Indian Navy Officer, Commander Kulbhushan Yadav

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IT needs no justification or clarification that Indian media is expert in creating controversies and culpabilities and later deny the facts smartly. Constructing manipulations on Yadav issue is an old saga now which began when he was captured in March 2016. India has never accepted Pakistan’s creation and time and again certain roguish activities and blame game against Pakistan make captions. On March 03, 2016 an Indian Navy Commander was arrested while crossing Iranian border of Pakistan. Indian spy who was identified as Commander Kulbhushan Yadav with false identity name as Hussain Mubarak Patel. Upon his arrest he acknowledged himself as a spy of RAW who was assigned special duties to glitch Pakistan’s stability through various means. Later in a confessional video he gave all details of his whereabouts and mischievous acts in which he was involved.
When the case of Kulbhushan Yadav was brought into light and Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan was summoned upon alleged activities of RAW in Pakistan, Indian media as usual turned up in favour of its scapegoat. At that time, The New Indian Express newspaper in their very own report claimed Yadav as a businessman who owned a small ship and had nothing to do with the Indian intelligence agency RAW. But their so claimed statement proved wrong when Yadav confessed about his identity as serving naval officer and admitted that he rendered his services to RAW. In a video released on March 29, 2016 Yadav disclosed that he joined RAW at the end of year 2013 and was deputed to provide info about Karachi and Baluchistan. He wore a number 41558Z and belonged to Indian Navy technical department. He joined National Defence Academy in 1987 and later inducted in Indian Navy as an officer in January, 1991 and served navy till 2001. He made several visits to Karachi in 2003 and 2004 for intelligence information on behalf of RAW.
When in 2013 he was appointed as an officer by RAW his prime duty was to deteriorate law and order situation in Karachi. Yadav confessed about his involvement in high profile attack in Karachi also. He was supposed to remain in contact with Baloch insurgents and confirmed that Baloch Liberation Army is being funded by RAW. Handlers of RAW wanted that Baloch liberation should come against Pakistan and demand separate land for themselves. He admitted for establishing a network of operators, providing them with funds by RAW and arranging and trafficking people for terrorist activities in Pakistan. He was specifically tasked to carry out bomb blasts and sabotage CPEC by any means. Most of the intelligence operations by him were done in coastal area of Gwadar, Pasni and Jewaani. He self-proclaimed for separation of Karachi and Baluchistan from Pakistan. He also accepted the responsibility of training Baloch separatist terrorists to create chaos and unrest in Pakistan particularly Balochistan.
Kulbhushan Yadav case was presented in court and in April, 2017 he was given the death sentence after trial for involvement in espionage and sabotage activities in Karachi and Baluchistan. Yadav was tried by the FGCM under Section 59 of the PAA and Section 3 of the official Secret Act of 1923. But India brought this case to International Court of Justice claiming Pakistan’s decision as wrong. Recently in end December, 2017 Yadav family was allowed to visit Pakistan and meet Kulbhushan on the basis of humanitarian grounds. However when Yadav’s wife arrived for meeting something suspicious was found in her shoes and was asked to confiscate on which India media started a new debate. Indian media alleged that during the meeting the cultural and religious sensibilities of family members (Yadav’s mother and wife) were disregarded under the pretext of security precautions. However Pakistan preserved that it will not continue exchange of words with India on this matter. This meeting was done as a goodwill gesture and Yadav’s family maintained this fact that they were given due respect in Pakistan which clearly indicates Pakistan’s response and treatment with prisoners.
After this visit one of Indian newspaper claimed that Yadav’s family was threatened after meeting with Yadav in Pakistan. One of the website published a report which was later removed within hours of its publication. That report exposing the RAW, said the authorities threatened Yadav’s parent to keep their mouth shut. It is worth noting that Kulbhushan also expressed his anger over the way Indian authorities treated his mother and wife soon after the meeting was over. The newspaper revealed a high officer in India’s external intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) recruited Yadav for operations in Pakistan. The report said the two former chiefs of RAW had “put their foot down against recruiting” Kulbushan Yadav for operations in Pakistan.
Recently, Chandan Nandy, Opinion Editor of the Portal ‘The Quint’ in his analytical story stated that two former chiefs of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), who headed the organisation sometime over the past 15 years, had put their foot down against recruiting Kulbhushan Jadhav for operations in Pakistan. Speaking to The Quint, two former RAW senior officers, including one secretary who headed India’s external intelligence agency after 2008, said that the “proposal to recruit Jadhav for operations, whatever it’s worth, was ridiculous.” He referred to the RAW sources – some serving and a few who retired over the past seven to eight years – revealed that Jadhav was not a high-grade operative with skills that other operatives recruited by the agency in other theatres had and used effectively to obtain intelligence. This lends credence to Pakistan’s version that Kulbhushan was serving navy officer and a spy working for RAW. Hence Indian report itself is a proof that Kulbhushan was naval officer and hired by RAW for espionage activities in Pakistan. Therefore all Indian hue and cry over Yadav matters is to undermine Pakistan by whatever means possible. Journalist Chandan Nandy who filed the story has been arrested by RAW. The story about Jadhav, has also been removed from Indian newspaper's website after immense pressure from Modi government and authorities. Before that Gauri Lankesh on 5 September 2017 a fearless Indian journalist-turned-activist was silenced by assailants outside her home. Gauri was known for being a critic of right-wing Hindu extremism. She was honored with Anna Politkovskaya Award for speaking against right-wing Hindu extremism, campaigning for women's rights and opposing caste based discrimination.
Successively, the Journalist Chandan Nandy and Gauri Lankesh fearless, liberal voices of Indian media has been redacted and crushed by RAW and RSS extremists. Both unleashed ruthless forces are massacring liberal and secular India media. It is right time for the World media organisation to pay attention on brutal adventures over Indian media liberties.

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