Nepal: Will Politics Crumble?

Nepal: Will Politics Crumble?

N.P. Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: National politics has become volatile. Interestingly, this political fluidity is associated with a bit of inherent idiocy that is being exhibited by our “heroes and builders” who have been tentatively exported to Nepal by the friend across the border.

It was almost an exodus of the Maoists back to the home country in 2006 hoping that the entire State mechanism could be controlled and manipulated by the Indian regime through the Nepal Maoists who have had been well trained and indoctrinated by the Indian regime right in Delhi.

Instructions are still being obeyed which is visible. Isn’t it?

India as a nation state though possesses abundant hatred against the proliferation of Communists inside its own territory and elsewhere also, however, the same Indian regime preferred to groom Nepal Maoists providing secured shelter to the Communists of the neighborhood in its soil but, as the luck would have it, they had been specially designed to damage Nepal through their own leaders. India won the game as it always wins.

The damage has already been done and continues unabated since April 2006. The Indian agents could be located inside our own system and political parties of different shades and colors.

It was almost a similar case of Lendhup Dorje who through a tacit agreement with the then Indian regime headed by Mrs. Indira Gandhi helped India to gulp his own nation with no regrets in the beginning.

Needleless to say, this number one traitor of South Asia Lendhup Dorje died an unsung death which is what he admitted to a selected set of the Indian media outlets prior to leaving this material world for good, so wrote Sudhir Sharma in one of his fresh but frightening articles on the disappearance of Sovereign Kingdom of Sikkim from the world map. Mr. Sharma has well depicted the scene as to how the Independent Sikkim vanished from the world map all of a sudden.

But the timing of the Sharma’s article too may have some meaning underneath. But what? Is Nepal becoming the Second laboratory? Honest question with malice to none.
India at one point of time used and over used the Nepal Maoists while they were enjoying New Delhi’s hospitality and in lieu of the help extended then to our Maoists, the Indian regime extracted political benefits from the ones whom the foreign regime have had once groomed with great care.

In the process India used also two trusted Nepali journalists who met Prachanda and Dr. BR Bhattarai in NOIDA. They flew from Kathmandu then by Cosmic Air.

The direct benefits to India included the ouster of Nepal’s Royal Institution once and for all. Monarchy had to be thrown because the institution did not obey to the Indian dictates generally. King Gyanendra was the last victim of India. The Republican leaders are now being tortured after the King abdicated the throne under intense pressure.

The net result has been that the exported radical communists who have been ruling the nation as of today have made it a point to design the process of national development in such a way that ultimately benefits the core security interests of the Indian regime.

Nepali leaders remain undeterred in allowing the Indian regime to pounce upon this guardian less nation, if it could be called.

However, in the recent days, the national politics is dominated by the issue pertaining to the far flung country-the Bolivarian country Venezuela.

The men handling the united Communist party at the top possess some sort of hatred for the United States (?) and state that the US imperialists must not have interfered into the exclusive matters of the Venezuelans. This meant the Nepal Communists, the former Maoists mostly, preferred Nicolas Maduro as President to continue who is about to flee the country, it is highly likely.
Prachanda issued the strong worded statement on Venezuela under the instructions from New Delhi, claim high placed sources.

He was in fact, say some high placed sources that this strong expression came close on the heels of an almost devastating statement made by “the United Nations in Nepal and some other nine Kathmandu-based Western embassies who had called on the Nepali government to honor the Supreme Court verdict on transitional justice, so writes Mr. Bishwas Baral for the Times of India dated February 14, 2019.

Baral writes further that “the court had, most notably, ruled out ‘blanket amnesty’ on human rights violations from the decade-long Maoist conflict (1996-2006) during which 17,000 people died and nearly 2,000 ‘disappeared’. Top Maoist leaders, definitely Prachanda included, see all cases from the period as part of a legitimate war and no top Maoist leader or commander should hence be prosecuted after the fact.

Prachanda and his People’s War time colleagues fear as to what may happen to them in case the State doesn’t grant blanket amnesty to them for the war time crimes? Prachanda’s wrath against the US is real which also hints that he is terribly shaken from within.

Whereas the men in the government, for example, Prime Minister KP Oli prefers not to annoy the lone Super Power thinking perhaps political benefits in the distant future that may come from the US and thus has taken a soft line in condemning the US for having poked its nose on poking its nose in the Venezuelan crisis. PM Oli perhaps prefers to value the statement issued by the UN and the other Western embassies which is what may too have distanced PM Oli with Prachanda. Is Prachanda really shaken?

Though the government tried to dilute the Prachanda’s rough statement to an extent that could be digested by the US, however, the US did not take the government’s stance much different and accommodative than what had been made by Nepal Communist party Chairman Comrade Prachanda on January 25, last month and he did it so deliberately with a fervent hope to bring in about a grand rift in between the Nepal Government and the US administration. This presumption appears close to the reality because the rumored Delhi man did it during the absence of PM Oli from the country. Prachanda was instructed by India to pounce upon the US, observers believe.

But leaving PM Oli to remain engaged in the Venezuelan crisis with the US, Prachanda appears to have patched up his differences with the United States on the Venezuelan affairs. The climax of it all is that the US has invited Prachanda to visit Washington at his convenience. This has been reported by one of the Maoists man close to Comrade Prachanda. If this is true then should the Nepali population conclude that the US administration prefers to ignore the call of the UN and the other Western embassies just in lieu that the fierce Maoists leader now has forgotten his remarks made on Venezuela dated January 25?

