Stephen Hawking a great scientist

Brahmasiri Meetra -
Stephen Hawking a great scientist of 20th & 21st century passed away at the age of 76 years. He has written many great books entitled " a brief history of time " " theory of everything" etc. 
Wish him soul eternal peace.
Stephen Hawking is talking in details about black holes, big bang, steady state, and talks about “gravitational radiation” it deals with the birth of the universe itself and is titled as singularities.
Stephen Hawking talks about creation theory, spacetime & singularities , from Black hokes to the Big Bang, and the steady state he is so versatile.
When Stephen Hawking talks about singularities it brings him close to yog , meditation and Vedic understanding.
It shows he is brilliant theorising such a vast existential natural and supernatural universe.
Vedic sages who were super - scientists say everything emerge out of Brahma which is adwait energy beyond time and space, and everything is contained within spacetime and the thing which is contained within spacetime is matter & finite ; and the knower of spacetime & contents therein is contained in pure Brahma , consciousness , soul , spirit , and everything emerge out of it and collapse into it which is total whole remains whole total and let everything to transform from mass to energy, energy to mass. That infinite unknowable super spirit knows the visible world and remains invisible that is pure mystery of existence.
Quantum Physics say “ soul is the united field of all the laws of nature “
Brilliant scientist Stephen Hawking say “ singularities”
Albert Einstein say “ religion without science is lame ; science without religion is blind “
Vedic sages say "YAKO BRAHMA DUTIWO NASTI “ it is all about taking about infinite singularities that gives rise to everything and let everything collapse in it."
Means: That is whole , this is whole ; the whole emerge out of whole still remains the whole ; the whole dissolve into the whole still remains the whole that is your eternal , infinite soul .
General theory of relativity, cause and effect theory , E= Mc2 , gravitational radiation, Higgs Boson- God particle; quantum physics - soul the united field of all the laws of nature, black holes , Big Bang and singularities ; and Vedic , Upanishadic & yogic realisation & meditative experiment & experience Based on Neuro science & Neuro transmitters prove that infinite , eternal spirit gives rise to everything & takes back everything ; and contract and expand , and contract and goes on expanding eternally this is how this natural & supernatural existence runs infinitely & eternally into cosmos.
Observing all this , all scientists are coming close to super-science that is total yogic meditative super science based on not only theory of scientists but meditative experiments & awareness.
Let’s realise cosmic superconcioisness with meditative experience and experiment to know all scientific findings and source of everything which is not merely finite singularities as pioneered by great scientist Stephen Hawking but is it infinite eternal singularities.
What a great chance for human beings to know all about individual reality to universe and cosmos with science and Superscience - with Mystic meditation. 
Listen J. Krishnamurti ; OSHO; Raman Maharshi ; Ramdev and be practical and be real spiritual human beings with divinity.
Let’s not remain only human being , even degrading and becoming devil like terrorists, murderer , killer, rapist , war monger , trying to creat nuclear holocaust again and again but let’s be divine spirit full of love , peace , bliss and compassion.

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