they perhaps do not deserve but unfortunately they do.
No qualms. No grudge. The only grudge is that how can they cheat their own mother Nepal and for what gains?
The article “India’s Divider in Chief” in the Time magazine has been penned by Aatish Taseer, son of an Indian journalist Tavleen Singh and late Pakistani politician and businessman Salmaan Taseer.
Indian BJP and the lap dog Indian media has now reasons to smell rat in the entire “Time” phenomenon as the name of Pakistan has been pronounced by default.
But for India it amounts to a surgical strike from across the border.
Indian loss is definitely the Pakistani gains by default.
The Time magazine appropriately questions whether India as a nation state can endure yet another five years term of a Prime Minister who eats fraud, drinks fraud and dreams fraud.
This is the Nepali impression about the Indian Prime Minister Modi. What others take him outside Nepal is not a matter of our concern, however, it shall be a matter of high concern for us in Nepal if the Email, self-composed poem and Radar frauds tagged Indian PM causes any further damage to this already damaged country. The Indian Congress too can’t escape the blame more so proxy Prime Minister Dr. MM Singh.
While PM Modi is being ridiculed inside India by his own population, the Sri Lankan observers suspect the very hand of RAW machinery in the fresh attack on the Muslim population of the Island nation.
Fresh reports, as of May 13, 2019, the Sri Lankan government on Monday, declared a nationwide curfew to take control over the worst eruption of violence since the deadly Easter Sunday bombings of the last month, after mobs attacked mosques and the homes of Muslims.
In the weeks since the bombings which were claimed by the Islamic State and killed more than 250 people, tensions have remained high across the island nation. Media agencies had hinted, to recall, that the Colombo Church attacks have had the Indian connections.
(At another plane, the fresh attack on a five star hotel in the port city of Gwadar in Pakistan in all likelihood is the handiwork of the Indian machinery. It is talked that Indian funding is there to separate Baluchistan from mainland Pakistan).
This time the minority Muslims in Colombo have been targeted.
Unfortunately, the Muslims around the world are being made the target at different intervals of time. The fresh attack being on the Muslims in Sri Lanka and the previous one was the same minority residing in Wellington, New Zealand.
Notably, Si Lanka has been the target of the terrorists in South Asia after the prevalence of peace for almost a decade of the settlement of the LTTE phenomenon which has terrorized the Island nation for almost three decades.
The Muslims have been attacked just after the Christians in Si Lanka. What does all these mean? Is it the time for the Hindus to be targeted by the terrorists?
Is Nepal the next target? Who knows? If Modi is around then it could be.
Media sources claim that the Council of Sri Lankan Muslims have said that the attacks have been reported in at least five different places in the North Western province.
The area has traditionally been home to both Sinhalese, who are largely Buddhists, and Muslims, who are a minority in the country.
Nothing has been said of the terrorists by the Sri Lankan government. The inner details are yet to come to light.
Back in Nepal, Prime Minister KP Oli has returned to Kathmandu upon completion of his brief but meaningless trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.
What Nepal shall benefit from these two countries have not yet been spelt out by competent Nepali authorities but matured observers opine that clearly Nepal wants to expand its ties with other friendly countries beyond South Asian landmass.
In a way, the current Nepali leadership wishes to signal India that it was time for Nepal to read, understand and then play an active role in the global politics which enhances its prestige in the comity of nations.
Nepal PM Oli’s trip to Vietnam and Cambodia has come close on the heels of President Bidya Devi Bhandari’s just concluded China visit.
Mrs. Bhandari attended the second session of the Belt and Road Forum held in Beijing. And mind it that the countries which the Nepal PM just visited were not that far from China speaking in political terms. But for the moment Vietnam is extensively close to the US. This must have meaning. Add to this, the presence in Nepal of the US dignitary who is perhaps educating the domestic population as to what the Indo-Pacific Strategy was.
Nepali people know how to go together with the Indo-Pacific strategy and the BRI. Nepal must walk through the tight rope that it would be. It is the adherence of the dynamic neutrality that shall satisfy both the US and the Chinese regime.
