Ideal Statesman

Today the international community has a keen interest in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as it is making remarkable progress in the struggle for the defence of its sovereignty and against the sanctions and blockade by the US and its vassal forces. They admire its leader, calling him an ideal statesman in the present era who is possessed of ennobling personality and all-round abilities.

First, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has lofty virtues and loves his people.

The benevolent statesman administers the politics of prioritizing, respecting and loving the people.

His political ideal is “We serve the people!” and “Everything for the people!”

Having set it as his ultimate goal to make his people better off, he has given top and absolute priority to guaranteeing their interests. His criteria for judging the quality of buildings and any others are the feedback from the people and their comfort. He spends most of his time on his field guidance trips, not in his office, to see his people all over the country. Whenever he has an opportunity to talk to leading officials of the state, he says that they should make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people.

The Korean people follow him as their father and teacher, not merely as the leader of their country.

Second, he possesses sophisticated leadership abilities, unexcelled drive and unyielding fortitude.

As is known worldwide, the DPRK is building its economy amid the US-led decades-long sanctions and blockade. In such critical situation other countries would have collapsed. However, the DPRK has built up its national strength under the leadership of Kim Jong Un. His appeal to his people to display the spirit of self-development first enjoys unqualified support from them and inspires them to further efforts.

He gives advice on keys to production growth and modernization by dint of his keen insight and encyclopedic knowledge.

Under his guidance there have been built a number of model factories and enterprises which have been made Juche-oriented, modern, IT-based and scientific, and advanced management methods and good experience generalized throughout the country. As a result, the country’s heavy industry is rapidly developing with defence industry as its backbone, and its light industry is making an active contribution to improving the people’s standard of living.

As for the military capability, a major criterion for evaluating the national strength of a country, the DPRK has risen to the status of a world-class military power with cutting-edge strategic weapons and H-bombs.

The international community commented that in recent years the DPRK has been transformed beyond recognition under the guidance of Kim Jong Un, emerging as a new power on the world stage.

Third, the DPRK’s current leader is strong in faith and conviction, and he adheres strictly to the principle of independence.

There are about 200 countries on the planet.

The unfair international order prevails around the world, by which some particular countries act in a high-handed manner and big nations seek to dominate small ones.

Kim Jong Un views national sovereignty as the lifeblood of his country, never tolerating the high-handedness and arbitrariness of big powers. A guardian of justice, he stands up to the haughty US, challenging its unipolarization policy.

Once a weak state in the previous century, the Korean nation is raising its voice in the international arena. Credit should go to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The international media commented that Kim Jong Un is a benevolent statesman endowed with warm humanity, a young leader who has built up his country’s strength to the maximum and is taming the US by adopting a series of tough measures.

The independent power under this sagacious leader will surely greet a golden age of prosperity.


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