Threat to World Peace: India must be Denuclearized!

Threat to World Peace: India must be Denuclearized!

Niraj Aryal: After India’s humiliating defeat in the dogfight with Pakistan last week, former President of Pakistan Parvez Musharraf meeting with the press in Dubai raised some interesting points that demands serious discussion.

“Two countries in the world that face existential threat since they came into existence are Pakistan and Israel”, the former Pakistan Army Chief in exile said.

However, he did not elaborate on Israel’s position in the Middle East for his obvious religious leaning and the hatred Muslim world possess towards the state of Israel.

Musharraf went on to explain that Pakistan has been facing threats to its existence right from the day it took a formal shape.

During the course of the interaction, he referred to India’s repeated aggression towards Pakistan and later the Soviet takeover of Afghanistan also posed threat to Pakistan’s existence.

Musharraf is one such Pakistani leader who advocates mending relations with Israel and naturally faces serious criticism from extremist religious groups in his country.

Benazir Bhutto too once tried to initiate diplomatic ties with Israel, however, the plan was unfortunately aborted for some mysterious reasons.

From Pulwama attack of February 14 until the release of Indian fighter jet pilot, if not the whole world but at least terrified South Asians, who were watching the fall-out of the Indian misadventure, had become clear that the Indian leadership could go to any extent in extracting a political mileage to win the approaching election in their country. Be it by threatening the world peace or even by planning any political gimmicks that benefited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for poll gains ultimately.

Why only North Korea? Why cannot the US pressurize countries like India to totally denuclearize? Can India under the disguise of a democratic regime threaten the world peace?

The other point that I would like to discuss here today is the reason behind formation of Pakistan.

The extent of hatred the present day Hindu majority-India possess towards a Muslim Pakistan is in fact a ‘deja vu all over again’ for pre-partition Muslims of ‘one India’ ruled by the British India Company.

There should be no confusion now that the extent of marginalization and discrimination of Muslims by Hindus was the primary reason behind the formulation of a Two-Nation Theory by Pakistan’s founding father Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Markandey Katju, a former judge at the Supreme Court of India blaming the British for dividing Hindustan claimed talking to a television channel last week that the British did not want to leave another giant in Asia simply because the world cannot afford to have another China in the region. They thus conspired to divide India, claims Katju- who is leading a movement for Indian reunification.

Now that Pakistan exists braving the “existential threat” mainly emanating from India, it needs to continuously enhance its military capabilities not only to protect itself but also to come to the rescue of other South Asian nations in case they are attacked by India.

Pakistan must act like a political and nuclear deterrent in the region.

The Indian leaders from Jawaharlal Nehru to Narendra Modi have demonstrated that for the sake of winning elections and for getting political mileage, they can go to any extent. Look what they have done in the neighborhood in the past seventy years since the British preferred to leave the region.

  • They have fought four wars with Pakistan.
  • A full-fledged war and recently a military standoff with China in Doklam.
  • They have annexed a sovereign nation, Sikkim.
  • They have sponsored terrorist outfits to destabilize the neighbors.
    • Mukti Bahini in East Pakistan,
    • the LTTE in Sri Lanka,
    • the Maoists in Nepal and lately
    • Baloch separatists in Pakistan are all India’s brain child.

Not to forget Hindu leaders of India have imposed economic blockades on a Hindu majority Nepal four times already. 

This is not all.

The open secret is that India has made several attempts to annex Nepal and conspired to split the Himalayan nation.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi few years back delivering a speech during India’s republic day celebration had claimed that Pakistan will have to be divided into several pieces. With this open admission, Indian aggression is not a secret anymore. Under the Taliban style regime of Narendra Modi, India is not at all a peaceful nation.

Thus, in the wake of fresh terrorist attack in Nepal by one of the Maoist splinters, the world must acknowledge without any double standard that India is a country that is not just a regional bully but an extremist nation that has become a serious threat to the world peace and serious efforts must be made to denuclearize India.


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