Life: peace & bliss

Brahmasiri Meetra -
Everybody is seeking success in life but success must not destroy the peace & bliss .
Success must walk together with peace & bliss. Success without peace & bliss is self destructing.
Enlightenment gives art of being in peace , in bliss , in love , in compassion that leads you to total freedom with divine discipline . That is ultimate success beyond all success.
Everybody is seeking real success with enlightenment down the Ages but missed it over again & again. Practice yoga , meditate slowly you will realize where real success lies that is knowing who am I?
It is real existential questions , when answer knocks your door you will be beyond question and answer and be in Conscious , blissful love in existence.
All philosophical , theological , logical query & mind will turn into no mind. You will realize art of living & art of dying being in absolute freedom what we call liberation.
Keep on meditating for individual peace , social peace , national peace , global & universal peace. Enlightenment is not a goal it is destiny onto yourself. Seek inside not outside. Seek in your soul not in scripture.
All scriptures are map to take you into your being. Meditate and know source of life and universe. Consciousness is giving rise to strings called elementary particles that forms the whole universe.
What a great teaching of ved , yoga science , all enlightened Masters & quantum physics.
Meditate upon yourself to know the secret of secret- the United field of all the laws of nature- that is your own soul.
Meditate and know real miracle of life and universe.
Subjective spiritual observation & objective scientific observation will lead to the same destiny that is your own consciousness.
To know this universal consciousness you need to meditate being aware of wakefulness , dreams, and deep sleep.
Consciousness is beyond wakefulness, beyond dreams and beyond deep sleep. Consciousness is the creation and creativity.
Consciousness is GOD: generator , operator and destroyer. Knower of everything is eventually creation of everything . ultimately knower must know knower itself that is enlightenment. Meditate.
Life is , what a blessing. Celebrate with love and care , and spread peace with compassion.

Life ,love and death are together.
Without knowing depth of life one never knows depth of love and death.
Without knowing depth of love one never knows the depth of life and death.
Without knowing the depth of death one never knows depth of life and love.
What mystery of life , love and death.
Let’s be awake our soul. , and be free from all ignorance , and be enlightened.
Life ; love ; death matters.
Soul is the epicentre of universe. Soul is ANORANIYAN- MAHATOMAHIYAN ....
Everything revolves in and around soul. And soul is cosmic super conscious state of Super-nature.
Knowing it one is liberated. Freedom is higher than life , love and death.

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