Nepal’s Apex Court endorses Sikkimization Bid?

Nepal’s Apex Court endorses Sikkimization Bid?

Kathmandu, N.P.Upadhyaya: When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it, so had said thinker Frederic Bastiet long time back.

The unprecedented plunder that continues today in Nepal has been such that even the government owned land, lakes and bungalows have now become the private properties of the influential men in the government or those who wield commanding authorities in the political parties that unfortunately rule and run the imported system in the country.

The Supreme Court very freshly has awarded the Indo-pendent KP Oli’s government with a straight signal to distribute Nepali Citizenship certificates to all those who legally or even illegally approach the concerned district offices across the country.

This court order has added strength to our firm stance that Nepal is likely to be Sikkimised soon. The Sikkimisation process has in earnest begun. The results would be observed soon. But yet we honor the “independent verdict “of the Nepali judiciary.


For some VVIP tilted TV anchors, the fear of Sikkimisation is an “extremist view”.

Isn’t this a calculated plunder? It is which shall bring our senses back when it would be too late. We are sure to weep like how Lendhup Dorje had to at the fag end of his life. We are sure to die an unsung death like the Dorje.

The political perversion began this way.

Nepal was forced to import the system now in force in the year 2006. The rest is history which we all know. For details if needed, Shyam Saran in Delhi could be contacted or his posted agents in Nepal too could shed light on how the “destroy Nepal” campaign was initiated. A section of the high flying Nepali media too is learnt to have assisted Mr. Saran’s campaign then.
Monsieur Bishnu Poudel is the one political personality who is the General Secretary of the ruling Nepal Communist Party, and is talked to be very close to the Jhapali Prime Minister KP Sharma

Oli, has very skillfully grabbed a small chunk of the posh land in Baluatar almost free of cost.

Mr. Ishwar Pokhrel was selected by KP Oli for the post of the General Secretary of the Unified NCP. However, as the luck would have it, Prachanda pushed his favorite and pressed PM Oli to finalize Mr. Poudel’s name. So Poudel from a modest person suddenly became the most powerful man in the party which was not taken in good taste by several high ranking former UML leaders.

Mr. Poudel though denies this allegation (of the land grab or buying at a dirt cheap price) but the entire government machinery has stood in defending Mr. Poudel instead of scolding the Party functionary for having misused and also abused the name of a party that has been established to protect and preserve the rights of the proletariats of Nepal as they claim which is not true?

However, Mr. Bishnu Poudel says issuing a press note that he bought the small chunk of the Baluatar land by paying the full amount and going through all the processes that are demanded by the government authorities at time of registering the land in one’s name.

Poudel is correct when he clarifies but the question is how could a land owned by the government could be registered into the name of a Nepali individual that Bishnu Poudel is?

Isn’t it a fraudulent practice? Definitely. Yet but once again the question is who will dare to bell Mr. Poudel and his clandestine friends who also looted the government land of the Baluatar area?
Advocate Swagat Nepal goes several steps further and alleges that Poudel did not pay even a single penny for the land but was awarded this chunk of plot for free for having facilitated the buying and selling of the controversial land misusing his political authority.

Mr. Nepal says Poudel grabbed the land as the part of the “commission” in having assisted the entire phenomenon.

Most importantly, who are the land mafia who dared to sell even the government owned properties?

If today these scoundrels are not penalized for their felony, then one fine morning the entire Tundikhal and the government secretariat could also be sold to someone who has the money and power like Mr. Poudel did.

All put together, Nepal needs the presence of a liberal dictator who could handle the deteriorating political trend which has unfortunately been associated with acts of corruption of the Himalayan scale but goes unnoticed or ignored by the competent government authorities.

The authorities apparently behave as if they too were full time workers of the Nepal Communist Party to which they may be not.

The liberal dictator should jump into the political scene and correct the ailments that have made this country a laughing stock in the comity of nations.

Earlier the better or it would be of no use if Nepal ceases to exist.

Surely, after the import of the Republican order, this country has become guardian less which has allowed the domestic political animals to loot the country and its financial resources in whatever way they can. The loot has acquired a lightning speed.

The entire country is awaiting the person who could act like a liberal dictator and nab all those corrupts now ruling so mercilessly this country under the instructions of the declared and recognized traditional thugs.

The recent land grab case fortunately came to the fore and got exposed a bit and the people thus could know as to how the communists squeeze the nation and its innocent population.

This is just a representative sample case of the thousands of corruption cases that has simply stunned the national population who now conclude what if this set of corrupt rulers are allowed to stay in power for full five years?

Is the coward liberal dictator listening? Will he dare to regain the already lost glory and pride of this ancient nation? Or he would loiter around the temples across the country exploiting the people’s emotions? Isn’t he adding insult to injury? Perhaps yes.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli rebukes the accusations that the government has not been doing its duties up to the mark by saying that only those oppose the government who have made it a point to oppose. PM Oli is suffering some mysterious ailments it appears. His arrogance is sure to bring him to the foot path soon so the irritated people so desire. But when?

PM Oli’s claims are simply ridiculous in that whatever he is saying in his defense is more than ridiculous and atrocious as well.

The Congress spokesman, Mr. Sharma even told recently that people now prefer not to watch the PM”s face as and when he appears on the national TV channels.

This perhaps explains as to how the Communist Prime Minister of Nepal is being taken by its national population including the main namesake opposition.

Nepali congress tentatively has become a rare commodity in the national politics. Its extinction appears round the corner.

If things remain the same and PM Oli keeps on ignoring the gravity of the obtaining political situation then very soon the oppressed people shall begin praying the Almighty to free them from the Oli’s phenomenon once and for all. Hatred against PM Oli is increasing and is likely to burst any time soon.

PM Oli’s nationalist credentials have all gone to the dogs. His inner connections with the Indian regime remained intact even in the blockade days. He just got swayed by his whims and decided to keep himself away from the Medanta Hospital Regime for a while and gave an impression to all and sundry that he was closer to China.

China failed to understand PM Oli’s trickery. In the given state of the South Asian politics, Nepal can never be a friend of China. China must not trust Nepal and its leadership if at all it could be called so.

What is also correct that China too would not take Nepal as how it takes Pakistan? That’s all. China and Pakistan are tied by the CPEC mega projects ( the two claim that they are Iron brothers) and here is nothing that binds Nepal with China except the Chinese tourists who have tentatively captured the Thamel area of Kathmandu. China’s encroachment is increasing in Nepal. In Dolakha Nepali landmass have been gulped by China.

As if the Indian encroachment were not enough, it is China which has also been shifting border pillars. Take care


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