Youth and New Emergence in Kashmir struggle

 Roshan -

THE roads are for better connectivity to the people and building are only constructed for the living with peace and joy. But the appalling has warped roads, devastated buildings, ceaseless firing, unbearable smell of the gunpowder, wailing men and women, valleys resonating with the thuds of shells and bearings, martyrs are the deceased while the ones fortunate enough to see the other day are yelling to God for mercy, the air filled with deadly silence, woeful tears on the corps of the flowers that were yet to blossom; such is the Kashmiri battle zone. This is not an ordinary war for assumption of power. This is certainly not an ordinary place for the celebration of the unlimited moments of joy life offers to all of us. This is not the holy land of Arabia engulfed by the zones of liberalism. This is Indian held Kashmir — a land, for the decades, being fed by innocent blood of countless Kashmiri martyrs. This is the drowning Sri Nagar, Baramulla and Badgam whose grievous residents are the receivers of the most brutal and cruel treatment by the Indian soldiers, the heart-wrenching tale of which will be narrated by historians for centuries.

It will certainly be quite paradoxical for the historians to note that when the venerable keepers of the Holy Lands were busy unveiling their women in the name of liberalism, the helpless Kashmiri women were becoming the subjects of the most vicious acts of violence. Moreover, the Kashmiri mothers have been bidding farewell to the sons for their journey to the heavenly abode.

Historians will write that the only Islamic nuclear power at that time had providing moral support for noble cause of Kashmiris struggling under Indian occupation not simply the official statements and slogans to feed the Kashmiris with. The sobbing moans of the Kashmiris have not been losing the prime time slots in the international arena. In fact, their unwavering faith and staunch belief in their freedom has blessed them with unflinching hope. With this hope when a Kashmiri mother kisses the forehead of her young son for the last time and vows for the unending relation with Pakistan, the arrogant and wicked politics of Delhi shatters.

Delhi should realise that the Kashmir Freedom Movement has now entered a novel phase wherein the middle class — untrained, illiterate youngsters — is no longer a part of it. What makes this movement more energetic is the inclusion of the current intelligentsia that is well equipped with the proper awareness of the latest and updated needs to make any movement a success. India should realise that Burhan Wani’s martyrdom has paved the way for the addition of a number of fresh graduates from different universities who are determined to destroy every bit of foreign intrusion from their lands. The large number of graduates has joined the front flanks of this freedom movement. These people do not conform to Indian built notions of the ‘brain washed youth’ rather they are fully aware of the technical knowledge which is capable enough to demolish the Indian soldiers’ armament.

The 1948 United Nation’s Resolution clearly states that accession of Jammu and Kashmir will be decided through plebiscite; however, India has remained consistent with use of force to dictate its unlawful occupation. As the Kashmir solidarity day approaches, Kashmiris are again hopeful that international community will consider the sacrifices they have made, the carnage they survived, the bloodshed they suffered and pressurize India to discontinue its human rights violation in Kashmir along with its decades’ long illegal occupation. With every passing day, the bloodshed of the Kashmiris by the hands of Indian forces makes the Kashmiri people more determined and resolute to attain their long-standing right of freedom from Indian forces. India deceptively projects itself as the world largest democracy, on the contrary, such proclamation seems absurd when the same country disregards the international laws, continues its illegal occupation over Jammu and Kashmir and subjugates its minorities.

Hostile aggression of Indian forces over the Kashmiris, especially in a disputed territory, also questions the UN efficacy to implement its resolution. UN has failed to implement its own resolution in Kashmir, which shows signs of its failure against aggression on oppressed. The international community must realize that India remains fixated with its use of illegal force, denying any peaceful resolution of Kashmir or bilateral engagement with Pakistan. Rather India continues to carry out the border violations in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, killing innocent Kashmiris living along the peaceful border areas in Pakistan. While engaging in dialogues with Pakistan, the Indian administration cannot fulfil its belligerent mantra of Ajit Doval against Pakistan; a pre-requisite for winning elections in India. Considering this, there exists no hope that the current governing elite in India will respond to any peaceful settlement of issues with Pakistan although US also has been in sustenance of Pakistan peaceful gestures.

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