India-sponsored turbulence in Balochistan

IT IS so easy to spatter on others without eloquent facts and having knowledge about ground realities. For Kashmir it’s not just Pakistan who openly speaks about Indian atrocities in IHK but the worldwide human rights watchdog reports are enough as eye-opener. Kashmir diaspora has not emerged in a day but the decades old violations of human rights and freedom struggle from illegal occupation is strengthening it day by day. However, India who claims itself being a largest democracy is always trying to divert attention of public from its misdeeds. Kudos to media who never lags in exposing evil faces anywhere.
Indian conspiracy on Balochistan is not a new tale. Often Indians are found creating misleading statements about Balochistan. Recently it was reported that Hind Baloch Forum has been established in India and Pawan Sinha is the president of this forum while Swami Jitedranad Sarswati will assume charge as general secretary. Pawan Sinha is considered as spiritual leader in India while Swami is also a follower of Indian mythology. Last month on June 20, 2017 this forum organized its first seminar on the topic “How Indians can play a role in the freedom struggle in Balochistan”? At a local hotel in Agra, Utter Pradesh India.
From this event it is very much clear that India is now openly supporting separate Balochistan movement by spreading anti Pakistan propaganda on electronic, print and social media. If such seminars continue to practice in future than one can assume that India will use such types of environments in future also to gain anti Pakistan sympathies and project Balochistan as a rundown province in Pakistan because of CPEC. On this seminar apart from anti Pakistan speeches the slogans and placards displayed were also carrying mantras like PM Modi: Balochistan loves you, needs you.
It is pertinent to note that so called Pakistanis and favouring Baloch separatist movement are supporting this organization with particular agenda. In past names of Naila Baloch, Brahamdagh Bugti and others were particularly highlighted by Indian media and now the name Baloch Diaspora France is circulating to flare up separatist movement. President of this forum in his message said that because of CPEC and Pakistani military activities Baloch people are unable to achieve their rights. Further he added that CPEC would continue to face stiff resistance by the Baloch people as the project intends to only benefit the Chinese and the Punjabis in Pakistan. “The formation of Hind Baloch Forum is considered as a ray of hope for Baloch movement where people of India are standing to fulfil their moral obligation as regional power and also secular, civilized and responsible nation.
Baloch Diaspora France will coordinate with Hind Baloch Forum for collective cause to raise voice for Baloch people against human rights violations in Balochistan at all International forums”. These kinds of remarks by the president of a separatist group clearly highlight Indian schema to make Balochistan its part. Truth is that there is no issue of any separatist movement in Balochistan as there does not exist anything like this on ground. The issue in Balochistan is of RAW funded militants, who try to create anti Pakistan atmosphere through their militant acts. However Baloch people are wise enough and understand that such acts cannot cause resistance against their own homeland.
Pakistan has covered a long distance in achieving stability and peace in country and hurly-burly by RAW by damaging infrastructure, killing innocent people or by creating any kind of unrest cannot deter Baloch people. On the other hand Indian PM Modi never leaves any stone unturned to malign Pakistan. Be it is his speech on Indian republic day in which he openly said that people of Balochistan want to be part of India or any other forum Indians are always pushed to create fake news about Balochistan. Fact is that since the initiation of CPEC and with Pakistan’s possibilities of becoming economic giant, India is trying to sabotage this billion dollar project through its nefarious designs. Kulbhushan Yadav confessional video is more than any proof of Indian frustrations over CPEC. Nevertheless, it’s not just CPEC but seems that Pakistan’s fight against terrorism and exposing RAWs activities are quite disturbing for India and it is trying to create unrest and instability by creating melodrama on Balochistan separation.
Indian apprehensions on CPEC are quite visible from the information that during his visit to China, Modi said to Chinese President Xi Jinping that CPEC is “unacceptable” for India. India opposed this project as it claims that Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir are part of India not Pakistan and CPEC routes are therefore occupying Indian territory. However both China and Pakistan are committed to the implementation of CPEC project and believe that it will benefit entire region. Instead of creating troubles for others, Indian government should focus on resolving internal turmoil of Indian society which is declining day by day because of religious extremism. Repose, Pakistan knows its overt and covert foes!

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