Nepal’s Citizenship Cry: Aiding India’s Sikkimiztion bid!

Nepal’s Citizenship Cry: Aiding India’s Sikkimiztion bid!

NP Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: Being a prominent country in South Asia, Nepali politics is bound to have an impact due to tensed relations between India-Pakistan beginning February 14, 2019.

The Indian Prime Minister prefers to escalate the self-manufactured war like situation and thus win the upcoming national level parliamentary elections.

Nepal though is a peace loving nation in this part of the Greater South Asia but has unfortunately been made subservient by the successive regimes in India beginning Pundit Nehru.

Indian PM Modi is a living disaster for Nepal though an Indian nationalist-scholar Nihar Naik talking to Naya Patrika Daily rebukes this allegation in his own desired manner.

Not an unexpected phenomenon because he has his own national compulsions. But his BJP tilt gets exposed while going through the interview.

Good or bad…my India, so said the doyen of the Indian journalism Nikhil Chakraborty in 1993 at a seminar held in New Delhi.

Currently a Modi servant is visiting Nepal to instruct Nepal’s regime under Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli to ease the laws governing distribution of citizenship so that a sizeable chunk of Indian nationals could be settled in Nepal as Nepali citizens once and for all.

Subservient Oli is likely to obey instructions from the high command, it is rumored here in a section of the Kathmandu’s political circuit.

The Indian emissary is also in Kathmandu to convince Nepal government that Pakistan is the bad boy of the region and Nepal should help support India as and when the latter makes a surgical strike on the country across its border.

The Indian man also has reportedly signaled the Nepal Government to keep China at a comfortable distance. But he should understand that China is already in Nepal and is being “invited” by various Nepali provinces.

The Indian envoy is also here to impress upon Nepal PM Oli to ignore some of the important recommendations made by the Nepali side in the Eminent Persons Group (EPG).

India is jealous in that Delhi takes the EPG report to have gone in favor of Nepal and thus it fears that Nepal may free itself from the clutches of the Nehruvian doctrine.

India is visibly scared of Nepal’s inner motive.

Some salaried people in Nepal prefer India to swallow Nepal a la Sikkim.

The Citizenship cry is the part of the same game which if allowed to go the India desired way then Sikkimisation of Nepal is round the corner.

It is this set of the Nepali nationals who prefer to take Mera Bharat mahan…. However, this applies to a special set of Nepali nationals only. The message is loud and clear.

Nepal though is currently Chair of the SAARC regional body but yet behaves as if this ancient country was the satellite of the former British colony. The people here have become victim of India’s reckless behavior simply because successive governments formed in Nepal after the declared Indian puppets i.e. ‘Maoists residing in Delhi’ were exported to this country and told to rule Nepal as per their instructions.

Nepal has become a mini-India, ashamed to say but this is the fact.

Sharp brains in Nepal claim that Nepal’s sovereign status remains no longer valid in that “we have become already a protectorate of the regional bully-the former British colony”.

Re-election of PM Modi shall definitely be a catastrophe for Nepal and the rest of the countries bordering India.

The Pakistani air attack on India on February 27, 2019 had been taken by some Indo-pendent political animals who thrive on Indian blessings as to have been an attack on Nepal itself.

This should explain as to how things stand today in Kathmandu -the real Choukidar supplier to India as Ms. Alka Lamba claims dishonoring the brave Gorkha Soldiers who have defended India for long.

The Gorkha regiment of the Indian Army stationed in in Delhi must react to Ms. Alka Lamba’s insulting remarks on Nepal. After all how could they forget their land of origin?

The countries tortured by Modi’s Hindu India is increasing of late more so after Pakistan Prime Minister expressed his fear that India may be planning some more attacks on his country.

He believes that Modi’s terror could stretch up to the Indian elections and that he and his country was ready to retaliate if and when such attack came from the Indian side.

Talking to the Financial Times, as quoted by the Dawn newspaper PM Imran Khan says he feared another security incident with India.

PM Khan added further that tensions were still high even after the crisis over a suspected militant attack in India-occupied Kashmir had eased with the release of an Indian pilot, Abhinandan Bardhaman, who had been captured by Pakistani security forces on February 27 and released the next day, last month.

“I’m still apprehensive before the elections, I feel that something could happen,” Mr. Khan told the Financial Times just the other day.

A seasoned political man that he is, PM Khan is speaking only after sensing the very pulse beat of the Indian nation controlled by the declared hooligan of the contemporary world, the BJP, more so after India gained new fire power strength in the recent days.

The fire power may send fear signals to the smaller neighbors of India but to expect that China and Pakistan shall behave in a tamed manner would be a self-defeating exercise of the Indian nationals.

