Kim Jong Un, Commander of the Rapidly-Changing Situation on the Korean Peninsula

Amid great interest of the world, the situation on the Korean peninsula is changing rapidly. The Korean peninsula, which had been one of the hottest spots in the world, is moving towards detente–peace and stabilization, reconciliation and cooperation.

As is known, Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, made a crucial proposal on the New Year Day of this year for improving the relations between the north and south of Korea on the occasion of the 23rd Winter Olympics to be held in south Korea.

When the whole world was focusing its attention on the Korean peninsula, Kim Jong Un made a visit to China at lightning speed to the surprise of all, his first visit to a foreign country. Some days later, the historic third inter-Korean summit was held at the southern section of Panmunjom, and Kim Jong Un declared to the world the start of a new era of peace and prosperity.

Philippine President Duterte welcomed the Panmunjom Declaration, saying that        Kim Jong Un is “a hero of all the people.”

The world mass media gave wide publicity to the whole process of the inter-Korean summit. An article, carrying a photo of Kim Jong Un, was titled Supreme Leader of the DPRK Emerges in the International Arena as a Strategic and Skilful Leader.

But a more surprising event was awaiting them: Kim Jong Un met US President Trump to negotiate with him for a fundamental solution to the question related with the Korean peninsula; it was the first summit in the history of DPRK-US relations.

This shook the whole world. Journalists from various countries came to Singapore to report the breaking news of the DPRK-USA summit by minute. NBC reported: The DPRK-USA summit is an epochal and historic event. The whole world wishes that this summit would lead to global peace and stability.

The US denominated the summit “epochal talks,” and issued a commemorative coin related with this summit. It is said that the US had never before issued a commemorative coin with regard to summit meetings.

These dramatic events taking place on the Korean peninsula are the fruition of the proactive and bold measures taken by Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un is taking the initiative in the present situation with extraordinary determination and adroit negotiating skills.

He leads the north-south relations with magnanimity, giving top priority to the cause of national reunification.

On the standpoint that the interests of the nation are more precious than the interests of one side–the north or the south–and the reunification question, a question that has a bearing on the entire nation, should be solved by the efforts of the nation itself, he proposed détente, which culminated with summit meeting.

On the occasion of the inter-Korean summit meeting, he declared to the whole world and his 80 million compatriots that no other war would break out on the Korean peninsula, and adopted substantial measures one after another to revitalize cooperation and exchanges between the north and south.

He also leads the external relations by dint of keen insight and skilful art of diplomacy.

To cope with the threat of war which lasted for decades, the DPRK continued to build up its self-defence capability, and now has achieved the status of a strategic nation. This led the neighbouring countries to recognize that they should be prudent in dealing with the Korean question and solve it in a peaceful way.

On the basis of a detailed analysis of the situation prevailing at home and abroad, he made a bold determination to stand in the forefront of diplomacy, thus bringing about the dramatic events of today.

The changes in the situation on the Korean peninsula have exerted a positive influence on defending global peace and security.

The scores-of-years-long acute military confrontation between the north and south and deep-rooted contradictions between the DPRK and the US was the constant source of war on the Korean peninsula. If a war breaks out on the peninsula, where the interests of the neighbouring countries are intertwined, it will develop into a worldwide thermonuclear war.

Now that a new peaceful environment is created on this peninsula, the world, which had been standing at the threshold of a nuclear war, could explore the ways for co-existence and co-prosperity at a new starting point.

Many politicians and mass media of the world are praising Kim Jong Un, saying that he demonstrated outstanding determination and excellent diplomacy, that he is a seasoned statesman who commands the world political situation with self-confidence, and that he is a man of determination.

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