Back home, PM Oli upon return from his DAVOS conference tried to convince the US of the lapses that appeared in the US-Nepal relations but Ambassador Randy Berry who met the PM at his official residence was not happy with the PM saying that it was a “tongue slip” of the Party Co-chairman Prachanda.

In the process, the US envoy have had already skipped the diplomatic meet summoned by the Nepal Government but was clever enough to send his deputy to attend to the said meet wherein the Nepal PM was also present along with the country’s foreign minister.

Sensing that PM Oli was playing double with him and that Oli was also ignoring his say both in the party and in government, an overly annoyed and irritated Prachanda-the fiercest one of the NOIDA era-speaking at a political program in Kathmandu warned that “not to think that the Maoists have no existence in the nation but instead be informed that the nation now urgently needs an even stronger Maoists than the previous one if need be”.

This was a direct challenge directed towards the PM Oli who, as Prachanda concludes, has been ignoring and minimizing the role of the former Maoists chief Comrade Prachanda.

Should this mean that Comrade Prachanda has already been approached by New Delhi authorities to remain at war with PM Oli as and when Delhi instructs him? Should this also mean then that some more thousands people have to sacrifice their lives as in the past? If Delhi so desires and backs then …definitely is possible. Destabilization of the country should begin now hopefully. Is the US also thinking on how to unseat the Communist government in Nepal? Perhaps yes because the US did not dare to summon Indian Ambassador in Washington for having denounced the US for having poked its nose on Venezuelan affairs whereas Nepal’s envoy in the US was asked to furnish the details, Why?

Has Prachanda played double in the mean time?

This could also be taken as a war of New Delhi on PM Oli through the effective use of their long time tested and trusted friend Comrade Prachanda who had a long stint in New Delhi enjoying local SSB security? The issue being the Venezuelan crisis.

But the news that Prachanda has met the US Ambassador Randy Berry and the US has already extended an invitation to the former Maoists leader has somewhat puzzled the Nepali population. DEvendra Poudel Sunil is on record to have said that Prachanda and the US now were in the same page. The US is with whom? With Nepal PM Oli or with Delhi assisted Prachanda? Though both were in the good books of the Indian regime.

But yet, Nepal PM Oli is being taken as a China man in New Delhi and thus may have planned Oli’s ouster from the government and install Comrade Prachanda as new Nepal PM. But PM Oli is a Delhi’s man more trusted than Prachanda say those who understand PM Oli better from his Mahakali days followed by his days in the Medanta Hospital in Delhi.

Medanta hospital is taken as one of the best in South Asia for renal impairment. Oli was a frequent visitor of this Hospital and that too for free treatment.

But yet that Prime Minister Oli’s ties with India have derailed in the recent days gets reflected when the sitting Foreign Minister Pradip Gyawali said this Sunday, 10 February 2019, that “India and China could not discuss ‘Lipulekh’ in Nepal’s absence.

The Foreign minister also point blank said that Nepal would not sign on the Nepal-India border strip map unless ‘Kalapani’ and Susta land disputes were resolved.
By the way, India and China had agreed in Beijing, 2014, that Delhi and Beijing would henceforth would regulate their bilateral trade through the Lipulekh. And this they did without asking Nepal’s permission in advance as Nepal rightfully claims Lipulek to be its landmass.

Mind it that Nepal FM has directed his gun towards Delhi only after Prachanda has challenged PM Oli. Perhaps this may have some meaning. A Nepali media man has demanded that midterm polls be held in Nepal as PM Oli has failed in making the national population happy even when he enjoyed the two thirds majority in the parliament. This too must have some meaning underneath.

This means that Nepal has neither good relations with India nor with China. It is also stated that China too has gulped several thousands of hectares of Nepali landmass in the adjoining Dolakha district of Nepal, so claimed the noted border expert some two years back in one of his eye opening articles.

The Goliath i. e. India has swallowed 15 Singaporean landmass from Nepal’s territory and yet India claims that Nepal-India have traditional relations. Nothing of that sort exists. All fraudulent claims from across the border.

Looking at all these political developments what could be said that India and China are not only in Kathmandu politics, but the third subtle smart player too has found its place in Nepal. But what could be the prime interest of the US in Nepali politics other than to bring in Nepal as a close partner in the Indo-Pacific command or say strategy? The European Union is here from the very beginning.

It should be noted here that Nepal established diplomatic ties with the USA much ahead of our diplomatic linkages with India or for that matter China.

This way, the US is Nepal’s longtime friend and a good development partner. The US-Nepal ties had touched a new height when slain King Birendra’s zone of peace proposal had been awarded recognition by the Reagan Administration.

Nepal must expand its long maintained ties with the lone Super Power but concurrently must not deviate from is structured foreign policy for which this country had been praised even by the USSR and the US even in the Cold War period. This demands sharp diplomatic brain indeed.

Very freshly, Nepali politics is finding it difficult in ascertaining as to whether the “People’s War” anniversary be celebrated or not? Understandably, the UML which was not a part of the so called People’s War rejected the celebration out rightly. Whereas, the original Maoists, Comrade Prachanda as Supreme Commander, has marked the war anniversary. This means that the Unified Communists party which is ruling the nation with iron fists is in pains whose climax could be a vertical split. But signals must come from the South.

For the Road: One world class thinker Jean Rostand has said “Kill one man and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men you are a conqueror. Kill them all and you are a God”. Given this words of wisdom, in which category does our hero Prachanda fits into?

Or is it that the US has already granted Prachanda the much needed “blanket amnesty” much to the dismay of the UN body and other embassies from Western democracies based in Kathmandu?


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