Is Oli last PM of republic Nepal?

By N.P. Upadhyaya

Late Girija Prasad Koirala handpicked law maker of the Nepali Congress, Mr. Amresh Kumar Singh very emphatically claims that the republican order now in force, if it collapses time permitting, it would do so only because of the excessive arrogance of the incumbent Prime Minister KP Oli. Does he mean that KP Oli is the last Prime Minister of republican Nepal? Is he playing this dangerous game?
Mr. Singh made these hair raising observations while talking to Mr. Rishi Dhamala just the other day.
Mr. Singh further said that PM Oli neither has intimate relations with India nor with China. Let’s not talk of the US, so said Mr. Singh.
The daddy of them all was Mr. Singh’s well calculated presumption that as and when the system collapses, it may be the Military, or an independent political entity which shall rule the country eventually. He though claims that there remain no chances of the Nepali Monarchy to bounce back to power.
Mr. Singh is taken by most of the knowledgeable observers in Nepal as to have been a man having “intimate” ties with the Indian RAW machinery. The authenticity remains yet to be substantiated though.
According to Mr. Singh, PM Oli is a disaster for the country and that he is above the laws of the land. This is what he gave the impression about PM Oli while talking to Rishi Dhamala. Mr. Singh claims that each evening after nine PM Oli meets with mysterious people. He however, did not reveal their names.
Thus we leave up to the readers to take Mr. Singh’s revelations as it is or filter some of the observations as suits to the tastes of the readers.
Now to come to the point: Political movements not necessarily bring desired results though expectations remain. It instead doubles the anticipation among the common men thinking that the revolution that they have been advocating shall address their present day miseries and act in a manner as has been expected by the common men who long for a better living conditions. The common people expect better of their future which is just natural.
It is this high expectation which forces the innocent people to get carried away by the lucrative appeals being made by the parties in opposition wherein their promise made to the people may be that that once they come to power, the miseries shall vanish in a day or two.
In practical life, no such quick solutions have so far been found even when the existing politics of a country gets changed through a revolution or its equivalent.
Nationally recognized comedians Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bans Acharya, observers vividly recall, were the ones to embolden the people in bringing about a political change through their speeches or through dramatic acts which inevitably contained the message that the upcoming change shall modify the face of the nation and also of the people. And in the process, the common men came to the streets and dismantled the old order and allowed the new political animals to enter into the body politic of the nation. The humor loaded drama staged by the widely acclaimed comedians worked.
The comedian duo have had remained instrumental in the two political upheavals that the people have witnessed in the past, the first being that of the change of 1990s and the second one dates back to 2005-6.
Whether the comedian duo advocated for the political changes on their own or were told to warm up the streets by some invisible alien forces (mostly the European nations as was believed then) near and far, remains yet a mystery, however whatever may have been the case, the fact is that the civilized comedians though may have done so with a good heart but the net result is that the acclaimed humorists have miserably failed or better say that their preferred men in the political domain have made them to fail. Who cheated whom remains yet a mystery? But what is for sure is that the people were definitely cheated. Above all, the humorists too were cheated ultimately as was evident the manner Mr. Madan Shrestha was ventilating his inner pains.
The comedians failed in their “clean politics mission” which began with the mudslinging of the slain monarch and continued until the last sitting monarch who preferred to enter into the jungles in 2006.
Thus the Ma-ha duo did more harm than good to the politics of the nation. Instead of repenting, Mr. Shrestha the other day portrayed the national politics as to have been revolving round “corruption, cheat and deceit” and the listener was the former Delhi dweller Comrade Prachanda. Mr. Shrestha did not utter a single word that he and his colleague in some way or the other got swayed by the so called “agents of change” which is why the entire upside down in Nepali politics could not bring about any visible positive mark in the lives of neither the people nor in that of the nation.
Comedian Shrestha the other day spoke of all the evils that have gripped the nation of late more so after the dictatorial rule of the radical communists which irritated Prachanda, the chief guest of the function who has the distinction of having killed some seventeen thousand innocent Nepali civilians, and during his reply speech he said that had it been the People’s War period, he would have retaliated to Mr. Shrestha’s pungent comments made against the system and the ruling elites in a befitting manner.
Mr. Shrestha may have targeted Prachanda as he was the main political authority present in the said program as the chief guest that day which was televised in the national TV.