China hopefully is already in possession of such powerful anti-satellite missiles to which India has just pocketed in. Though the Indian themselves take it as a Modi gimmick to influence the election results.
Modi’s saffron clad terror has taken a new height and heart rendering scenes could be seen in the social media wherein the BJP goons have made it a routine works in making their targets to the Indian Muslims and the Sikhs who have begun demanding Khalistan, a separate country for the Sikhs much similar to what Maharaja Ranjeet Singh have had long time back.

One Mahinder Pal Singh was beaten by goons in Hari Nagar. The goons used remarks like “Saaley Sardar 84 Yaad Kara Dengey…and “Tumhara jina Muskil Kar dengey”. Both male member of the Sikh family were severely beaten up and both the Son and father are in the hospital undergoing treatment, so writes Sikh Sangharsh, March 27, 2019, from Delhi in twitter.

This should mean that the Sikhs scattered around the world including Nepal shall take up this “verbal insult” very seriously and may workout plans on how to save the Indian Sikhs from the increasing Hindu terror under Modi.

Is PM Modi encouraging the Sikhs to concentrate their efforts for the creation of the Khalistan nation in an indirect manner?

In the meanwhile, reports reveal that a prominent Sikh organization says it plans to hold polls in several Canadian cities as part of a worldwide referendum for an independent Sikh nation called Khalistan in India’s Punjab state.

Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) says it is targeting Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver to join some 100 cities worldwide where Sikhs will be polled in a non-binding referendum as part of a campaign dubbed “Referendum 2020.”

The group, which has branches in New York, Toronto and London, says it’s seeking to use the planned November 2020 referendum to assess the appetite for an independent Khalistan, before presenting its case for a binding referendum to the United Nations.

Whether the SFJ has any branch in Nepal is not known but yet rumors have it that the Sikhs residing in the Kopundole area at times talk that they would love to fight for their own separate land right inside India.

Fresh news claims that India believes the recently opened Kartarpur Corridor could be misused by Pakistan to encourage the champions of the pro-Khalistan movement, however, Pakistan rebukes the Indian claim and says that this passage shall exclusively be used by the Sikh pilgrims’ entering Pakistan from the Indian side.

Pakistan has already made it very clear that it does not intend to politicize an initiative it took in good faith to facilitate the Sikh pilgrims that flock to Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib to perform their religious rites.

A talk on the Kartarpur road in between the two arch rivals which was scheduled to take place in the Wagah border area has been reportedly cancelled by the Indian side unilaterally just on the eve of the talks.

The India which is being liked and preferred by Nepal PM Oli is in itself a rouge country wherein Hindu terror continues like anything. Look here is an example as to how the Indian democracy and its Court are functioning.

A trial court in Panchkula, India, acquitted all the accused in the 2007 Samjhauta Express train blast case, for want of evidence.

Among the accused was former RSS member Naba Kumar Sarkar aka Aseemanand, said to have been the mastermind and ideological guide behind a number of cases that allegedly involved radical Hindu groups, report Indian news agencies.

Among six such cases that investigators had linked to former RSS members, this is the second (after the 2007 blasts at Mecca Masjid of Hyderabad) in which all the accused have been acquitted by trial courts. The NIA (National Investigation Authority) has challenged neither any of the acquittals, nor any order granting bail to an accused.

This explains as to how bombings and killings of such a magnitude go unpunished in saffron clad India under Chaya Wallah PM Modi.

The Hindu terror continues in India. The Indian Muslims are the real target at different places of India in the recent days.

Indian sensitivity towards the Muslims is zero came to light when a fanatic Australian torched a Church in New Zealand some ten days ago.

In the meantime, the Pakistan PM is beaming hoping that his country was very close to tapping into huge oil and gas reserves after offshore drilling nearly 4,000 meters into the sea near the Pak-Iran border yielded signs of large deposits, Minister for Petroleum Ghulam Sarwar Khan said on last Tuesday.

If it is true then Nepal and the smaller neighbors in the SAARC region shall benefit from the jackpot that Pakistan is told to pocket in a matter of days or let’s say months.

Arab news sources claim, March 31, 2019 that much of the mineral-rich South Asian nation remains unexplored despite gas discoveries dating back to the 1950s. Conventional gas reserves are estimated at 20 trillion cubic feet (tcf), or 560 billion cubic meters, and shale gas reserves, which are untouched, at more than 100 tcf.

US-based ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest oil and gas firms, and Italian firm Eni Pakistan Limited, are jointly drilling for gas offshore in Pakistan’s Arabian Sea, but many other Western companies have not returned after leaving more than a decade ago because of militant violence.

Let’s hope that Nepal too benefits from this Pakistani Jackpot. But will India tolerate? And how Nepal then would react to the Indian overtures shall be no less interesting to watch.

Be that as it may, Pakistan over these six months has enhanced its diplomatic prestige at least among the Arab world. The diplomatic reach now should be expanded in the greater South Asian region also as this landmass is being heavily dominated by the regional bully.



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