The Nepali Chaukidars!

The Nepali Chaukidars!

Whether or not Nepalis are India’s Chaukidar(s) – the gatekeepers, is not very important rather the pertinent question is for how long we have been standing at their gates protecting their valuables and if Choukidari is the only thing that we do for the Indians?

Let’s start!

Thanks duly goes to Ms. Alka Lamba, a Member of Parliament representing Aam Aadmi Party- the party of a common man from New Delhi, India for bringing this important question into discussion. Accolades!

Lamba tweeted few days back that Chaukidars, who are definitely not thieves, can be imported right from Nepal rather than hiring the locals.

Some goods are more economical to import than producing locally, this is what she might have concluded. Alka’s knowledge of doing business must also be recognized while she is being criticized for her racist remarks. She was not being racist rather exhibiting her business skills.

For example the Biharis,- people from Bihar i.e. their local products, are largely considered as highly untrustworthy and thus India needs Nepalis for the Chaukidari job.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who claims that he is India’s Numero Uno Chaukidar is being criticized by his opponents for his failures to keep up with his promises and thus he has been instead labelled as a ‘Chor Chaukidar’- the Gatekeeper who is a Thief.

For Rahul, Modi is definitely a thief.

On the other hand, association of Nepalis with India is pretty long.

Politically, it started right after India got its independence and when Tribhuwan- the King of Chaukidars left for New Delhi seeking India’s help in the struggle against the Rana oligarchy.
Chaukidari began right from this day in a most glaring way.

If not speaking on political terms then our relationship with India should be much longer than that.

The Nepalis have been their gate keepers for many centuries. This is a wild guess.

Sushma Swaraj, the Indian external affairs minister revealing the true nature of our relationship once said, “… look at their parties (political)…every leader of their big parties visit us…Sher Bhaudur Deuba jee of Nepali Congress…Bidya Devi Bhandari of UML…we talk to Prachanda and Baburam Bhatttarrai every day…not a single day goes by without someone from Nepal comes to visit us…” Chaukidari this!

She did not make this statement in a jolly mood rather Sushma was deeply annoyed because the same set of Chaukidars who were serving India’s interests and were standing at her door, had promulgated their new constitution without taking her into confidence.

While her grievances are genuine, the question is how her Chaukidars dared to ignore her?

The point is that, Nepal’s relationship with India is not just limited to Chaukidari but it is deep-rooted.

The depth of the relationship is such that when India under late Rajiv Gandhi imposed its third economic blockade on Nepal precisely on March 23, 1989, a set of Chaukidars even celebrated the occasion.

At this very moment the process of falsification of the popular myth that Nepal was an independent nation and that it had never been colonized had already started.

Let us now put few facts straight.

Our indigenous movements are India sponsored, our political movements do not see the light of the day without India’s support, our rebel leaders are India groomed and trained, our incumbent prime minister’s kidney transplant is performed free of cost in New Delhi by the Indian government, our former prime minister’s children get free education in India, our political leaders are seen loitering around New Delhi political quarters every day, our local leaders stage protest on the other side of the border demanding constitutional changes back home… the list goes on and on.

The truth is with their every move, our post 1990 leaders have made sure that Nepalis are not only India’s Chaukidar but also we are their slaves and they (the Nepali leaders) are their trusted and tested pimps.

Two of our brave Chaukidars Baburam and Prachanda –freshly received Chaukidari award for serving Atal Bihari Vajpayi, Brajesh Mishra, S.D.Muni and Shyam Saran for over a decade being in New Delhi.

They served with honesty.

They now rule the country. Isn’t Indian Chaukidari a lucrative job for Nepali leaders?

Because we are brainless Chaukidars so some of our rights too have been curtailed.

We are not free to construct highways, we cannot declare our constitution without consulting our New Delhi masters and we are also not free to demand return of sixty thousand hectares of our occupied lands.

The reality is Chaukidars are not allowed to utter a single word against their master. Discipline must be maintained.

But the Chaukidars claim that Nepal is an independent country and that they have never been colonized. Sounds funny!

Having said all these let us now analyze what former President Parvez Musharaff of Pakistan thinks about India and the Indians?

This will give us some relief.

Musharaff knows every trickery and treachery of the Indian ruling elites that he braved during his captainship of Pakistan.

Now in exile, retired and ridden with health complications, the former chief of the Pakistan Army whom the Indians feared most for his Kargil bravery and Agra Peace initiative, still braves as he should as a retired army general, rough and questions fired at him by proven impolite Indian media men.

Look what he says about India and the Indians, in his own words “Jitna bada Mulk…. utna hi chota dil”.

“A big country with small hearted people”.

Indians will continue to humiliate us but we will remain undeterred in our Chaukidari job. It pays!

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