PM Oli may land in trouble, China-Pakistan-Afghanistan trilateral understanding

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Kathmandu: That former Prime Minister Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal is a Christian has just come to light as per the media reports. The Nepali media which is not only a vibrant one but intelligent also has found several connections that nearly prove that honorable Madhav Nepal have had developed ties with the Christian World since twenty five years or so and that why he used to visit Christian nations quite often has come to open that has in the mean time also educated the Nepali people that Mr. Nepal tentatively is already a Christian and has embraced this faith willingly though the people came to know this reality very freshly.  
Well it is his choice. Nothing to debate and worry as we believe in personal freedom. We also believe that Hinduism has so far not been in confrontation with the Christianity  and that both the differing religions have lived together since decades and decades. Exemplary tolerance in Nepal.  
However, where we disagree with Mr. Nepal is that why he dragged the entire Nepal’s State apparatus through his Comrade -the incumbent PM of Nepal for the successful completion of a program that had been organized with a different motive and intent which basically differed with Nepal’s ancient traditional majoritarian beliefs and practices?
Ek Nath Dhakal, the main man behind this religio-hullabaloo is correct in that he as the Chief of a section of the Nepal’s Christian World did his job well and very tactfully brought the State mechanism in to accomplish his assigned tasks. Kudos to him. That he instantly became a Hero got reflected in Korea wherein he through a well attended lecture  after the Kathmandu Asia-Pacific Summit spoke very high of the Nepal program which, according to him, was a grand success wherein , said a beaming Dhakal amidst a grand gathering in Korea that all the participants in Nepal unanimously accepted the distinguished Korean lady as the “true daughter of the Jesus”.
She could be. We don’t have problem and whey we should or any one should have?
The issue just is why a declared secular state got engaged in a particular religion or say faith and that too in a very surprising manner. Interestingly, Nepal PM KP Oli still claims that whatever he did was correct and all the negative comments being aired were ridiculous and thus nothing to worry about.
Oli’s arrogance is increasing each day. Is he inviting trouble for himself? Perhaps yes. His own party colleagues were crying vociferously against him for his recent and almost forgotten follies but kept in record by his fellow detractors in the party. If Bhim Rawal is up against his party Prime Minister then Bam Dev Gautam, upon meeting Prachanda  has very freshly talked that the party must not have selected KP Sharma Oli as the country’s Prime Minister. This should mean that PM Oli is hollow from within and that a day will soon come when his entire supporters, except the parasites currently associated with him for political and financial gaains, may declare him Persona Non Grata well within his own party. The likelihood remains. Prachanda though talks nothing against PM Oli. This is dangerous. But must have plans to unseat his political rival-PM Oli.
Ominous signals have come all the way from Thailand just the other day when a Nepali sports man was honored with the old Nepal’s national anthem for his top-win in some sports activities. Such acts may not have been done deliberately by the Thai authorities but yet such events do signal that something untoward is likely to happen in Nepal and against PM Oli.
Oli remains undeterred. His earned nationalistic credentials at time of the great economic blockade in 2015 imposed by neighboring India-the undeclared enemy in fact of Nepal have all gone to the dogs.  
His health is already deteriorating and thus he should avoid in creating problems for himself that may have an impact on his health conditions. Good or bad, he should get well soon. We mean it.
Back to the Asia-Pacific Summit.
We repeat, the Hindus have lived happily together with the Christians for long in Nepal which has been acknowledged even by KB Rokaya and Ek Nath Dhakal-both Christianity stalwarts.
When the State is helping, and the State helped, then the job gets easily accomplished and this is what has happened. Oli’s detractors made a fool of him.  Oli says he is not a fool as is being told of him.
Question is why th State helped the Summit? For what gains?
While BJP’s Hindu India, with election reversals in the State elections, remains in an alarmed state watching PM Oli’s likely change in “faith” related overtures, then Xi’s China too is watching with anxiety as to how to contain this threat that has largely gripped Nepal already-its immediate neighbor in the South. The EPG report though has been shelved by India for good citing some funny reasons.
This means that Nepal is being held suspect both by India and China. The security threat remains intact or even one could say has doubled with this Asia-Pacific event.
China never should trust Nepali officials or even the ministers.
The Opposition, the Nepali Congress, being weak, PM Oli is almost like a King flanked by parasites of the highest order who have been draining the national exchequer together with the national goiter President Mrs. Bhandari, as she is being taken by the people. Her appetite for luxury has no limits. She eyes for one helicopter for her domestic travelnow. But she is in the process shortening the life of the Political system. She should read the writings on the wall.
The talk of unseating PM Oli too is in the political circuit. But how is the Himalayan question that has boggled the minds of the political animals and the intellectuals alike.
The two thirds majority as is being enjoyed by PM Oli is what has been hindering the sacking of PM Oli or else many forces, near and far predictably, may have already tried. Yet observers believe that Comrade Prachanda himself shall plot a game and unseat his coalition partner. All that Prachanda needs is the infrared signals from across the border wherein he stayed for aa decade.  
Yes for sure the Nepal Army can but has no courage and is just an ornament that is very expensive for the people.
