Pakistan following policy of peace & stability.

M Roshan -

It is highly appreciable that Pakistan is following the policy of peace and stability. Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again extended its offers to India to resolve all disputes through dialogue. Pakistan desires peace and stability in the region, war only brings misery and destruction. Prime minister Imran Khan’s message of harmony and peace is an opportunity for India to de-escalate the situation. Negotiation is the ultimate solution to resolve all bilateral issues. Pakistan has effectively displayed its strength and capability to retaliate yet we prefer peace. Modi regime must realize the severity of situation and respond positively to Imran Khan’s offer. Majority of Indian intellectuals and general public also want peace. Pakistan is playing a very responsible role. It is responsibility of the global community to come forward and pressurize India to behave responsibly. War between nuclear states can result into massive catastrophe.

Pakistan undoubtedly has demonstrated its capacity and capability to deal with any aggression. After Pulwama incident, India was showing an aggressive behavior towards Pakistan. But, Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again offered to Indian government for dialogue to de-escalate the tension between the two countries. Pakistan’s armed forces are fully prepared and capable to counter Indian aggression. Our forces immediately retaliated after the incursion of Indian fighter jets. India has always fabricated the facts. We have shown the world that we don’t want war but will not tolerate any hostility.

Prime Minister Imran khan has delivered a very sagacious speech and gave a strong message of peace. We have already offered India that negotiation is the ultimate solution to any dispute. We are against war but India must be clear that any aggression would be retaliated with full might. Pakistani nation is united against any hostility, but we prefer peace over war. Hopefully, after today’s attack, Modi government will change its war mongering posture. India must realize that it is easy to initiate war but it is difficult to end. Innocent civilians suffer the most in war and any misadventure between nuclear states can lead towards massive catastrophe.

India's war mongering posture is a serious threat to regional peace. Pakistan has shown that Pakistan army is capable enough to give befitting response to any misadventure. Prime Minister Imran Khan has rightly mentioned in his speech that wars are always based on “miscalculations”. It is not a wise approach to adopt aggressive posture against a nuclear state. Pakistan is in a better strategic position after demonstrating its military strength.

It is an opportunity for India to accept Pakistan’s offer of dialogue and play positive role for peace. International community is also acknowledging Pakistan’s stance on regional peace. Hopefully, India will choose “table talk” to resolve the issue. Modi’s reputation has badly damaged as Indian opposition has also criticized his aggressive actions. Pakistan has given a very responsible and balanced response. Pakistan’s political and military leadership is behaving in a very mature manner. Pakistan has put a psychological pressure on Modi administration. Prime Minister Imran Khan has emerged as an ambassador of peace. He always has a very clear stance that war is not a solution of any dispute and his efforts for peace are now being appreciated and acknowledged by international community as well. Pakistan’s security forces have rendered matchless sacrifices for global peace. India, on the other hand, has badly exposed for its atrocities and brutalities in Occupied Kashmir.

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