In a way, Prachanda in a subtle manner hinted the Super comedian that his hands were tied now in the changed context or else he would have done to what had to be done to Mr. Shrestha. It was just an implied jolt to Shrestha from the “People’s War” Supremo who waged the war on Nepal by being in New Delhi.
Prachanda controlled his anger, this much was evident while he was replying to the concerns made by comedian Shrestha in the beginning of the program. His inflamed face told everything.
Prachanda while replying to Shrestha’s near to vitriolic comments appeared to have controlled his anger and thus maintained his posture as was demanded of him in such an awkward situation.
To come to the point, Mr. Shrestha and his copartner Hari bansh Acharya have done in the past a job that has to be highly commended, however, they equally need to be blamed for having championed for a change that had a foreign backing, observers claim. The demands for the change were not a home grown one. And the leaders that the Change they brought later were needless to say most corrupt and self-centered which “we the people” have been watching all along beginning 1990 till to date. The changes brought with it the foreign dominations as well. India was top in the list to dominate Nepal.
This comedian duo in many more ways than one associated themselves with the invisible agents of the Change and thus aligned with those leaders also who had been in the front for the public consumption for the political change had ever enjoyed foreign backing in essence, it is widely believed.
But comparatively the new entrant in the comedy sector, Sitaram Kattel and Kunjana Ghimire (nick named Dhurmus-Suntali) have been doing of late tremendous job that has been appreciated by the entire population. In fact, the D-K duo (in fact they are husband and wife in real life) have in the last four years or so devoted their lives to the betterment of the deprived section of the Nepali society. Their “help the poor mission” continues with even more enthusiasm which remained absent in the activities of the Shrestha duo. However, yet this does not mean that the former comedian celebrities did not do for the poor. Yes they did served the poor with clear heart but they just brought smiles and laughter in the depressing faces. No substantial helps worth remembering the poor section received as such from Ma-Ha duo.
Empty bowels demand much more than laughter, for example, availability of two meals a day and existence of a proper shelter called home.
On the contrary, the D-K duo have been trying both to the needy ones in the remote villages and also in those areas which got devastated by the last quake of the year 2015.
The D-K duo have just announced that they will construct a Sports complex (Cricket Stadium mainly) soon in Chitwan district and the land for this purpose have been granted by the local municipality.
The job which had to be accomplished by the radical communist government is being tried by a couple whose previous contributions have already touched an optimum mark.
The D-K duo have already made a commitment that they shall construct this sports complex. Thanks Sitaram Kattel and Madame Kunjana Ghimire-Kattel. Development has become synonymous to this D-K duo.
On a different note, Nepal at the moment is divided on the Venezuelan issue.
Some are with Prachanda who denounced the US for having intervened into the internal affairs of this Bolivarian country then others claim that Nepal must not have spoken anything “hard” on this issue because Nepal doesn’t have any direct political linkages with this far flung country. Yet some others see that Prachanda’s statement was timely but the statement could have been made mild so that the US too could have consoled that a nonaligned Nepal perhaps deserved the right to say so.
And here is the first faux pas ever registered in maintaining Nepal’s foreign policy statements made on such a similar case in the past.
Nepal as a sovereign nation has taken back Prachanda’s strong worded statements made against the US as regards the Venezuelan crisis perhaps to save its face. Prachanda’s previous statement thus has been modified and made soothing to the US in a way that doesn’t contain any such words that may embarrass the lone Super Power but instead the whole statement has thus been changed which ultimately suits to the US taste.
Perhaps this is Nepal’s first diplomatic defeat since this country embraced the notion of Non Alignment.
Now that the US has been pleased but when the Nepali population should expect a strong worded statement against the regional Goliath which has been gulping Nepali landmass since decades and decades? Has Prachanda or for that matter PM Oli and his hangers on the courage to denounce India? Have these notorious Nepali leaders the political courage to warn India not to exceed the diplomatic limits?
Perhaps not. To expect that these political animals shall issue any sort of strong message suggesting India not to buy the loyalties of the leaders of the ruling parties and also of the opposition as against the closed envelope?
No. Not at all.
The Prachanda statement against Venezuela too may have come under the instructions of the Indian regime to attack the US on behalf of the Indian regime with Nepal included. Prachanda is being taken by the high placed observers as the proxy of India since two decades or so.

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