Kim Jong Un Visits Kangso Mineral Water Factory

Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the Kangso Mineral Water Factory.

After being briefed on the factory before a map showing its panoramic view and a mineral water production diagram, he went round the monument to the field guidance of the peerlessly great persons of Mt Paektu to the factory, the room for education in the revolutionary history and the room dedicated to its history.

He said that the factory was associated with the profound loving care of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il for the people as the President personally chose the site of the factory and named the brand of "Kangso Mineral Water" and the leader gave instruction for remodeling the factory in the period of the Arduous March and personally solved all problems arising in the project.

Going round a combined control room, several production work-teams, products exhibition, water source ground, sci-tech learning space and other places, he learned in detail about the production and management of the factory.

To keep production going at a high rate at the factory is an important work for demonstrating the advantages of the socialist system of the DPRK under which all assets of the society are used for the promotion of people's wellbeing, he said.

The factory has a very important duty and role to play in protecting and promoting the people's health, he said, setting forth the tasks facing it.

Expressing belief that the officials and employees of the factory would mass-produce famous Kangso mineral water good for human health to provide more mineral water to the people, he had a photo session with them.

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