Frustrated Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat threatens Nepal

Frustrated Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat threatens Nepal

Nepal’s abrupt last-minute denial to participate in the “India designed military drill” that was to be held in Pune, India, has totally perturbed India’s failing leadership.

Thailand was the other country in BIMSTEC to ridicule the Indian design.

Nepal is also a member of The Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMESTC), which India wants in place of SAARC.

Indian hatred to the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is understandable as Pakistan is its full time member and China enjoys an observer status. Nepal is also a founding member of SAARC.

Indian frustration went to the extent that its flimsy Army Chief Bipin Rawat practically lost his common sense. And, out of his sheer frustration has started making some absurd statements targeting it’s smaller neighbors in the north, Nepal and Bhutan.

General Rawat is generally known for making “feku” comments against the countries that he dislikes.

Obviously, China and Pakistan are his primary targets because he knows that the second-rate Army that he leads cannot compete with these two countries, at least not in the foreseeable future.

Because Bhutan is virtually an India colony, and in the light of fresh Nepal overture his fresh statement is made against Nepal.

That he has already lost his cerebral balance could be drawn from his fresh comments made on Nepal wherein he says, (sic) “Nepal temporarily could be seen to have tilted towards China, however, geography demands that Nepal has to come to the fold of India ultimately”.

While analysts have nothing to say on Bhutan-India relations, yet, Rawat’s determined claim that Nepal has to come to the lap of the Indian regime is not only full of notoriety but also speaks of his limited knowledge of diplomacy and the conduct of International relations in between the countries.

General Rawat reportedly hails from a place now in India that until two centuries back was ruled by Nepal.

After the Sugauli Treaty of 1816 between Nepal and the then British East India Company, Nepal was forced to abandon the land.

The Indian Army Chief forgets the fact that Nepal neither served as a slave to the British India Company nor was it ever the subject of the Mughal Sultanate to which India had been in the not so distant past.

Rawat must also be reminded that Nepal in its entire history has ever kept its heads high as an independent and sovereign nation. Albeit, Nepal has remained the victim of Indian terrorists who have thrived in India under the cover of politics mainly after the birth of Indian republic when the Britishers (read the Company) left this part of the world in 1947.

Nepal’s trouble began right after the birth of the Indian republic in South Asia.

General Rawat though understands Nepal’s increasing diplomatic clout in the world community but yet pretends that doesn’t suit to his post.

He needs to take lessons on “diplomatic conducts”.

Look what he says of Nepal in his own words, “Nepal have to be inclined to India because of geography”.

Rawat perhaps forgets that Nepal is now equally close to China and that the Nehruvian doctrine doesn’t exist in the present day context of Nepal-India relations.
General Rawat appears to have lost his psychological equilibrium in that he spits venom against Pakistan and China.

As of China, General Rawat understands better that his own country is a no match to China and Pakistan in a few years will be a perfect match to his country both in economy and sophisticated nuclear arsenals.
It is these facts that may have developed inferiority complex in the minds of General Rawat.

Rawat has reasons to lose his military stamina in that Nepal’s straight no to the Pune military drill has coincided at a time when China opened several transit routes for Nepal and that while penning this story, Nepal’s army is currently engaged in a joint military exercise with the Chinese army in Chengdu, China.
This exercise, the second in series, has been named as “Sagarmatha Friendship-II”.

The first such drill between the two countries had taken place right in Nepal.

The fact is that Nepal’s decision to opt out of the Military Drill was its sovereign decision and in accordance to the rights an independent nation can exercise. Nepal is no Bhutan.

In effect, the concept of BIMSTEC is not developing it into a military block intended to harm any other country that are not its member states. However, the Indian PM tried his best to “use” the economic grouping against China and Pakistan to which Nepal and a bit later Thailand decided to withdraw from the ill designed military drill.

Nepal as one of the founding fathers of Non-Align Movement did to what was expected of a non-aligned country.

In response, India may plan to uproot the current Nepal government through its communist agents in Nepali politics today.

However, general Nepali mass is totally clear on who are its declared agents  what it is capable of doing:Another ‘Economic Blockade’ or a ‘Regime Change’?


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