Nepal: Miserable Politics!

Nepal: Miserable Politics!

NP Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: The India nourished and loved radical Maoists leading Nepal Government as expected has started suppressing ‘press and the people’.

This is the result of a weakened opposition, Nepali Congress and the other parties having democratic bend that has emboldened the rulers to show their true communist color.

Definite symptoms of an authoritarian rule is already visible. The formal declaration though has not yet been made but yet the State has in the recent days is all set to curb freedom of expression and that of the press.

The government though denies that such a step was forthcoming.
It is said that press and the nation rise and fall together.

The social media and the newspapers have begun feeling the heat of the upcoming draconian laws. However, observers claim that even worst days are yet to come which shall usher in the country the day the war time criminals shall be challenged in earnest and taken to the appropriate courts for trials.

But will that be an easy task for the RED government to irritate the press?

The fun is that Pradip Kumar Gyanwali, Foreign Minister of the same ‘One-Party Communist Government’ promised the world body the other day in Geneva that the government is committed towards ending impunity in the country.

Interestingly the Maoists are not only in government but also share the same party with Minister Gyanwali, which implies that either Gyanwali is bluffing before the international community or their party is heading for a vertical split.

Minister Gyawali’s Geneva statement also speaks that the former UML (United Marxist Leninist) is not that pleased with the “politically unstable and fickle minded” Prachanda.

Gyawali promised before the international community that “blanket amnesty” shall in no way be entertained to those who have been held accountable for having committed heinous crimes during the Maoists led people’s war.

The Maoists were responsible for the killings of seventeen thousands innocent lives.

The US must listen to the plea of the family members of those who were the victim of the Maoists killings. And some fled the country for good for fear of being brutally attacked after the Maoists entered into the mainstream national politics.

The Maoists also looted many financial institutions during their farcical rebellion.

The radical communist led Government a la North Korea has complicated the entire politics whose repressive tendencies are coming to the fore each day.

Now the question is whether the US and its democratic allies in Western Europe can afford two North Korean regimes in Asia?

The February 27-28 meet of baby Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump meet in Hanoi, Vietnam, has ended with no substantial result.

Back home, the US defense official who was in Kathmandu must have sensed that Nepal is sure to land in trouble sooner than later. The US must understand the message underneath or else it would be too late for the so called democratic world?

If the US is told that India has exported this terror machine to Nepal called the Maoists then will the Trump administration take penal actions against India?

The US must not take India as its friend. India can never be a reliable friend.

In fact, India is still tied up with the Russian federation, the successor of the former Soviet Union with the security agreement.

More so, India is like a chameleon which can any time for its political benefit ditch the US. Take it for granted.

Look how in phases India had planned to destroy Nepal-an ancient nation which has the distinction of being in existence when the notion of nation-state had begun to take shape in the world centuries back.

It would not be out of place to put in record for the readers that Nepal was a sovereign nation even in the Mahabharata era-an era that dates back to some six thousand years ago.

Focusing on politics surrounding the grand old party, Nepali Congress, not only the party is confronting the communist onslaught but is also struggling in the internal front.

Recently, Dr. Shekhar Koirala from his hometown has exploded a bombshell against party chief Sher Bahdur Deuba.

The Koirala family if united and stick to a single stand that is in favor and in the larger interest of the nation then they can be blessed by the people across the country and regain the original popularity of the party to what is absent today.

Dr. Shashank Koirala, the General Secretary of the NC is politically unstable persona, for example.

Then comes the judiciary which in the recent years too have been attacked one way or the other. With the politicization of judiciary in the recent years, question remains whether it could ever assert its previous impartial role?

Unfortunately Nepal Army, one of the oldest institution of Nepal is also not doing well, rumors have it.

The Army remains a mere spectator as and when the neighboring Indian Border Security Forces enter into Nepali territory by undermining Nepal’s sovereignty.

Observers opine that the national army must take it as an aggression by the neighboring country and should have, as per national expectations, defended the motherland.

The Army on the contrary keeps silence. This is meaningful.

This means that the objectives that had been set by the engineers of the 12 point agreement in Delhi have all been met with enjoying the undeclared assistance of our own heroes and builders.

These heroes and builders prefer to serve India first.

But for what gains? Nobody has the knowledge.

The monarchy is nowhere in the scene. The Nepali Congress is already a sinking horse. Judiciary is non-functional.

Having said this, observers claim that with the entrance of Honorable Justice Cholendra S Rana, the sagging morale of the judiciary has received a new lease of life. Yet much remains to be seen in the days ahead.


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