Machinations of the State and Non-State Actors

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THE international state(s) system is based on power politics, ‘political action by a state intended to increase its own power and influence, while diminishing the opponent’s power and influence. To achieve this objective, state launch the political warfare against rival state(s) by making use of political means based on hostile intent. In this political rivalry, the target areas of the opponent state are; government, military, general population and economy. This all is achieved through a variety of techniques like; propaganda and psychological operations, diplomatic coercions at international level and through intelligence networks. In the contemporary international system, media has emerged as a powerful tool to implement such an aspect of power politics, US invasion in Iraq (2003) is a case in point. The outcome of such a Political warfare appears in the form of weakening or destroying the rivals “political, social, or societal will.” It will further cause; domestic unrest, promote violence, cause economic meltdown, appears as subversion, and finally form basis of diplomatic isolation. The ultimate goal of political warfare is to alter the international opinion against the rival state, which directly or indirectly benefit the state, sprung this entire political warfare.
This entire premise was intended to paint a real picture, the Indian state is executing against Pakistani state. This not a new phenomenon, indeed, started immediately after Pakistan came into being in 1947. 1971 was another demonstration of this political warfare against Pakistan. In recent years, India misled and engaged thousands of Baloch youth for subversive activities from the Pakistani province of Balochistan through its infamous spying network RAW. In order to make inroads, India planted people like Kulbushan Yadav, a serving officer of Indian Navy, deputed to RAW. These agents have mainly been involved in brainwashing of the Baloch youth on the false supplication of Baloch sun-nationalism. For this purpose, these mislead people were given huge financial and other incentives. They were taken away in India and other neighbouring countries of Pakistan, where Indian consulates had the RAW trainers to train them against Pakistan. After their training for the terrorist activities, they used to be launched inside Pakistan with latest weaponry and finances to attack and target national assets and to kill the innocent people. While these people are out for the training, the Sub-nationalists would make hue and cry and show them as the missing persons and those, who tried to come back to normal life were killed by these Indian agents, blaming Pakistani intelligence agencies, to create a hate amongst masses. India is using the Afghan soil to train, equipped, financed and harbour these subnationalists of Balochistan and TTP terrorists against Pakistan.
RAW is still using people like; Brahumdagh Khan Bugti, Harb Yar Murree, Naela Baloch and many others. They all were facilitated to move out from Pakistan at different time and used by RAW as per its well-articulated narratives for campaigning against the state of Pakistan. Naela Baloch is a self-styled head of World Baloch Women’s Forum, campaigning against Pakistan on behest of India for quite some time. Now days, she is in India, as a guest of RAW and being used by this spying network against Pakistan. Earlier she has been stationed in Chabahar for quite some time, perhaps in the circle of Kulbushan Yadav, as after his arrest RAW has intensified her media campaign against Pakistan. It is evident from the statements of Indian ministers, officials and media that, India is providing active support to all non-state actors, operating against Pakistan at state and societal level. At domestic level, once Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) raised its voice, showing its reservations, Indian Government and its media immediately started supporting and projecting its demands in a louder voice against Pakistan. Today, PTM is more known in India than in Pakistan. Indian diplomats and media projected PTM at international level, using Afghan Pashtun factor and Afghan soil. Today, Pro PTM cadres in UK and Europe are involved in over projecting PTM issues, predominantly belong to PKMAP and Afghan Diaspora members. It is very upsetting that, alongside PTM and Achakzai people like Ziauddin Yousafzai (Father of Malala Yousafzai) are actively involved in a propaganda campaign against Pak Army and ISI.
Mehmood Khan Achakzai has been an extremely controversial figure through his political career. He enjoys perks in Pakistan and work for Afghanistan and India, while being in Pakistani Parliament. He always instigated and exploited the Pashtun factor and has been blaming Pakistani security and intelligence agencies to please India and pro-India Afghan leadership. While being on the floor of National Assembly of Pakistan, Achakzai tried to malign the armed forces of Pakistan on a number of occasions. Being in the Coalition Government of PML (N), no notice was taken by former Premier Nawaz Sharif, his ministers and other political parties. During recent times security agencies of Pakistan has identified Afghan refugees settled in Pakistan who have been exploited foreign security agencies against Pakistan.
Pakistani Pashtun populations have rejected theses conspiracies, hatched by TTP, PTM or Mehmood Khan Achakzai. Being the patriotic Pakistani (indeed, the real strength of Pakistan), they cannot follow the ideology of such deceitful non-state actors. Otherwise, during the so-called protests in Europe, there developed fissures between Pakistani Pashtuns and Afghan Pashtuns of PTM cadre on displaying Afghan national Flag during different PTM activities. This indeed, speaks of real force behind this non-state actor, exposing the reality of PTM. Unfortunately, the Pakistani people are generally trapped on the name of sub-nationalism, religion and sects or communities, all in innocence and then exploited by the spying networks of anti-Pakistan forces. The government in that dire needs scenario institutions and successive governments developing a mechanism for identification of the grey areas and socio-economic vulnerabilities in Pakistani society which are generally exploited by non-state actors on behest of rival states/ forces. Having identified those, in next phase; redressing process of those vulnerabilities and grey areas has; long been going on leaving no chance for their exploitation by any non-state actor or their masters. The success ratio is in greater figures. In this way, the state of Pakistan is getting rid of the conspiracies both; at domestic and external fronts. From the both fronts State and Non-state actors has been failing and frequently and rapidly altering operational dimensions haphazardly from one platform to other and many more .The State and Non-state actors have failed in achieving  calculated results and objectives by declaring Pakistan as a terrorist state and failed state. Apart from their dangerous plans and strategies, 
the Pakistani security agencies and LEAs have achieved the desired remarkable objectives proud fully by crushing the backbone of terrorism. Now, State and Non-state actors Hybrid War Strategies against Pakistan is passing from several phases of failures.

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