I win, you win policy

Brahmasiri Meetra-

War is not a solution to any problem . Dialogue , diplomacy must prevail. If U. S. and North Korea go into war and trigger nuclear war there would be Third World War and humanity will loose. Nobody , no nation would win. Let's think I win , you win policy, Not I loose, you loose and all we loose policy. Humanity must prevail , peace , love and understanding must prevail. Humanity cannot afford Third World War with nuclear weapon. Let's save human civilisation. Let's calm down and creat peace not war.
There should be no threat of nuclear war or conventional wars. All kinds of War must be stopped in 21st. Century.
Humanity should start living in real peaceful coexistence accepting all civilisation & ideology.
Everything slowly metamorphosis from one system to another system. Dictatorial regime turn into democracies.
There should be no clash of any civilisation rather coordination & cooperation among all civilisation.
Nuclear threat must be stopped for good.
If US president Donal Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will reach an agreement denuclearising the world starting from North korea the whole humanity would indebted to them as long as humanity will survive on the planet.
There should be no double standard. The world must come together for global denuclearisation. Otherwise it is better not to talk about global peace and sustainable development.
In fear of nuclear holocaust neither there will be global peace nor there will be sustainable development.
There is great hope With unpredictable US president who is in fact peace lover.
US President recent the state of union address was superb where he was dreaming of having nuclear free world one fine day.
It is right time for President Trump to act upon his dream of nuclear free world.
That is the dream of whole humanity except few war lords and war mongers. Let’s pray that meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un would bring lasting peace on the earth paving the way toward denuclearisation.
Let’s hope , let’s pray for them to be real angel of humanity

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