India’s State Terrorism

By :Jil -

Indian intelligence agency RAW has been planning terror acts through sub-nationalists organizations and militants of banned TTP in Balochistan, FATA and other parts of Pakistan. Yet, it accuses Pakistan of almost every terror incident in India, and spares no opportunity of berating Pakistan to get Pakistan declared as a state that sponsors terrorism. India has been working on various strategies. However, after realising the infecundity of Cold Start Doctrine India evolved a new strategy to stir violence in Balochistan and elsewhere in Pakistan. However, with the arrest and confessional statement of RAW terrorist Kulbushan Yadev, India stands fully exposed, as Pakistan has now concrete evidence of India’s vile activities and state terrorism. Pakistan has rightly taken up the matter with Iran, and sought its help to arrest Kulbhoshan’s accomplices. The government should send delegations to important capitals of the world to apprise of India’s state terrorism.
India considers Pakistan as an impediment to its ambitions to have a big power status in the region and beyond. To neutralise Pakistan, India’s other part of the strategy is to boost ties with the countries Pakistan has had close relations i.e. US, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran. In the past, Pakistan had stood by Iran and supported its right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. In November 2009, India had joined the US in voting against Iran in a resolution passed by UN atomic watchdog IAEA censuring Iran over its controversial nuclear program, and demanding to stop uranium enrichment. At a meeting of the 35-member board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Austrian capital Vienna, 25 countries had voted in favor of the resolution spearheaded by the US. Earlier, India had voted against Iran in September 2005 and February 2006, whereas Pakistan had abstained.
Of course, Saudi Arabia and Iran have every right to decide about the extent of their relationship with India. The question is: if Saudi Arabia and Iran can have good relations with India at the same time, why Pakistan cannot have good relations with both brotherly countries. Pakistan has always stood by Saudi Arabia, and joined the 34-countries Saudi Arabia-led alliance. It enjoyed excellent relations with Saudi Arabia except once adverse reaction when Pakistani Parliament ruled that Pakistan should not become a party to the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia over Yemeni crisis, and should rather play a reconciliatory role. Anyhow, during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Saudi Arabia, King Salman bin Abdulaziz conferred on him the prestigious award, and inked agreements on intelligence sharing in addition to trade and other agreements. One analyst said there is a message for Pakistan that Pakistan should do what the kingdom wants it to do.
Pakistan should not worry, as Saudi Arabia understands the importance of Pakistan, and how Pakistan stood by Saudi Arabia in the past, and had stationed two brigades to ward off any internal and external threats. Even now Pakistan is committed to support Saudi Arabia in the event of internal or external threats. Of course, those Pakistanis who support Saudi Arabia and wish to support the brotherly country in case of internal trouble or in the event of foreign aggression expect of Saudi Arabia to condemn India’s sponsored terrorist acts in Pakistan. Unfortunately, Iran and Saudi Arabia kept mum over involvement of Indian RAW in vile activities to destabilise Pakistan, and has not censured India after the arrest of RAW’s terrorist Kulbushan Yadev. The question is whether they will support Pakistan, or at least tell India to abstain of its vile acts using their soil?
Fact of the matter is that India is a big country with a lot of resources, and a market of 1200 million people. And no country in the world would like to ignore or annoy it. Last year, Pakistan had handed over dossiers of India’s involvement and support to the Baloch sub-nationalists organisations to the UN and also to the United States. But they did not say a word, not to speak of investigating the allegations Pakistan made. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was asked by a media man about the dossier Pakistan had handed over. Instead of answering, he said that he wished to see good relations between India and Pakistan. Pakistan has to understand that all countries of the world, especially US, EU, Iran or Saudi Arabia, set their priorities keeping in view their needs and national interests. On the other hand, Pakistan has been advancing interests of the US and so-called friendly countries.
Of course, it is because of dependency syndrome that Pakistan is obliged to buckle under various kinds of pressures. Our economic crisis is the result of continuous plunder and mismanagement of resources by the unscrupulous pack of leaders. How can we claim to be a free and sovereign nation when the basic economic decisions are dictated by international lenders? There is no denying that the economy is in dire straits; corruption is rampant not at the top level but lower levels and majority of the people are living below the poverty line. Therefore, Pakistan has to focus on elimination of corruption, revival of the economy and building up the capacity to pay back foreign loans, instead of taking more loans. It should be borne in mind that by piling up the debt mountain, Pakistan may one day fail to pay the loans and interest.
Pakistan military has been able to decimate the infrastructure and hideouts of the terrorists, and both civil and military leadership is resolved to root out the menace of terrorism from its soil. There is a redeeming feature, that India is drawing flak for its policies towards minorities, and Indian media is already actively highlighting the radicalization of Indian Society, pathetic state of Minorities in India and its eroding secularism. Anyhow, Pakistan should seek fresh avenues of regional cooperation. Regional forum, including China and Central Asia will be a great platform to coordinate efforts to fight terrorism. China and Pakistan are partners in the CPEC project; however, there is need to sensitise china on the Indian efforts to spoil Pak-China friendship and cooperation.

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