Great National Unity Called for

Pyongyang, January 7 (KCNA) -- The entire Korean nation is pervaded with confidence and enthusiasm to certainly open up a broad avenue to independent reunification this year, greatly encouraged by the idea of national reunification set forth by respected Supreme LeaderKim Jong Un in his New Year Address.

    His New Year Address calls upon all Koreans to pool their will and efforts to usher in a heyday of the nationwide reunification movement.

    In order to usher in a heyday of national reunification movement, all the Korean people in the north and the south and abroad should achieve solidarity, make concerted efforts and unite on the principle of subordinating everything to national reunification, the common cause of the nation, and revitalize the reunification movement on a nationwide scale.
    The cause of national reunification itself is the cause of re-linking the blood ties of the nation and achieving the national unity.

    Nothing is more important than achieving the great national unity to hasten the national reunification.

    The Korean nation has a good experience in achieving the unity for national reunification, its common interests, and carving out the destiny on the basis of it

 It made a breakthrough in the barrier of division, which had lasted more than half a century, in the June 15 era of reunification and turned the north-south relations of distrust and confrontation into those of reconciliation and unity and thus revitalized the reunification movement.

    Dialogue and cooperation got brisk, national independence and cooperation became a trend of the times and the structure of confrontation on the Korean peninsula turned into that between the entire Korean nation and the U.S.

    Events for reunification involving compatriots from the north and the south and abroad took place with splendor and shouts of slogan "Korea is one!" resounded forth from Mt. Paektu to Mt. Halla as if reflecting the common will of the Koreans.

    In order to pool the will and efforts of the entire nation to usher in a heyday of the nationwide reunification movement, it is important to promote brisk contact and exchange among the fellow countrymen, irrespective of differences in ideology and system, region and ism, and classes and social strata, and hold a pan-national grand meeting for reunification involving all the political parties and organizations in the north and the south including the authorities as well as compatriots of all strata from home and abroad. It is necessary to readily join hands with anyone who prioritizes the fundamental interests of the nation and is desirous of the improved north-south relations.

    However, in the past, the south Korean authorities paid no heed to the DPRK's proposals for holding a nationwide grand meeting for reunification several times and committed shameful treachery against independence and great unity while persistently resorting to the reckless military provocation and sanctions in collusion with outsiders.

    Great national unity means national reunification and a reunified power.

Foreign forces, who have fished in troubled waters after bisecting Korea into two parts, never wish to see Korea get reunified to grow stronger.

    The Koreans should not allow outsiders to block their reconciliation and unity and whip up national division and estrangement by inciting distrust and hostility between them and any act of following them.

    When reunified, our country will demonstrate its grandeur as a dignified world power with a population of 80 million and enormous national power, a nation with advanced civilization leading the world thanks to its strong national spirit and resourcefulness, and a powerful nation of justice promoting peace in Northeast Asia and the rest of the world.

    All Koreans will certainly usher in a heyday of the national reunification movement with the might of great national unity this year marking the 45th anniversary of the historic July 4 Joint Statement and the 10th anniversary of the October 4 Declaration, by embodying the patriotic idea of the peerlessly great man clearly showing the road of independent reunification. -0-

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