India’s War Hysteria for Poll Gains?

India’s War Hysteria for Poll Gains?

N.P. Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: Ashok Swain, a Swedish thinker of Indian origin emphatically states that India shouldn’t and must not get into Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s manipulated pre-election war frenzy.

Swain is a professor of Peace and Conflict research at a Swedish university and he made the observation in his recent tweet.

Professor Swain powerfully claims, “Mark my words-In the next 5 months, Modi will smile more in public and will cry more in public. India should be also prepared for a major riot and/or a major border confrontation with Pakistan before the 2019 election”.

Is there anything else to be said of Narendra Modi politics?

The Nepalese recall the latest economic blockade, 2015, imposed by India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and what about the “security agreement” reached between a Bharatiya Janata Party Government through Brajesh Mishra with Nepal’s Maoists during AB Vajpayee led government in 2002?

India provided shelter to the terrorist tagged Maoists of Nepal for over a decade in Delhi (NOIDA suburbs) and at an opportune moment the terrorists were exported to Nepal.

Nepal was tricked.

The net result could still be seen as to how the national politics in Nepal is swinging as per the whims of the indoctrinated shenanigans of the Indian regime.

These mischiefs are in various camps with a fixed motive. Admit this fact.

Now, let us dwell into a fresh US Intelligence report on prevailing situation in South Asia.

Professor Swain’s prediction is very well backed by United States DNI (Director of National Intelligence) report presented on January 29 2019.

The report was submitted to the US senate and it claims that the regional security scenario in South Asia is bleak specially referring to the Indo-Pak relations.

“The past trend of regional tensions will continue, but there are new dangers”, the 2019 NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE STRATEGY report adds and it continues, “Political maneuvering resulting from the Indian national elections probably will further constrain near-term opportunities for improving (India-Pakistan) ties.”

The most dangerous of it all is the DNI report summary that “Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist campaign might trigger communal clashes in India in the run-up to the 2019 poll”.

“At any rate, it is damning indictment of India’s ruling party when it is perceived as a threat to regional security and as a blot on Indian democracy,” the report stresses.

The observations are part of the report presented by the US Director for National Intelligence, Daniel Coats in the United States Intelligence Community’s 2019 assessment of threats to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Combining Professor Swain’s predication and the DNI report, makes it clear the real reason behind the Pulwama incident? Was Pulwama incident Narendra Modi’s election game? Keep on guessing!

Needless to say, Pakistan and India are on logger heads since the two countries gained their independence from the British India, 1947.

Thanks the two warring rivals have kept adequate restraint and thus South Asia is so far safe.

But for how long will Pakistan tolerate the insulting threats coming from across the border?

Pakistan is not the subservient Nepal, observers here guess.

Pakistan rulers if they at all care about their nation’s integrity and pride should quit South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) before the regional hegemon, India pressurizes Nepal-the current chair, to declare SAARC clinically dead.

Wisdom demanded, Nepal as current chair of SAARC, to have offered the two South Asian giants a mediatory role or at least urge for exhibiting restraint in the Kashmir issue.

However, observers claim that Nepali leaders who abide by the dictates of the Indian regime could not be the fitting mediator for such a grave issue that is Kashmir.

Sane Nepali intellectuals appeal India to allow the UN to mediate the issue or else the Kashmir conflict will continue to mar the political stability of this greater South Asian region, China included.

War is not the solution nor could it be, this is what observers opine.

The fact is that smaller countries in this region feel threatened for both India and Pakistan have gone nuclear and what will happen if any fanatic person of the sort of current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, tabs the nuclear button either in India or for that matter in Pakistan?

Around the same time of the Avantipura-Pulwama attack, some Professors from Republic of South Korea while attending a seminar in Seoul not only condemned acts of terrorism but also deplored use of pallet guns against innocent Muslim civilians in the India Occupied Kashmir.

Eric Lee, the Professor of International Relations at the Dongguk University, South Korea, said “the Geneva Convention prohibits use of weapons that cause excessive injury or unnecessary suffering including the use of the pellet guns”.

The Indian security forces prefer pellet guns and even do not spare the children below five as and when the kids come into the streets, the meeting discussed.

Later in the week, the main man behind Godhara Mass killings of Indian Muslims, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India was honored with a “peace prize” by some Korean enterprise.

