Rape & murder is devilish crime

Brahmasiri Meetra -
Human beings must awake . Stop rape to be human beings , otherwise human beings will be considered as devil.
Rape & murder is devilish crime it is happening all over the world and human beings are shamed & degraded because of such ugly heinous criminals.
A Rapist & murderer is a devil not human beings.
A person who is disrespectful towards girl & woman and involve in rape & murder is devil.
A society which is disrespectful towards girl & woman and try to protect rapist & murderer is uncivilised .
Raping girl & woman is raping own mother : a person deprived of love , respect and human decency is raping oneself and can be a very dangerous for society. Let’s teach love and self respect. A person with love and self respect is salt on earth.
Rape and murder is the most heinous crime against humanity. A 13 years old Nirmala Panta was Raped & murdered.
And responsible police authority is tying to save the criminals. It is very serious crime and the whole Nepal is taking it seriously.
If criminals are going to be protected by the official authority democracy , rule of law , human rights would be challenged by the criminals.
In Nepal ethics , morality & character is degrading day by day. In 5 years time more than 5000 rapes cases are seen.
Proper sex education, reverence for life , human values and human dignity must be taught in schools and colleges. And all youth must be taught that every girl , woman represent motherhood. She is mother. Mother must be respected. A society which doesn’t love her nation & mother cannot be harmonious , healthy and peaceful.
Nepal government led by very popular leader K. P. Sharma Oli never let those rapist to escape. They will be taken to justice. It seems criminal gang is trying to destabilise society committing such heinous crime and challenging popular government. The police must help government not letting down it. Hiding & saving criminals means not helping government.
President, P. M. , all constitutional body , police , army and bureaucracy must be powerful & well organised to solve problems facing the nation in every field. Nepal is land of Gautam the Buddha - light of the world , a land of world peace. Citizen of Nepal must understand its dignity and pride. Rape is such an inhuman act, it seems it is taking place in society due to vulgar and ugly perverted sexual short movies which is seen by the teenager without sensor. And their fragile mind cannot take right decision once they are provoked emotionally.
Emotional intelligence is the basic ingredient to be rational intelligent human beings. Nepal needs to provide good education with yoga & meditation to bring self discipline in human life. All youths are vulnerable. They need special counselling on sex, love, relationship , human values and dignity.
Use of internet, face book, youtube must be censored not letting youth to see vulgar , ugly negatively emotion provoking contents. such contents must be banned in all social sites and cyber law must be effective not only nationally but globally. Let’s hope Nepal will be able to creat civilised , crime less human society based on value of nonviolence, human dignity.

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