Modi Failed to Isolating neighbours

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INDIAN Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to have moral courage to speak the truth. Tensions between Pakistan and India could reduce only if there is change in Indian attitude and positive approach in communicating with Pakistan. Moreover continues interference in the international and external policies of the SAARC countries in the era of 21th century is failing India in the regional fora. Besides that Ajit Doval smiles shows short-term target less goals achieved by influencing smaller countries. India is a major source of terrorism in Pakistan and the surrounding countries. As for as Pakistan is concerned India keeping with its ugly tradition of violating the ceasefire agreement and unprovoked aggression, the Indian army targets populous areas of Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK). Civilians across Line of Control (LOC) suffer because of India Firing every day; innocent people are killed and injured. Even schools and other public service buildings are not spared in the callous Indian attacks. Pakistan has always stressed the need for peace and friendly relations between neighbouring countries. For Pakistan dialogue is the major instrument of settlement of issues. But India has never appreciated this spirit of Pakistan, a nuclear power. It is India that needs to mend its ways. But who will tell Modi the meaning of ‘Kettle calling pot black’. Good neighbourly relations have to be developed with good intentions and utmost sincerity.

As AJK president Masood Khan said, Indian forces deliberately target civilian population, their property, livestock and crops to cause damage and create panic. Pak forces don’t target civilian population on other side of the LOC as they consider them their own citizens, brothers and sisters – Masood Khan called upon the international community to take cognizance of the violation of the 2003 ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan. He said India should be held responsible for a wanton loss of human lives and also appealed to the United Nations Secretary – General, Antonio Guterres to take notice of the Indian aggression.

Addressing Kashmir conference, held at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, AJK president Masood Khan reiterated the need to reach out to the international community to get the issue of Kashmir resolved in line with UNSC resolutions and in accordance with the aspirations of Kashmiri people; and justice for the unarmed people who are putting up resistance and fighting over 700,000 armed – to – teeth Indian army.

Modi’s India has failed in all her efforts to isolate Pakistan. Pakistan’s importance in world politics and diplomacy is now more than ever before. In theory India may be secular. But in reality she is a religious fundamentalist, trained in extremism and violent politics. Challenging the Ideology of Pakistan India demands the Islamic Republic to declare itself secular. This is an existential question for Pakistan.

Pakistan Army has urged India to change its attitude of aggression towards its nuclear neighbor, stressing that neither war nor war rhetoric has ever served her interests. DG ISPR of Pakistan said in an interview that India has even seen the result of going at war with Pakistan, and if one war has not changed their attitude 100 more won’t either. Major General Asif Ghafoor said, India should forget surgical strikes, even Indian drones can’t cross LOC. The Army shot down another Indian drone. Interview was aired hours after Pakistan Army shot down a second drone at the LOC.

The United States has finally admitted Pakistan’s vital role in bringing peace to Afghanistan. Pakistan’s view is that only coalition government in Afghanistan can ensure peace. Pakistan has to its credit various operations against terrorism. “Raddul Fasaad” was one of the successful operations against terrorism, aimed at ensuring the rule of constitution and law in the country. Pakistan has seen a spillover of terrorism from Afghanistan. Tackling these issues is authorized by the government. More than 75,000 secret operations were carried out under operation “Raddul Fasaad” and a large range of illegal weapons were recovered. Pakistan Army supports measures to strengthen democracy and democratic behaviors so important and vital for good governance and accountability.

On the request of the United States and Afghanistan Government, Pakistan was facilitating peace talks between the United State and the Taliban. In Pakistan’s view, regional consensus on Afghan peace process is important for success and sustainability of the Afghan peace and reconciliation process. In pursuance of current government’s policy of outreach to the neighbourhood and the region, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi undertook visits to Afghanistan, Iran, China and Russia from December 24-26 and Qatar on December 30, 2018. Consultations were held with the leadership of these countries on strengthening bilateral relations and cooperation for mutual benefits in various fields of development. Pakistan is optimistic about top – level contact with the United States. Foreign Office terms Trump’s willingness to meet new Pakistani leadership a departure from previous stance.

Trump’s anecdote about Modi’s Afghan Library has been revealed in a press report. Trump was in the headlines all across South Asia after he brutally mocked Indian Prime Minister Modi for bragging over and over again about a library that his country built in Afghanistan, which he unforgettably said was equivalent to the cost of what the United States spends there in a mere five hours and questioned whether any Afghans have even ever used the much – touted facility. Regional observers drew attention both to Trump’s condescending tone towards one of the US newest allies and his lack of understanding about the fundamentals of soft power. Modi ridiculously misread Trump. A library of all things is probably the worst way to appeal to the American President and convince him that India is a reliable burden – sharing ally in Afghanistan.

The writer is former Director National Institute of Administration (NIPA) Government of Pakistan, a political analyst, a public policy expert, and a published author. His book Post 9/11 Pakistan was published in the United States. His book Existential Question for Pakistan was recently launched and highly recommended as a must read for everyone.

Apart from that Modi and his team was tiring in resonating voices at national and international level for isolating Pakistan has remarkably unsuccessful and resulted in Modi and BJP is isolated by electorates in the state polls in India. 

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