Has Nepal become a threat to India and China?

Has Nepal become a threat to India and China?

N.P. Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: Arrogance has a limit. Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli-the accidental Communist and a farce nationalist has crossed all the limits. His façade of nationalism is open to public now. It is this unusually heightened egotism that has dramatically numbered his days in the office.

Even if he is sacked, no one shall complain, we bet, except his fleas and the ones who have benefited most from his post-the unwanted appendage of the former UML party’s fake members that they are. There is a famous Latin saying that goes like “When God wants to penalize a person, he makes him first to go mad”.

Oli’s senility is tragic and his end is going to be beyond imagination.

This Latin saying perfectly fits into our Prime Minister who was recently blessed by a supernatural being, in effect a South Korean lady of dubious and debatable prestige, right inside Kathmandu’s five star Hotel.

The Prime Minister stayed in a hotel for all along three days and three nights ignoring important issues confronting the nation just to get her blessings. He got the much needed blessings, will that extend his days in office is no one’s sure of but, hilariously he was also given best governance award. The price, he had to pay for that prize, drink a so called Holy Wine and extend full state support to the organizers of the blessings ceremony.

This created a hullabaloo as the ceremony was organized by a dubious Korean Christian Cult founded by Sun Myung Moon, called as Unification Church. Moon was once arrested for his involvement in Arms trade, it is also reported in the media. The church is currently headed by Moon’s wife Hak Ja Han.

Hak Ja is taken as the only daughter of Jesus Christ by her followers, which other devout Christians all over the world out rightly reject.

Nepal’s Prime Minister could have easily refused to participate in a ceremony organized by the dubious organization, which he did not. Perhaps the cash award of USD 100,000 lured Nepal’s Prime Minster.

After all money matters to all and that too for the thug communists of Nepal. Just look at the assets that have amassed in the last two to three decades of their reign in the country.

Madhav Kumar Nepal, the former Prime Minister and a high ranking Nepal Communist Party leader, according to reports is associated with the Unification Movement- a worldwide religious movement of the Unification Church, for over two decades already.

Reports also say that it was Madhav Nepal who had compelled Prime Minister Oli to take blessings from the Jesus’s daughter, to drink the holy wine and also to support the program at the state level. Unfortunately for the communists but fortunately for the country, the event brought the scattered and the differing population on certain political accounts, together this time and have all converged to a point where they now are certain that the communists of Nepal are in fact foreign agents.

The people have started believing that the communist Prime Minister of Nepal and his party senior leaders are against their own religious beliefs.

The PM has remained so far silent and has made no comments for he thinks that whatever he did, was not in contradiction with the faith being practiced by the majority of the national population even as of today.

Nepal as a nation-state so far has remained flexible and tolerant to other religions and faiths. Hindus have lived happily together with the Christians for long in Nepal, as said recently by K.B Rokaya, who is a leader of another Christian church in Nepal.

Nepal was always known for the strange mingling of Hindu and Buddhist faith. This event is thus taken as a plot to create fissures in between various religious groups in the country. This is dangerous.

More interesting is to further dig into Madhav’s long term association with this movement and for what material benefit is he supporting this movement?

To recall it is the same Madhav Nepal who in his madness had proposed to invite Indian military to tame King Birendra in 1990. And, listening to this somewhat embarrassing proposal the then party general secretary Madan Bhandari- who was later killed in an accident, while ridiculing the idea had said that political parties should never allow the dirty Indian army to land in Nepal under any circumstances.

With Prime Minister KP Oli it is clear by now that he is losing not only his popular base, but also has created enemies well within his own party and the coalition co-chaired by the former stooge of Indian establishment Prachanda.

Prachanda is just awaiting for an opportunity to unseat KP Oli to take charge over Singhdurbar.

Prachanda kept himself distant from the said Holy Summit.

Bhim Rawal and some more others from his party are also the ones who are standing against the Prime Minister. Mr. Rawal claimed talking on TV that the nation can not have a Prime Minister having Christian tilt.

Frankly speaking, Nepal’s faith related event to some extent found its mild reverberations both in China and India. China has dealt this problem in her own special way already, it is learnt. Now, it remains to be seen how India handles the Nepal perversions if at all it were?

While India remains in an alarmed state watching PM Oli’s likely change in “faith” related overtures, then China too is watching with anxiety as to how to contain this threat that has largely gripped Nepal already The target is now India and China, it is highly believed and Nepal is just a launch base.

Further to this (un)holy event, China may have freshly received serious jolt when it became public that some high placed senior police officials in Nepal were the disciples of the Dalai Lama. One such event has just happened in Ramkot wherein one sitting AIG of Nepal Police was blessed by Dalai’s local disciple, claim media reports. The Home Minister, the former Maoists leader Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal, has very freshly assured the outgoing Chinese envoy that Nepal remains firm in its One China policy. Nepal police and government officers talk double generally, it is alleged. This must have alarmed China to the hilt. China has now reasons to disbelieve Nepal and her officials including Ministers.

Having said all this, is there a constitutional way to unseat Prime Minister KP Oli.

Oli’s arrogance has reasons to go up even more as there is no constitutional mechanism which can turn his table upside down.

In addition, the Opposition, Nepali Congress a dead horse already is struggling with factions and sub-factions which in effect has been killing the party from within.

Shashank Koirala, the General Secretary of the Party too is being taken to task for his pro Hindu remarks as he is the one who has begun demanding a sort of referendum to decide the fate of the State religion instead of the secular one that is in force now.

The only way to unseat KP Oli is Comrade Prachanda. Yes, the India man might still possess a trick or two under his sleeve. If he pulls his strength from the present coalition then PM Oli is sure to be in the foot path again. But Prachanda must be convinced first by his masters in New Delhi on this. They must assure him that the main opposition Nepali Congress and other fringe parties will support him to form a government. This is likely considering Prachanda’s lust for power.

Wait… there is still one more option available. The Nepal Army can stage a coup d’état. But will the “ornament like and with no duty towards the nation as of now” institution dare to do so without having some hint from India?

By the way Nepal Army is being taken now as a construction company and militarily just an extension of the Indian Army. The Army that could not even save a ruling monarch right inside his private residence and that too under their security can save this country?

What about the option where Army, Nepali Congress and former King Gyanendra Shah unite to save the country? King Gyanendra may be modest but is a coward personality, this much is clear.

Perhaps politics will take its own course and let us hope it will be in the benefit of the nation while also taking interests of our immediate neighbors into account.

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