This is mysterious.

Koreans must be briefed of 2002 Godhara killings of Gujarat and Narendra Modi’s war mongering. It is here that Pakistan diplomacy has miserably failed.

For Hindu fundamentalist Bhartiya Janata Party of India, every Muslim, whether they be nationals of India or Pakistan, should necessarily be a terrorist.

Even the Oxonian (Oxford Graduate) Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan is taken by some insane intellectuals in India as Taliban Khan.

But they, the Koreans, gave clean chit to the Godhara massacre mastermind Modi.

This is ugly and unfortunate. Koreans were briefed wrongly about PM Modi or else a great disaster may have been averted.

The three Khans of the Bollywood film industry Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir and very freshly Nasiruddin Shah, very well know what it means to be a Muslim in a Hindu fundamentalist India now under the tight control of the Hindu fanatics headed by Narendra Modi.

These Muslim actors have kept silence after being reprimanded by their “Hindu friends”.

They must have been in a scared state at the moment because of this Pulwama incident.

By the way, Nepal is Hindu majority but Hindus here exhibit tolerant behavior towards people of other religious beliefs.

“Nepal is a classic example of Hindu-Muslim tolerance since ages”, claim even outsiders.

On the other hand, a Pakistan Cabinet minister Ghulam Rashid unaware of Hindu practices in Nepal, threatened Hindus world over of serious consequences if there were attacks on Muslims. He was scolding India by the way in his TV talk. Hope that he will address the concerns of Nepali Hindus.

The Pakistani leader must understand that not all Hindus are fundamentalists

Intolerance, whether it is in Hindu or Muslim religion is not acceptable.

The United Nations prefers not to annoy India for reasons kept a secret since 1948. This is a mystery indeed. Even if the reluctant UN wants to mediate as it has shown its intent to do the same this time, India opposes the move. But why was the UN silent over the Kashmiri killings over these decades and decades?

Why the International body prefers India in an oblique manner over the silent cry of the innocent Kashmiris? Nepal observers remain puzzled over such a “tilted” stance taken by the UN Body.

Quite rightly says Dr. Farooq Abdullah, a Kashmiri politician of high repute, that incidents of the sort of Pulwama attack shall continue even in the days ahead and advises the New Delhi government, “It must initiate talks with dissatisfied people who have taken this disturbing route….unless the government takes a modest posture against them such incidents will recur at regular intervals”.

Dr. Abdullah was talking to an Indian television channel.

“The Indian government must go into the root cause of the terrorists attacks”, claims Dr. Abdullah.

Former Kashmir Chief Minister Mrs. Mehbooba Mufti also talks in the same wavelength.

Back in India, many now have begun talking of the government’s Intelligence failure for the Pulwama attack.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee while mourns the killings of Pulwama incident, she concurrently slams Modi government “for politicizing the attack” and she has demanded its ouster for failing to take precautionary measures despite an intelligence alert.

Banerjee also accused the RSS (Rastriya Swyam Sevak Sangathan) and the BJP of trying to incite communal violence in her state, report Indian news agencies.

“Why was a convoy of 78 vehicles transporting over 2,000 troopers allowed to go together, when the government had information about a possible attack? Why were precautionary measures not taken,” questions the West Bengal Chief Minister.

Others claim that PM Modi may have orchestrated the attack when he concluded that Priyanka Gandhi’s cyclonic entrance into the Indian congress politics were likely to goad the approaching elections to the fold of the rival congress.

As of now, even the US has not directly blamed Pakistan for the attack, as expected by India. But, instead President Donald Trump stated that over these months the “US has developed very friendly terms with Pakistan”.

The biggest political jolt to India was awarded by The Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman who did not utter a single word on Pulwama as expected and desired by India in his fresh visit to Delhi.

The Saudi Prince made Pakistan the first country for his first trip to Asia covering India and China as well.

The Saudis have apparently joined the CPEC and in a way the Saudi Crown Prince could be taken as a foreign dignitary who has assisted Pakistan to become a game changer in this part of the world.

One could see China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia now assisting each other for shared benefits.

By now, Indian media and a number of congress leaders claim that it was the Indian intelligence failure and that PM Modi’s threat to Pakistan that he will teach a lesson by blocking river water is nothing but speaks of his defeated mentality. That’s all.

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