The former King Gyanendra a modest but a coward personality, can do it but he will never do it instead prefer to travel from this temple to that and the cycle shall continue ad infinitum. This is what he has been doing in effect over these years. Damp squib that he has already become.
Yet one more option remains. The King, the Nepali Congress and the Army institution should unite. But shall they is the Himalayan question then but yet the likelihood remains?
Let’s now talk of Pakistan which has participated in the China-Pakistan-Afghanistan tri-lateral dialogue in Kabul that began on December 15.  
By time this issue gets published, the tri-lateral meet shall have already come to an end. But yet let’s hope that the meet will bring stability in the entire greater South Asian region. Chinese good offices must be appreciated for this trilateral meet. And there is a good news that shall follow.
Beginning the General Zia-Ul –Haq’s days, in the early eighties it is this Pakistan which occasionally gets irritated by USA on this or that count.
But China has come to help Pakistan. The CPEC is doing miracles, we have been told. 
And a very important information we must share with our readers. By the way, retaliating to the comments made by Mr, Niraj Aryal, on Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai ( published in September 20-26, 2018 issue of the People’s Review and which was also posted in the online portal around the same time) by a section of Texas, USA, based Nepali citizens wherein a few of the Nepal’s aggrieved academics and people living in the Texas area who had chanted slogans against Dr. Bhattarai for his dangerous role ( he was second in command in the so called People’s war that had been waged by the Maoists by residing in New Delhi, India) in the so called People’s War which took the lives of some seventeen thousands innocent Nepali civilians, some hooligans or say anti-social elements pounced upon this writer’s office of the ( and the now office of the suspended English language Telegraph Weekly)  in Dillibazar and damaged some computer equipments and threatened the writer of that particular news, Mr. Aryal, and also the Chief editor, the author of this story and his family in Kathmandu, Nepal, not to publish stories or articles that talks of the Maoists past.
(The attack was made around the fag end of September 2018). Since the threat calls, prefers not to publish any articles that talks against the former Maoists for fear of being pounced unnecessarily.
Or else, the former rebels, the Maoists most likely that they were, threatened straight this scribe that anything untoward could happen to the family members even. Stop writing against us, is what I could grasp from the threatening calls that I had been receiving from unidentified mobile numbers with locations that could not be traced. At times, the mobiles showed the Indian numbers or even such numbers which could not be verified even by mobile experts.  
The former Maoists claim that in a revolution innocent civilians often lose their lives and thus it was natural that the People’s War too saw the killings of some innocent civilians. It so happened say the former rebels.   
Now the question is that for how long the Nepali nationals who differed with the Maoists style of politics and political behaviors then should remain out from their mother land feeling insecure? Which country shall listen to the pleas of the Nepal Maoists’ tortured ones? Which one is the land on earth that provides justice to those who needs it urgently?
If it is so then this means that Nepali media men primarily are not yet safe from being penalized or even thrashed by anti social elements, more so by the Maoists of the people’s war era even if the entire set of the former Maoists are in the power corridors of this country? In essence the plum ministries in this communist led government, all have gone into the pockets of the former rebels, including the Home Ministry which is controlled by the most radical of all the Maoists Mr. Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal who is a close friend of Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai from the People’s War days who was( read Dr. Bhattarai) taken to task in Texas, USA recently.  The former rebels perhaps should change themselves and be a part of the civilized society. This is just an appeal to the former Maoists who have joined the government. Let’s live together in peace, observers appeal the former Maoists. But they appear reluctant in listening to such conciliatory approaches and reject proposals of this sort. The former rebels now have become a coalition partner of the incumbent communist government. So modesty is expected from the former Maoists.   God bless this country.
We hope that this news may also bring in some troubles for us but yet as a news man, we remain undeterred. Our duty is to inform the people and to the government even if we are taken to task in an unimaginable manner.
Writes Pragmatic@pragmus in his Twitter account which was taken note in Kathmandu on 12 December, 2018, to Surbhide1@PTP_India: Please Stop mocking the lives of 17, 000 people who were brutally murdered by @brb1954 by glorifying his daughter. His daughter is also an accomplice with no regrets for the genocide.
( Ms. Manushi Yami Bhattarai is the daughter of Dr. BR Bhattarai who was recently praised in New Delhi from where Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai waged people’s war on Nepal. ).
The same person in yet another thrilling Tweet claims, “ A murderer , criminal @brb1954killed 17, 000 (documented) innocent Nepalese.
-Hanged, Slit throat of teachers.
This perhaps explains of the cruelty of the former rebels when they were in War with the Nepal State.
So the victims were in thousands scattered in the globe, we hope so.
And here is the flash news: China, Pakistan and Afghanistan signed a trilateral understanding Saturday to enhance counterterrorism security cooperation, and collectively reiterated their call for the Taliban insurgency to join Afghan peace talks. The foreign ministers of the three countries met in Afghanistan's capital city, Kabul, for a second round of talks, where they put the understanding into effect and also pledged to jointly work for regional connectivity, as well as economic development.
Beijing initiated the platform and hosted the inaugural meeting last year with a mission to help ease tensions and suspicions that have long plagued Afghanistan's relationship with Pakistan. Critics say the tensions have hampered the effort to fight terrorism and promote re
That’s all.

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