However, nothing to panic as the visiting senior US State Department official said on this Tuesday that the US designed Strategy not against any country and that the US is not asking Nepal to be “for” or “against” it.
 At a time when the Nepal government is refuting that Nepal is not part of the larger American strategy, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia David J Ranz, said that the Millennium Challenge Corporation(MCC) where the US has put $500 million in grant to Nepal for some infrastructure projects, is very much part of the strategy.
So be it. Makes no difference if we have the instrument of dynamic neutrality and that we can effectively bring this policy into use. But shall we? And can we refrain from activities that are against China? How the Chinese regime shall take the fresh Latvian visit of some Nepal Parliamentarians is any body’s guess. The Chinese envoy is leant to have already hinted her annoyance to PM Oli’s government-the India tilted one that it is.
Whatever may have been the message for the Indian regime of these two visits (to Vietnam and Cambodia), the fact is that China knows the very characters of the Nepali leaders and thus to jump into the conclusion that China has begun trusting Nepal and its leaders shall surely be a self-defeating exercise. China has the knowledge of PM Oli’s long time Medanta Hospital connection in Delhi.
China is not that fool not to understand Nepal’s inner political leaning that has been well designed by Father Shyam Saran-the former Indian foreign secretary.
To recall, the NOIDA, Delhi shelter had been provided by Shyam Saran to our heroes and builders of Nepal: Comrade Prachanda and Dr. BR Bhattarai during the people’s war days.
Nepali observers opine that Nepal must stretch its legs beyond the politics of South Asian region and play a key role in the Indo-Pacific Strategy as demanded by the US but care must be taken that
Nepal in no way annoys the neighboring countries, India and China, while honoring the US preferences. The visiting US dignitary should be told in no uncertain terms that Nepal shall extend its support to the US to the extent that doesn’t destabilize its adhered and structured policies of Non Alignment.
Nepal can help the US as a peace maker in the entire Indo-Pacific region. But the current communist leadership cannot accomplish such tactful tasks. Currently, Nepali diplomacy is at its lowest ebb.
This way the US may take advantage of Nepal as a peace builder. If so then Nepal can be a reliable partner to both: the BRI and the Indo-Pacific Strategy.
Care must be taken that Nepal’s structured policy of Non Alignment remains intact by adopting what could be called as adhering to a strict policy of “Dynamic Neutrality” as brilliantly coined by former Nepal Army Chief Gaurav S Rana.
If it is so then Nepal can immensely benefit from China’s BRI much the same way Pakistan has been sharing advantage from the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.
Needless to say, Pakistan despite bad mouthing by a few countries scattered here and there, has been benefitting immensely from the China aided CPEC mega projects.
China’s attachment for Pakistan is a rare phenomenon indeed in the conduct of friendly ties in between two nations and to expect the same sort of attachment for Nepal shall be a day dreaming exercise for Nepal for some understandable reasons.
Given the US strained relations with China and Iran, it is singly the Islamic nation of Pakistan to benefit from this continuing tussle as mentioned. However, it is here that the Pakistani political and diplomatic acumen shall be tested. The IMF fail out is a fresh reliever to Pakistan and so this nation can play a smart diplomacy in between US and Iran. 
Fresh reports have it that China on Monday May 13, 2019, has praised the Pakistan’s security forces for their “swift action” in neutralizing the terrorists who attacked a five star luxury hotel in the port city of Gwadar and ensured the safety of the Chinese personnel and institutions there.
Three terrorists of the Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA), armed with automatic weapons, stormed the Pearl Continental (PC) hotel in Pakistan’s port city of Gwadar on Saturday and opened random firing, media sources have said. The investigations are in progress.
For the Road: Pakistan on Monday condemned the alleged rape of a three-year-old girl in Bandipora in Jammu and Kashmir and described it as a “humanitarian nightmare”. The alleged rape of the child in Sumbal on May 8 led to protests and violent clashes with security personnel in the area over the last few days. Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesperson tweeted that the “horrific” rape is “another brutal reminder of humanitarian nightmare in IOK [Jammu and Kashmir]”. “Fresh reports of pellet gun firing on protesters, yet another reflection of continued Indian atrocities,” he said. That’s all.

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