What a beautiful news.

Brahmasiri Meetra -
North Korea has written letter to White House.
It is great news for community of the nations & humanity.
If US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un reached an agreement thereby achieving denuclearisation of the world not only North Korea real peaceful loving human civilisation begins on earth.
President Donal Trump and Kim Jong Un would be remembered as peace angels and whole humanity would be indebted to them for ages to come.
Let’s salute them and pray for successful agreement denuclearising the world. It is urgent to human civilisation. If there will be nuclear proliferation there is no hope for humanity.
Let’s be human with human heart and understanding creating peaceful world to generation to come. Let’s play our role by praying and supporting such a great move.
Every human beings pray from the core of heart and soul for peace that makes the difference and transformation happens. It is scientifically truth ; super scientifically truth.
Let’s meditate , close our eyes pray for denuclearisation of the world giving peaceful habitat to human generation.
Denuclearisation and climate change are the most important issues of our time.
And US President Donald Trump is real hope since he expressed in his state of union address about denuclearising the world in the future hopefully.
And hope President Trump would be positive toward climate change perish accord as well.
Climate change is also real not hoax.
Let’s pray and act the way we can to make safer world and peaceful humanity.

Let’s respect the women. Internatinal Women day is historic empowering women who are the crown of existence.
A society which doesnot respect women remains barbaric and uncivilised.
Let’s educate male to love and respect motherhood of humanity- that is woman.
Let’s remind male of the world if we will disrespect, misbehave , behaving barbarously raping woman we are raping our own mother and motherhood who represents woman.
Male must understand mistreating women is shameful degrading behaviour.
Let’s be human. let’s love , respect women and their dignity of motherhood.

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