The DPRK Is a Superpower

Amid a series of events taking place in the fierce confrontation between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the US, another event is now shaking the world. On September 3, 2017 the DPRK succeeded in the test of H-bomb that could be loaded onto ICBM. The Nuclear Weapons Institute of the DPRK said in a statement that the test was aimed at examining and confirming the accuracy and reliability of the power control technology and inner structure design plan, which were newly introduced into manufacturing H-bomb to be loaded onto the warhead of ICBM. The measurements confirmed that power indices of the nuclear warhead such as the total explosive power and the ratio of fission power to fusion power, and all the physical indices that reflect the standard of its quality as a two-stage thermonuclear weapon, matched the designed figures. Even though the power of the test was unprecedentedly great, no eruption on the surface of the earth and no release of radioactive materials were witnessed and it had no negative effect on the surrounding ecosystem. Through the test, the DPRK confirmed that its nuclear bombs are highly precise, the manoeuvrability of the nuclear warheads is reliable, and the technology of designing and manufacturing nuclear weapons reached such a high level that the payload can be controlled according to the targets and purposes of strike.
The DPRK, which now possesses H-bomb, called a “supreme weapon” and “emperor bomb” on the planet, has become a world-class military power, a superpower in the world.
It became a manufacturer and launcher of indigenous artificial satellite after launching Kwangmyongsong 3-2 that shook the world in 2012 and one of the few H-bomb possessors in the world, and it has joined the ranks of countries that possess SLBM, called a “hidden terror” and “invisible nuclear fist” and ICBM that can be launched from a moving launch pad. In the course of the confrontation with the US that has continued from one century into the next, it possessed everything it needs and it must have. The global dynamic structure has changed; the axis is now the newly-emergent superpower, DPRK.
No country in the world was bold enough in the past to counter the unjust arbitrariness of the “nuclear superpower,” the US, overwhelmed by its blackmail of “preemptive” nuclear strike. Even nuclear powers are now being overwhelmed by the US arbitrariness, playing into its hands. It is only the DPRK that is taming the US and defending global peace with its own nuke. Though it enforces the DPRK to “give up” the nuke, the US is now studying the latter’s face as it is overwhelmed by the latter’s determination to shower its mainland with radioactive dust before it presses the “button” for a nuclear war and its powerful war deterrent. Frightened by the DPRK’s readiness for a physical attack, the US forces in south Korea are bent on building fences around their military bases; pamphlets on codes of conduct at the time of emergency are being published and distributed in Guam and Hawaii; Guam once turned into a scene of confusion after a radio station raised an emergency alarm by mistake; a map showing the possible hit points of nuclear warheads at the time of nuclear attack was made public, aggravating uneasiness among the US citizens; many Americans are competing with one another to buy nuclear shelters with their savings. 
The single-hearted unity of the people around their Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is demonstrating the prestige of the country with unprecedented strength and miraculous events. The unity, in which the Supreme Leader braves death on the road of defending the sovereignty and prestige of the country and the security and destiny of the nation and the people have turned out in the do-or-die resistance ready to become human bombs and bullets in defence of their Supreme Leader, is a motive force that made the DPRK a superpower.
This unity can never be broken even with a nuclear bomb. 
The DPRK, though small in terms of territory and population, is a genuine superpower admired by the world.


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