Nepal and Pakistan Army have excellent ties: NA Chief Thapa

Nepal and Pakistan Army have excellent ties: NA Chief Thapa

Kathmandu: A brief ceremony was organized in Kathmandu Friday 21 September to mark the Defence Day of Pakistan amidst the gracious presence of the Nepal Army Chief , Mr. Purna Chandra Thapa, who congratulated the friendly Army of Pakistan.

The new Nepal Army Chief in  his brief speech as the Chief Guest said that in the past Nepal Army have had the opportunity to work together at different Peace Keeping operations in the world as the men in the Blue helmets.

“We have excellent relations at the army to army level and I hope all the best for the friendly Army of Pakistan”, Mr. Thapa said.

Below we produce what had been read out by the Pakistan embassy staffer to mark the Occasion:

Armed Forces of Pakistan have a long history of defending their homeland against all threats. To their credit, they have an enviable feather of making their country, their region and the world at large, a more peaceful and better place to live.

Pakistan Armed Forces are one of the most professional and disciplined force in the world – well trained, equipped and always willing to offer any sacrifice for the security of Pakistan and of fulfillment of Pakistan’s commitment to the world.

In recent years, Pakistan was one of the worst victims of terrorism. This created a huge challenge for Pakistan. Today, we can proudly say that despite sacrificing almost 65,000 precious lives, our brave nation stood strong and ever more united behind its Armed Forces with an irrefutable resolve to eradicate this menace.

Over 5000 military personnel have sacrificed their lives for the motherland and global peace cause; a still larger number disabled for life. Our Armed Forces have successfully conducted over 7,000 large and small size operations including the well known Operation Zarb-e-Azb.

A joint military offensive launched by Pakistan Armed forces against terrorists of all hues and colour including Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Al-Qaeda and Haqqani Network. Pakistan Armed Forces successfully implemented the strategy of Seek, Destroy, Clear and Hold. Started in June 2014, Pakistan Armed Forces achieved phenomenal success within 18 months, where in terrorist backbone was broken, the structures dismantled, nexus of sleeper cells largely disrupted and areas near Pakistan-Afghanistan border cleared. Over 3400 terrorists were killed during Zarb-e-Azb, while Pakistan Armed Forces sacrificed 490 Officers and soldiers.

And the struggle continues. Today as we speak, more than 180,000 troops are engaged in combating this ugly threat. At present, we are in the mopping up phase and removing the residual potential of terrorist to a great success.

Pakistan government have rehabilitated and rebuilt areas cleared from terrorists by spreading a web of education, health and other facilities. Today, achievements of Pakistan in global war against terrorism and violent extremism are acknowledged world over. The Monitoring Team of United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee has also acknowledged with appreciation that Pakistan Military operations denied space for ISIL to establish an organizational structure in the area and also these operations have led to a reduction in terrorism related incidents in the country which has also been vouched by many neutral observers including Global Terrorism Index of the Institute of Economics. Pakistan is one of the largest troop’s contributors to United Nations peacekeeping. For last 50 years, Pakistan has deployed around 172,000 troops in 43 UN missions in 26 countries.

Currently over 6000 Pakistani troops are serving in Peacekeeping operations around the globe.

Pakistan Navy has been an active part of anti-piracy Combined Task Force, CTF-150 and 151. Pakistan Navy has been at the forefront with the international community to conduct humanitarian assistance where in April 2018, while deployed on Maritime security and Anti-Piracy Ops, Pakistan Navy rescued 2 x boats of different countries which were stranded in open sea for more than 10 x days and had no edibles and drinking water.

Pakistan Armed Forces are also playing an effective role in human disaster relief operations and national development, which was manifested by carrying out challenging relief and rehabilitation operations after 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods in Pakistan.

Pakistan also feels pride and finds satisfaction in the fact that Pakistan Armed Forces could help its Nepali brothers and sisters when in need during the tragic earthquake in 2015.

The Army Engineers are instrumental in building national highways and motorways across the country and in far flung areas. Army Engineers have constructed over 600 kms of roads as part of CPEC in Balochistan in last 3 yrs.

Women are an integral part of Pakistan Armed Forces since 1948 and they have even risen to the rank of 2 star Generals. Being first country in Muslim world and South Asia, since 2006, women are also performing their role as fighter pilots in Pakistan Air Force.

The list of achievements and contributions of Pakistan Armed Forces is very long. Pakistan Armed Forces Day is a day for Armed Forces of Pakistan to renew their pledge that we will leave no stone upturned in keeping alive our lofty traditions of fortitude and courage, cause and commitment while defending our precious motherland and make the world more secure and peaceful place.

End text.

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