Eternal Leader of the Korean People

Six years have passed since the demise of Kim Jong Il (December 17, 2011).

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, he is still held in high esteem as the eternal leader of the nation; he will always live in the hearts of the Korean people. His ideas and lines serve as the eternal banner illuminating the road ahead of them.

He developed the Juche idea and Songun idea created by Kim Il Sung, founding father of socialist Korea, to ensure that the people would march forward along the road of independence, Songun and socialism.

He formulated the Juche idea into an integral system of ideology, theory and method of Juche, thus developing it as the eternal ideology guiding the cause of independence and applying it in a comprehensive way. He made public many works to give answers to all the ideological and theoretical problems arising in the revolution and construction and resolve them independently and creatively in line with the demands of the people and the actual situation in the country.

His theory of Songun politics based on the Songun idea enabled the DPRK to advance confidently along the road of Songun. In view of the demand of the times when the US-led imperialist forces were growing frantic in their aggressive manoeuvres, he formulated the theory of Songun politics and presented it as the basic mode of socialist politics. This provided a sure guarantee for the destiny and future of socialist Korea.

Studying the ideas and lines contained in his works, the Korean people feel confident that they can defend the dignity and sovereignty of their country and nation and successfully build an independent society in any adversity.

He also advanced ideas and theories to develop the country into a socialist state centred on the masses of the people where they are the masters of everything and everything serves them. He gave perfect solutions to the theoretical and practical problems arising in all the realms of social life including the building of the party, state and armed forces, economic management, activities of working people’s organizations, political economy, law, history, linguistics, industry, agriculture, education, public health, sports, construction, art and literature. In particular, his theory of building a socialist power serves as the eternal banner assuring the bright future for national prosperity and leading the people down the path of socialism.

His immortal exploits constitute the lasting foundation for ensuring the prosperity of socialist Korea and its people’s well-being.

The greatest of his exploits is that he safeguarded the socialism of the Korean style. It was by the close of the last century that he held higher the banner of Songun and strove to raise the country’s defence capability to the highest level possible, resolutely frustrating the imperialists’ vicious manoeuvres against his socialist country. He put forward the Korean People’s Army as the main force of the revolution and inspected its units one after another to increase their combat efficiency.

Under his leadership a social climate for prioritizing military affairs was established, and all the people studied them in earnest. The army and the people became an integrated whole, determined to defend their country if the imperialists dared to ignite a war. To cope with the US threat of nuclear war, they built up their own nuclear deterrent, thereby putting an end to the era when the US blackmailed Korea with A-bombs.

He not only developed his country to attain the status of a politico-ideological and military power but also laid solid foundations for turning it into an economic giant. Under his guidance the large-scale land realignment, gravitational waterway, tideland reclamation and other projects, unprecedented in the nation’s 5 000-year history, were undertaken to change the appearance of the country. The Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm and other modern fruit farms have been built in different parts of the country, and notable progress has been made in artificially breeding sturgeons and farming ostriches of African origin. Medium- and small-sized hydraulic power stations sprang up throughout the country, as well as large-sized ones including the Huichon Power Station.  Metallurgical, chemical and other key industries were equipped with a modern production system relying on locally available resources. Machine-building factories were upgraded by introducing CNC technology, and many modern factories and enterprises were built. With the rapid development of science and technology, the DPRK joined the ranks of the advanced nations capable of manufacturing and launching artificial satellites. This was the fruition of Kim Jong Il’s idea of surpassing the cutting edge.

To the last moment of his life he devoted himself heart and soul to his country and people, laying lasting foundations for national prosperity.

The Korean people’s ongoing struggle to build a socialist power is geared to translating his intentions and wishes into reality. He will be revered as the eternal leader of the Korean people for all ages.

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